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Slim Sleeper Latex

I Created The Slim Sleeper Because Other "Thin" Pillows Just Weren't Thin Enough

Maybe you're like me and virtually every pillow you've tried leaves your neck in an uncomfortable, elevated position resulting in poor sleep. Your ideal pillow is one that is low profile, letting you sleep comfortably on your back or stomach without feeling like your head is being awkwardly propped up all night. 

"The Slim Sleeper will have you wondering how you've gone this long without one."

Who is the Slim Sleeper for?

Let's face it - no pillow is perfect for everyone. The Slim Sleeper is no exception, but depending on your unique needs and ideal sleep position this pillow may change the way you sleep. Think about these questions:

  • Do you sleep on your stomach or back and often wake up with neck pain because you feel like your pillow is pushing your neck into an uncomfortable angle?
  • Have you ever slept on your side just because all of your pillows seem to be designed for side-sleepers only, preventing you from sleeping on your stomach or back?
  • Do you hate feeling like your pillow is "propping you up" and prefer to lay as flat as possible? 
  • Have you ever slept with no pillow at all? Thinking that although it's not ideal, having no pillow is better than having one that is too tall?

Ready to make a change?! Here's exactly what to expect from the Slim Sleeper:

Fall Asleep Faster

Once you find the perfect pillow, say goodbye to tossing and turning and say hello to falling asleep within minutes.

Stop Sleeping Hot

The Slim Sleeper latex is ventilated, meaning that your pillow can actually breathe and keep you cool all night.

Proper Neck Alignment

If your pillow doesn't match your sleep style, you'll probably feel it. Enjoy proper alignment for your sleep position

Guaranteed To Love It

We're so confident that you'll love your Slim Sleeper that you can get a full refund within 30 days if you don't.

Top Notch Reviews

Thousands of happy customers have already made the switch. Click here to see the rave reviews.

Premium Quality

Sleep is so critical your life, it just makes sense to buy the best. The Slim Sleeper is simply a cut above the rest.

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I have written about this on here several times, but I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I have tried experimenting with different bedding, eye masks, prescription and OTC medications, and other therapies. I have tried just about every type of pillow, but some were too high, some were too low, and others were too hard or soft. I have found that I love latex pillows, but sometimes the elevation of higher pillows makes my migraines worse. This latex pillow is great; it is just super comfortable and it helps me sleep so well. I love that this pillow keeps my head cool all night, which is really helpful as I often have low-grade fevers at night. I have also found that it has helped alleviate my headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Overall, I think that this is one of the best pillows that I have tried and I highly recommend it.

Nat M.
Verified Buyer

I have a love/hate relationship with pillows because I have some spinal and neck issues that cause me a lot of pain and have spent a lot of money looking for one that would allow me to sleep without waking up in pain. I have had to use the Slim Sleeper pillow for a couple of weeks before I gave my review. When I laid down the pillow does not feel soft and cuddly like most pillows. You feel like you are almost flat on the bed and that was really disturbing me. But after a few weeks of sleeping on it, I have had no neck or shoulder pain except once. That to me is most remarkable!

Nana Evans
Verified Buyer

Take A Closer Look:

Slim Sleeper Latex
Slim Sleeper Latex
Slim Sleeper Close up
Slim Sleeper Close up

As you can see, the Slim Sleeper comes with a removable cotton cover and has a pinhole, ventilated design to help you sleep cool all night long. Click on any image to view the full gallery. 

Slim Sleeper Latex

Better Sleep Starts Now.

If you're tired of wondering if better sleep is even possible, then you've got nothing to lose. 

For me, the Slim Sleeper changed how I feel about sleep. I now fall asleep fast, and wake up refreshed after years of wondering if I'd ever find a pillow that worked for me. 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

All of our pillows are delivered to your door by Amazon. So you can rest easy knowing that if you aren't satisfied with the Slim Sleeper for any reason, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

I purchased pillow to cushion painful arthritic hip. I'm a side sleeper and even though I sleep on a memory foam mattress, I still didn't have enough comforting hip support. Decided to try this thin foam pillow for added cushioning. It's thin but offers just the gentle supportive cushioning for chronic pain. I place it on top of my bed sheet in a pillow case directly under my hips. It stays in place and my hip no longer aches when sleeping on my side. I highly recommend this pillow as an option for dealing with chronic pain. It is also works great for travel.

J. Adams
Verified Buyer

This beautifully crafted natural latex foam pillow is amazing. I love how cool it feels beneath my head, and the fact that it has a washable cover that easily unzips. It is also a great size. :) It also comes with a nice carry bag that can be used to store the pillow if you were to take it with you during any trip. This has got to be one of the coolest pillows ever.

Verified Buyer

There are a bunch of so-called "thin pillows," but very few actually have a truly thin profile. The Slim Sleeper does. I slept on it for a few nights, and it was really comfortable. It's firm but not hard, like some thin pillows are. I was also pleasantly surprised at how breathable it is . I'll be ordering another for my wife!

Verified Buyer


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How Firm Is The Pillow?

Where Can I Buy It?

Is There A Non-Latex Slim Sleeper?

Get free shipping on the Slim Sleeper now!

Because nobody likes to wait, we use Amazon's world-class fulfillment to give you fast, free standard shipping on your pillow. Order now and sleep better this weekend!