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One of the most natural remedies for sufferers of back pain is to learn how to train yourself to sleep on your back. We may look for doctors and medicine that can help as we get older and begin to encounter aches and pains. However, this can be costly and have unanticipated consequences.

I have put together this guide to help you transition to sleeping on your back.

How Are Your Pillows Positioned?

First of all, 41 percent of people prefer to sleep on their side. Even if you know it is good for you, you know how weird it may feel to try to change the position that you sleep in. Yet, you should not give up hope. You can train yourself to sleep on your back by using pillows.

You have to approach learning how to sleep on your back like a soldier in attack mode. Believe that you have the supplies you need and that you can do it. When it comes to sleeping on your back, pillows are the most important tool you have in your arsenal. Start out with at least four pillows.

Rob J. Our Expert

Support your back by placing one under your knees. Elevating your lower legs keeps your spine in proper alignment and aids your circulation thus reducing back pain.

On each side of you, put two other pillows under each arm. Having pillows here will prevent you from rolling over in your sleep, and it will support your shoulder joints and arms. If you are feeling especially industrious, you might consider sewing your pillows to your pajamas.

You may find that you do not need these pillows anymore after you have slept with them for a week or so. However, whenever you sleep on your back, always make certain you have knee support.

Use a Firm Mattress and Have Neck Support

You must support your head and neck once you have figured out the best way to configure the pillows around your body. A rolled up towel is just enough neck support for some people. A pillow is necessary for others.

If you do use a pillow when sleeping on your back, choose one that is thinner in order to get the right neck support. Memory foam pillows are often a good solution. They basically follow the natural curve of the spine with a shape that supports your neck without causing any unnatural lifting of your head.

When figuring out how to train yourself to sleep on your back, make sure you have a mattress that is firm enough. You want your body to be supported evenly throughout the night at every pressure point.

Rob J. Our Expert

Look into getting a mattress topper if buying a new mattress is too expensive for you and your mattress is not firm enough. They are a great alternative.

Be Persistent and Patient

If you have slept on your stomach or side your entire life, it is going to take a while for you to get used to your back. Yet, you will be back sleeping without much effort in no time as long as you are committed to correcting your position whenever you find yourself rolling out of it.

If you do not get the hang of it right away, do not give up. It is just like learning any new thing. It takes practice. Just keep trying and be persistent with your repositioning.

Watch What You Eat before Bedtime

Are you the kind of person who cannot resist a hefty snack before going to bed? A heavy meal late at night is the enemy of sleeping on your back. This is the case even if you have plenty of experience doing it. This is especially true when it comes to eating fatty acids found in red sauces, like on pizza.

Ensure that your last meal of the night is consumed at least two hours before bedtime for maximally comfortable back sleep.

Learning how to train yourself to sleep on your back is not easy. However, the health benefits make it well worth the effort. From preventing back and joint pain to making you look younger by preventing wrinkles, sleeping on your back is the best sleep position. Good night and good luck!