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Being taller than most certainly comes with its benefits, but there’s one area where it can be a major hindrance. Tall people commonly struggle with an uncomfortable sleep due to the fact that most normal beds aren’t made to meet their stature, but it’s something they normally just put up with.

In addition to feeling less than ideal during the day, there are many health impacts that can occur when we don’t get enough sleep. Whether it’s a poor diet, anxiety, and depression, or an increased risk of heart disease, there’s just no reason to sacrifice on this crucial physical need when there are options out there.

We’re going to look further into some common issues that tall people face when it comes to sleep time or being too tall for bed, and the ways that you can rectify them. With just a few changes, even the tallest among us will begin to reap the rewards of a more restorative sleep, and their height will no longer be a burden to them.

Common Sleep Problems for Tall People

If you’ve ever found yourself searching the internet at night for really tall beds, there’s a good chance you’re going through some suffering. Tall people regularly sleep on standard size beds and mattresses and simply put up with the discomfort, much to their disadvantage. Here are some common problems that tall people face at bedtime.

  • No room on your mattress

    Even a king size mattress isn’t enough for most people, and not having enough room to stretch out at night can be a terrible feeling.

  • Cramped muscles

    Having to stay in a specific position that keeps you on your side of the bed or confined to the mattress is likely to lead to cramps and spasms at night. These can be painful with the after effect lasting the following day as well.

  • The strain on neck and back

    Our necks and back take a lot of the toll from our bodies, especially at night, and when these parts are affected we will feel it all over.

  • Uncomfortable sleep

    Not having enough room means discomfort, which almost always leads to a restless sleep. The following day the effect of losing sleep can be felt physically and mentally, which can have serious ramifications.

  • Pillows and blanket that don’t accommodate

    It’s not just the mattress or bed base that can cause a problem but other things too. Pillows need to be the right size to support our heads and our blankets should be adequate in length to keep us covered and comfortable.

Tips and Tricks to Get A Better Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental human need and when we don’t get enough of it, we can feel the consequences mentally and physically. If you’re someone who feels they might be too tall for a regular bed, there are some tips you can try to get the restful sleep you deserve.

  • Invest in the right gear

    For tall people who find regular mattresses just aren’t long enough, there are options out there. A quick search of seven foot long beds will show multiple results from brands that make specific solutions for your problem. Starting off with a bed for tall people as early as you can in life will ensure you get the comfortable sleep that you need.

  • Find the right angle

    When it’s just not possible to get a larger bed, like when you’re staying in a hotel, you should sleep diagonally to get the most length. Rather than sleeping head to toe, position your head in the upper right corner and your legs in the opposite one to give yourself the most room.

  • Pillows matter

    Not only are the mattresses we sleep on important, but so too are our pillows. Look for something with the right support for the unique physical needs of tall people, like an orthopedic designed pillow or one that uses memory foam. This will ensure all areas of your body are being supported, even while you sleep.

  • Make the room comfortable

    In addition to your bed, there are other things you can do to promote sleep in your bedroom. Have the heating or cooling set to a comfortable level, block out any light that’s coming in, and if necessary, you can use some essential oils that help to relax and unwind in preparation for sleep. Mixing these with the right bedding choices will be enough to help you fall asleep easily.

  • Avoid electronics

    This one isn’t specific just to tall people, but it’s an area that most people overlook. Ensure that at least 60 minutes before your bedtime, you refrain from any screen time. This includes televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets. It’s believed these can prevent a restful sleep and may make it difficult to wind down and fall asleep in the first place.

Simple Adjustments For Big Results

Being tall doesn’t mean having to sacrifice everyday things just because you can’t find anything to suit your physical needs. These days, there are so many great products out there designed for those with more height, including lumbar support pillows and extra tall mattresses.

Sleep is something that most people take for granted, but when you’re tall and unable to find anything that suits your physical shape then it can be easily missed. The result of this is a strain mentally and physically, but it’s not something you have to suffer with.

Take some time to find the products that work for you specifically, and make sure to implement them in your life. When it’s out of your control, follow our tips to ensure you still get a restful sleep even when the bedding isn’t up to your standards.