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Bonding with your new baby is crucial and what better way to bond than to keep them close by in your room.

That said, there are plenty of opinions and studies pertaining to safety that suggest your baby should definitely be in it’s own bed/space of some kind.

AKA, you don’t want your newborn laying on a mattress with mom and dad. ​

Choosing a bedside or in-bed bassinet makes it easy to check on your little one when they awaken during the night.

Quick Look: Our Top Bassinets

Bassinet Name



SwaddleMe By Your SideA-4.1/5
Arm’s Reach Co-SleeperA+​5/5
Halo Swivel BassinetB+​4/5
Delta Sweet Beginnings BassinetA4.3/5
Graco Day2Night Sleep SystemA+4.9/5

Some important features to look for are type of material, ease of cleaning, cost, portability, size, weight, and added features such as storage areas.

If you have a tight budget, or if money’s no object, these bassinets will have a variety of different options with a vast array of features.

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper​


The Side Sleeper by SwaddleMe comes in two different options. The difference between the two options is that the deluxe comes with a detachable device which plays sound, light and music – the price is a little more with the extras.

This is a very dependable and lightweight side sleeper weighing just six pounds. It measures 14.5” x 32” x 11” so there is enough space to keep baby happy. Intended use is for newborns up until they are able to roll over or push themselves up.

The sleeper is made of 100 percent polyester and the sides are mesh which allows you to see the baby while sleeping. The mesh sides also allow for proper circulation of air and to prevent baby from overheating. The frame is made of a sturdy metal.

Also included with each unit is a mattress pad and a pair of fitted sheets which are soft and will keep your baby cozy. Another great feature about this product is that it can be easily folded flat for when it is necessary to travel.


Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear Vue Co-Sleeper

Arms Reach Bassinet

This Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is a perfect two in one unit which allows for a sleeping area and a storage area underneath. The cost of this unit is very affordable for the options it includes.

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is lightweight at twenty five pounds and has measurements of 34” x 20” x 31”. The intended age range of use is for newborns up until they are able to push themselves up. This option gives you a complete 360 degree view of your baby at all times.

A couple of the best features about this Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper are that it comes with wheels for ease of portability and moving baby around. It also comes with adjustable leg extensions so you can set the perfect height depending on your bed. This allows you to reach over and grab your little one with ease.

Another added bonus is the storage area, which is underneath the sleeping area, so you can store any essentials that might be needed for changings or for those late nights. Included with this unit is a fitted sheet strap for mattress and plate.

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear Vue Co-Sleeper has outstanding ratings and this would be a great addition for any consumer in this market.


​The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Halo Bassinet

The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper has a unique design which allows that sleeper to rotate a complete 360 degrees. The cost of the HALO isn’t the cheapest, but the specific features are definitely worth the money.

This unit is a sturdy 47.8 pounds and measures at 35” x 19” x 12”. The recommended age range for the HALO sleeper is newborn up to five months old. The swivel option on this feature is convenient for a couple of reasons.

First, you can swivel the sleeper in as close as you like or adjust as needed during the night. Another good feature of the swivel is that in the morning you can swivel the sleeper out and it makes getting out of bed easier for the parents.

The HALO sleeper is at eye level and with the mesh sides you will always be able to keep an eye on your baby. The mesh walls also allow for airflow and to help regulate temperature to prevent baby from getting too hot.

The side wall, which is patented and can be locked when in the upright position or lowered, which allows easy access to your baby while you are still laying in bed.

These features are a perfect combination for all mothers or fathers who need to scoop up and console or feed their baby during the night.

This HALO swivel sleeper is recommended as a very safe method of co-sleeping. It is designed with a base made up of four points for stability.

Included with this bassinet is a polyurethane mattress pad which is waterproof, and a washable fitted sheet which is 100 percent polyester and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is also a storage pocket included so necessity items can be stored for easy access.

Ease of cleaning and longevity make this one of our top picks.


Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Delta Bassinet

The Delta bassinet is affordable and has all the options you need to keep baby comfortable while being easy to use.

The Delta bassinet is very affordable.

The bassinet weighs only 11.5 pounds and measures 45” x 17” x 33 which is plenty of room for comfortable sleeping. The recommended age of use for the Delta is from infants up to 15 pounds.

The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet comes with a canopy with can be adjusted or removed as needed depending on what the user prefers.

Another great feature of the Delta is that it includes a nightlight and plays soothing music, which comes preloaded with lullabies, to help baby sleep. This unit includes a machine washable fitted sheet making it easy to take care of accidents that are bound to happen.

The Delta bassinet frame is lightweight and includes locking casters/wheels for ease of mobility. This will allow you to move the bassinet from room to room, as needed, so baby can always be in sight. Oh, and if you are looking for a place to store all of baby’s essentials, there are two large storage baskets underneath the bassinet.

Not only can you move this bassinet from room to room with ease, you can also store all of your necessity items as well making this a top pick for those needing mobility and storage.


The Graco Day2Night Sleep System

This particular unit weighs 44 pounds and measures 48” x 34” x 45”. One of the ways this unit can be used is as a play time bassinet with a recommended use for under 35” tall, or until baby is able to climb out.

The sleeping portion of the bassinet is recommended for babies under 15 pounds and the changing table is best for babies under 25 pounds. All three features are specifically designed for ease of transformation from one use to the next depending on how you need to use it.

The Graco Day2Night can also be folded down for easy storage when you need to put it out of the way, or for travel.

There are many other options included with this Graco Sleep System which include, but not limited to: a changing station which flips away, very stylish frame, a gentle vibration on the bassinet, and even a speaker system for an MP3 player. Overall, there are a total of ten ways to use this Graco Sleep System which includes wheels so you can transport it from one spot to the next with no hassle. These is our top pick for those looking for a multipurpose bassinet.


Sweet Dreams

Bassinets or sleeping systems come in a variety of different sizes, weights, and include many options. It is important to read through each one and pick the bassinet that will work best for you and your new little one’s specific needs. Choosing the right bassinet will keep you dreaming sweet and foster bonding by having your baby close by.

Bassinet Name



SwaddleMe By Your SideA-4.1/5
Arm’s Reach Co-SleeperA+​5/5
Halo Swivel BassinetB+​4/5
Delta Sweet Beginnings BassinetA4.3/5
Graco Day2Night Sleep SystemA+4.9/5