What Kind of Sleeper Are You?
It’s well-known that adults should be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. What if you’re still waking up groggy? The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of sleeper you are so that you can make the appropriate changes on your way to better sleep.

Back Sleeper
Also known as, The Sleeping Beauty. If you sleep predominantly on your back, you’ll need a pillow that dips in the middle but is supportive everywhere else. Your head will fall nicely in the dip but your neck will remain supported through the night. You should be happy with most mattresses if you’re a back sleeper.

 Side Sleeper
If you get cozy by curling up on your side, then you need a nice firm pillow with a bit of a wave shape. Your head will settle in the divot while extra padding fills the space between your shoulder and neck. Try a foam pillow for that extra firmness. As for your mattress, you’ll want something to relieve the pressure like memory foam or a cushioned topper.

Belly Sleeper
Experts say that it’s not great to sleep on your stomach, but when it comes to getting quality sleep, sometimes you’ll do whatever it takes. If you sleep on your belly, you’ll want a pillow that will compress and a firm mattress that won’t envelope you and feel suffocating. Perhaps find a down pillow that won’t add pressure to your neck and a spring mattress for firmness.

Sick Sleeper
For that stuffy nose and pesky allergies, you’ll want a nice foam wedge pillow on hand. You’ll be propped up enough to breathe freely. Plus, if you do have allergies it’s important to know if your latex pillow or mattress is making things worse. And when you’re feeling better, use it on the couch while watching TV.

When pregnant, getting proper sleep can be difficult. Instead of lining up a bunch of pillows, a body pillow to hug while lying on your side will give you great support. Once your bundle of joy arrives, get that Boppy Pillow ready. Whether you’re feeding or snuggling, a Boppy Pillow gives you much needed support and comfort while allowing you to keep your baby close.

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