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Owning a cat is a wonderful thing, however they do shed a lot of hair around the house. If you let your cat in your bedroom, you want to buy sheets that are the best for cat hair. This will help minimize pet dander and ensure that any troublesome allergies you may develop as a result will stay at bay.

On our list, we wanted to give you five different options and materials to choose from. This includes going to five brands that we feel represent some of the best sheets on the market. Each of them range in price and features, but we do feel they all have something to offer. This will allow you to have a wide range to choose from and no matter your interests, the color you want, or the budget you have set aside, without a doubt there is something on this list for you.

Below are what we think are the best options for cat owners along with a little bit about each sheet set in detail.

Mellanni 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set:

The first product has been developed by Mellanni, known for creating high quality sheets and cases for pillows that are very comfortable. This set can either be bought for a full-sized bed, or a queen-sized bed. It has been certified by OEKO TEX, that they are free from any chemicals, to ensure your animals and family are safe.

Mellani Cotton Sheets

It is made out of high quality cotton that is 300TC Percale. They are crisp and airy, helping your sleep better. The best part, that they are machine wash able, on a cold gentle cycle, making it easy to get that cat hair off. It comes with a lifetime guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your product.

Mellanni Cotton Bed Sheet Set Pros:

• Can be washed easily
• Very comfortable
• Enhances sleep
• Machine wash friendly


Chateau Home Collection 800-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton:

The second product that is one of the best sheets for cat hair is the Chateau Home Collection 800-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton sheet set. This has been created from the Chateau Home Collection, known for their high-quality sheets that are extremely comfortable.

Chateau Home Collection

This specific sheet set is made entirely out of Egyptian cotton, known for the comfort and soft feel. It is available in a variety of colors, depending on the palate of your room, that range from Ivory, white, red, chocolate, wheat, and silver. They have been woven from the finest Cotton Yarns from Egypt and they are very breathable. It comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, for a complete soft set. The fitted sheet is fully elasticized so it can accommodate any mattresses.

Chateau Home Collection Bed Sheet Pros:

• Incredibly soft
• High quality material
• Can fit any size
• Easy to wash and clean


Southshore Fine Linens 4-piece set:

The third sheet set that is one of the best for cat hair is the Southshore Fine Linens 4-piece set. One of the common themes throughout this list is finding sheets that are easy to wash. This is integral for anyone with a cat who sheds. Hair does indeed get everywhere, and no matter what type of sheet you purchase, there is going to be some hair on the bed. But on this list, are sheets that are easy to wash, making sure any hair and fleas that come off of a cat can be cleaned easily. On top of that, they are made of fabric that hair does not want to clean to and more than likely the hair will fall on the floor. This is why all five of them are some of the best sheets for cat hair.

SouthShore Linens 2

This third product has been developed by SouthShore Fine Linens, who create high quality sheets at a very affordable price. You can purchase this set to either fit a twin bed, a full bed, a queen bed, a king bed, or even a California King bed. They are made from microfiber, that is very durable and extremely comfortable on the touch. They are equipped with extra deep pockets, so they can stretch to multiple sizes. On one side, they have been double brushed, and on the other side they have been single brushed, creating an extra soft feel for your sleep. For a higher end look, they have also been equipped with beautiful lace.

Southshore Fine Linens 4 piece set Pros:

• Great feel
• Very comfortable
• Affordable
• Easy to wash


Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets:

The fourth set of sheets that are the best for cat hair are the Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets. Zen Bamboo is another company known for the cheaper price point and the comfort level when sleeping on these sheets. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit any type of bed. They come in an array of colors to choose from depending on what you need.

They are manufactured using a blend of Rayon, which has been derived from Bamboo, and Microfiber that has been brushed. This makes them more durable and very plush. They are hypoallergenic, wrinkle resistant, and stain resistant, great if you have cats around the house. They are also machine washable, to clean and dust mites off of it.

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheet Pros:

• Easy to wash
• Great look
• Affordable
• Comes in range of colors
• Hypoallergenic
• Wrinkle free


Utopia Bedding Soft Brushed Sheet Set:

The final set of sheets up for review is the Utopia Bedding Soft Brushed Sheet Set. Utopia creates some of the most affordable sheets on the market, great if you are on a budget. They have been developed using microfiber and the set comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 pillowcase sheet.

The microfiber fabric has been brushed for extreme softness. It is also easy to wash in both hot and cold water.  This makes it a perfect pick to ensure that you can rid yourself of cat hair easily and efficiently.

Utopia Bed Sheet Pros:

• Easy to wash
• Comfortable
• Affordable


Parting Thoughts:

When looking for a set of sheets if you have a cat, it is integral to find sheets that are easy to wash. All five of the products are soft and very easy to wash, perfect if you are a cat owner.