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Have you ever gone on vacation and had the best sleep of your life? Do you ever wish you could take the hotel pillow for a little bit of that vacation-like rest for when you go back home? Well you can actually purchase almost any hotel pillow you’ve slept on.

Most hotels offer feather and down pillow combinations, down alternative, euro style, and other specialty and decorative pillows.

​Down Pillows

Down pillows are filled with the fine tiny feather under a bird’s mature feathers. Normally goose or ducks down is used in pillows. Down and feather pillows have mature feathers at the core of the pillow that are typically surrounded by a soft layer of down.

Down pillows have a fill power scale ranging from 450 to over 800. These numbers represent how many cubic inches the down fills, so larger down feathers typically mean fluffier pillows.

Down pillows need to have about 3/4 or more down filling to be considered a down pillow, any less and it would fall into the down and feather pillow category.

Down Alternative

Down alternative pillows are typically easier on the wallet and your allergies. These types of pillows use a range of fill materials. Fill materials typically consist of cotton, tweed, or polyester.

Down alternative pillows typically don’t last as long as down or feather pillows, but they are much less expensive.

Euro Pillows

Euro pillows are large square pillows. These are great for lounging and propping yourself up. These types of pillows are typically used in addition to sleeping pillows or on furniture. Decorative or Specialty Pillows

Maybe you loved the look of your hotel room and you would like to bring a piece of their style into your own home. Most hotels sell the decorative pillows used in their rooms, so you can have a staycation every night.

What Pillows Do Hilton Use?

The Hilton offers three different pillow types that are all machine washable and allergen-free. A down and feather combo pillow, a down pillow and a down alternative.

The down and feather pillow features an inner chamber of feathers and an outer chamber of down. Having down surrounding the feathers creates a sturdier pillow and the surrounding down keeps the mature feathers from poking you while you sleep.

The Hilton down and feather pillow can be selected in two firmness levels; soft and firm depending on the level of fill. Hilton pillows come in Standard Queen and King sizes so they should have one to fit your bed. The cover a soft and crisp 100% cotton.

Hilton’s down pillow is as soft and plush as you’d expect. Using white down and boasting a 600 fill level; you can bring a little of Hilton’s luxury right into your own room.

Hilton also offers a down alternative pillow that is filled with synthetic fibers and has a cotton blend cover; giving you the luxury of down without the hefty price tag.

What Pillows Does Marriott Use?

Marriott Hotels offer several of their pillows available for you to purchase. They have a feather and down, a down, a down alternative eco pillow, a euro pillow and three decorative pillows.

The feather and down pillow features a cotton cover is allergen free and machine washable. This pillow comes in three sizing options; Standard, Queen, and King.

The Marriott’s down pillow is 100% white duck down covered in a soft luxe cotton cover.

The down alternative eco pillow found at Marriott is made from recycled plastic bottles turned into soft polyester puff balls. This pillow is great for anyone who is eco-conscious, but still wants luxury.

The Marriott Euro Pillow is a guest favorite. Whether you need to prop up and relax in bed or add a high-end throw pillow to your favorite chair or coach, this pillow won’t disappoint.

If you are looking to add some of the Marriott’s style to your own decor, you can purchase one of three decorative pillows. Chose either the classic framework or block print bolster pillow and you can add a touch of sleek style to your guestroom or bedroom. Pair either of these pillows with the bird’s eye accent pillow and sleeping in your bedroom becomes a mini, luxury vacation.

What Pillows Do Sheraton Use?

The Sheraton offers three pillow types; feather and down, down, and a down alternative.

The feather and down pillow from Sheraton features 50% feather and 50% down at a medium firmness, which is great for stomach, back, and side sleepers. It is machine washable so you can have all the comfort without the expensive dry cleaning bill. This pillow is made in the USA and come in both King and Queen sizes.

The Sheraton’s down pillow is a white down filled and the cover is a soft cotton. Also made in the USA and having a 600 fill power; this luxury pillow is both durable and machine washable.

What About Ritz-Carlton?

The Ritz-Carlton is synonymous with luxury and their pillows are no exception. Whether you are looking for down, down alternative, or something extra; you can turn your room into your own private getaway.The down pillow offered by the Ritz-Carlton is made from 100% white down and filled to a medium firmness. This is a soft, yet supportive pillow that features a 100% cotton cover and is made in the USA.

The Ritz’ down alternative pillow has an eco friendly polyester filling wrapped in soft cotton. Also made in the USA and machine washable; this pillow has all the comfort of down without the feathers.

The Ritz-Carlton’s signature pillow, aptly named the Ritz-Carlton is a down hybrid pillow. This decadent pillow features a triple layer design. Inner chambers are filled with duck feathers with a no-shift design. The outer filling is 70% down and 30% Lyocell fibers. This innovative design creates cloud like comfort, durability and amazing support.

Wrapping Up

Turning your bedroom into your own private resort has never been easier. With so many hotels now making their pillows and bedding available to the public, anyone can sleep like they are on vacation. Buying a luxury hotel pillow brings a whole new level to the ordinary staycation.