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Pregnancy and sleep are not often synonymous. In fact by the third trimester of your pregnancy, you are probably wondering if you will ever get a good night’s sleep ever again. As your baby bump grows it becomes more and more difficult to get comfortable. Not only is it uncomfortable but you have to get up to go wee regularly, very regularly. There isn’t much to be done about the toilet breaks but a pregnancy pillow can help to make you more comfortable while you are sleeping. You can add a wedge pregnancy pillow under your bump or curl around a full-body pregnancy pillow for support for your whole body. You could also invest in a new bed pillow, like the Elite Rests Memory Foam pillow.

If you are struggling with sleep, keep reading, we have some of the best pregnancy pillows to help you.

What is A Pregnancy Pillow and Why Do You Need One

Pregnancy pillows come in two different categories, wedge pillows and full-length pillows. Wedge pillows get their name from the fact that they look like a wedge of cheese. They are sturdy cushions that you slide under your bump to help ease back pain and support your belly as it grows.

Alternatively the wedge pillow can be placed under your back as you lie on your side, this will prevent you from rolling over onto your back. It can also be placed between your knees to ease pain in your lower back. Heartburn keeps many women up at night and you can use the wedge pillow to elevate your upper body, this will help to reduce the symptoms associated with heartburn.

Full-length pregnancy pillows run the length of your body and come in a variety of shapes. You can get long, straight pillows or you get u-shaped and c-shaped pillows that curl around your body, offering support.

Both types of pillows provide moms-to-be with much needed support for their belly. This support will help your body relax and will allow you to find a comfortable position which will allow you to sleep better.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Your Pregnancy

A pregnancy pillow will definitely help to improve the quality and quantity of sleep you are getting. There are a few other things you can also do to help you sleep better.

  • Change when you eat. Avoid eating just before bed, a full belly will make you uncomfortable and you will toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position. Move dinner to earlier in the evening and keep the meals light.
  • Coffee before bed is never a good idea. Coffee and sugary drinks will not help you to sleep better. Both will make you feel jittery and prevent you from falling asleep easily.  
  • Set the scene. A bedtime routine will help your body know it is now time to sleep. You can add to this routine by having a relaxing bath, lighting some candles and turning the lights down in your room.  
  • Get comfortable. This is where your pillow comes in. Get a pregnancy pillow or a wedge. Make sure your room is the right temperature and that you have enough space.

It is common to struggle with sleep during your pregnancy but if you really are just not getting enough sleep to function during the day, chat to your healthcare provider.

Our Favourite Pregnancy Pillows

All of these pillows will change how you sleep. Each of these pregnancy pillows has been designed to help you sleep better during your pregnancy by providing you with belly support.  

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:

Looking for support for your belly during the third trimester? These wedge pillows will help.

This stylish wedge comes with a removable machine washable cover and is ideal if you need a little extra support for your back. Simply slip this wedge pillow under your belly for support. This pillow is firm but comfortable and can be transported easily, allowing you to take it with you if you travel. Unlike full-length body pillows, this wedge pillow will not take up too much space on your bed.

Looking for support for your belly during the third trimester? These wedge pillows will help.

This pillow can be used throughout your entire pregnancy. It comes with a unique 2-sided design, allowing you to choose either firm or soft support. As your belly grows, you can flip it over to use the firmer, more supportive side. You can also use this versatile wedge behind your back, between your knees or under your upper body. It will help relieve the symptoms of heartburn, relieves nerve pain and numbness in your legs.

Looking for support for your belly during the third trimester? These wedge pillows will help.

For a full-length pillow, consider this c-shaped pregnancy pillow. It does take up a space on your bed but it will relieve back pain and provide you with the comfort and support your body so desperately needs while you are pregnant. You won’t have to worry about tossing and turning when you sleep on this pillow as it ensures you are comfortable. Every part of your body is supported when you sleep on this pillow – from your head to your back to your knees.

Looking for support for your belly during the third trimester? These wedge pillows will help.

This is not a traditional pregnancy pillow but not every expectant mom finds comfort in pregnancy pillows. Despite that it is still so important to make sure your body, especially your head and neck, is supported correctly while you sleep. This pillow does just that. By aligning your head and neck while you are sleeping on your side, it allows your body to relax, which allows you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

You do not have to toss and turn and struggle during the night while you are pregnant. Add a pregnancy wedge or a pillow to your sleep regime and you will be able to get comfortable and get the sleep you so desperately need. Whether it is a wedge pillow, a full-body pillow or a bed pillow, like the Elite Rests Memory Foam pillow, you are looking for, we have found the best pregnancy pillows for you to consider.