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There are few things worse than waking up in the morning with a painful neck that you can’t move comfortably. Sleep is supposed to be restorative and leave you feeling charged and ready for the day. When you are tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, you do not get the sleep you need, leaving you tired and unable to function optimally. There are a few reasons you are not sleeping properly, the wrong pillow is just one of those reasons. Bed pillows, like the Elite Rest Memory Foam Pillow, can make all the difference to the quality of sleep you get each night. The right pillow will also ensure that you do not wake up with neck pain.

Reasons You Can’t Sleep at Night

There are a few reasons why you aren’t able to sleep at night. Sometimes the reasons are easy to find and other times you might have to do a little more investigating to find the reason you are not sleeping.

Reasons you are not able to sleep;

  1. Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea happens when there is a repeated pause in breathing while you sleep. This condition can affect anyone and not only something that impacts overweight people. Generally sleep specialists will be able to diagnose this condition and provide treatment.
  2. The food you eat. Certain foods may affect the sleep you are getting. If you eat a large meal close to bedtime it can leave you feeling too full and uncomfortable. Spicy food can lead to heartburn and too much coffee in the evening will leave you wide awake.
  3. The wrong pillow. When you lay your head on your pillow at night, you want to float away to dreamland. This will only happen if you are sleeping on a supportive pillow. Sleeping on the wrong pillow will result in you tossing and turning as you try to find the right position. You need a pillow that will support the neck and head.
  4. If you are in pain, sleeping becomes a challenge because your body will not be able to relax and falling asleep will become difficult.
  5. Restless leg syndrome. This is a sleeping disorder that causes you to move your legs at night. You will experience a tingling or aching sensation in your legs and this will cause you to move your legs or arms during the night.

Tips For Better Sleep

If sleep is elusive and you are looking for ways to get a little more shut eye each night, try one of these tips.

  1. Say no to coffee. Coffee has been proven to impact your ability to fall asleep. This is because it stimulates your nervous system, preventing your body from relaxing properly. Ideally you want to have your last cup at around 4pm.
  2. Avoid long daytime naps. Who doesn’t love a good nap, right? But long naps can confuse your internal clock and as a result you may struggle to sleep.
  3. Develop a bedtime routine. This includes going to bed at roughly the same time and waking up at roughly the same time each morning.
  4. Consider taking melatonin supplements. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that tells your brain when it is time to go to bed. It is used widely to help people to get a better night’s sleep.
  5. Set the scene. Transform your bedroom into the optimal sleep environment. Make sure that there are no distractions, bright lights or noise. Set the temperature to one that suits your needs and make sure it is a calm, relaxing space.

The Top 3 Pillows for Neck Pain

These ergonomic pillows have been carefully chosen because each one of them have been specifically designed to support your neck, reduce neck pain and ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

There are so many different types of pillows that it can be hard to know which are the best, which is why we have narrowed them down to just three, making it easier for you.

Looking for a top quality neck pain pillow? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to the best neck pillows.

​The correct spinal posture of the neck with the Core Orthopedic Pillow. This pillow comes with a concave center that will cradle your head while the cervical roll supports your neck as you sleep. The result is that the natural curve of your spine is restored and you will sleep better. While this is a firm pillow, it is not uncomfortable but may take some time getting used to. Once you have adjusted to this pillow, the quality of sleep you get each night will be unrivalled. Regardless of the sleep position you prefer, this pillow will provide you with the right support.

Looking for a top quality neck pain pillow? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to the best neck pillows.

Get advanced neck support with the Sleep Innovations Cervical Pillow. Made from memory foam, this pillow has been designed to relieve your neck and shoulder pain so that you are left feeling refreshed when you wake up. The contour design of the pillow means that it adapts to your head, neck and shoulders providing you with the perfect alignment. There are two different contours, you can decide which one will work better for your unique set of needs.

Looking for a top quality neck pain pillow? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to the best neck pillows.

The Elite Rest Memory Foam Pillow is all you need for a good night’s sleep. The minute you lay your head on this memory foam pillow you will feel all your aches and pains float away. Both side sleepers and back sleepers will find both comfort and support when they sleep on this pillow. The contours of the pillow gently cradle your neck and in doing so help to align your body. This hypoallergenic pillow will ensure that you are supported all through the night.

Waking up exhausted is no way to start your day. Most people will experience a bad night’s sleep every now and then but when you are consistently waking up tired, it is time to look for solutions. Adding an Elite Rest Memory Foam Pillow to your sleep routine can help to improve the quality of sleep you get but it is just one of the many things you can do to sleep better. Click on any of the links on this page for your next neck pillow.