Traveling is food for the soul. There is nothing better than exploring and discovering new places. Getting to these new places is not always fun, especially if you have to sit in planes, trains or cars for extended periods. This is often an unavoidable part of travel but it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable part. If you travel regularly then a good neck pillow should be one of your essential travel items.

Sleeping while you are sitting up is not recommended. Your body is not aligned correctly and your head is prone to fall forward or to the side. This can cause pain, stiffness and general discomfort. But what do you do when you are traveling and have no choice but to sleep standing up? The answer is simple, you invest in a travel pillow. These nifty little pillows have been designed to support your neck while you are traveling.

The best travel pillows will offer you neck support, be comfortable and compact enough to take on your travels easily.

TEMPUR All-Purpose Pillow

This compact little cervical pillow is made from pressure-relieving material that has been formulated by NASA! You are guaranteed comfort, support, and alignment with this pillow. Not only is it easy to carry with you, but it is also an all-purpose pillow that can be used as a neck roll, lumbar cushion or leg spacer. This is really a handy little pillow if you are a frequent traveler.

Manta Sleep Pillow – this is a cute inflatable pillow that allows you to sleep in 4 different sleeping positions. It is an inflatable pillow but is covered by a soft microfleece that adds to the comfort of this pillow. There are a few Manta sleep pillow reviews showing you just how handy this little neck pillow can be. The fact that it is inflatable means it is great for travel.

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This is a special travel neck pillow. It comes complete with a built-in removable insert. So you can adjust the height based on your preference. This is really handy if you are going from one mode of transport to another, you can easily adjust the pillow each time. The support it provides your neck is unrivaled, you will be able to sleep soundly knowing you will wake up without a stiff or painful neck. We consider this to be one of the best pillows for neck pain. It also comes with an elastic band so you can attach it easily to your suitcase or bag.

Desk Jockey Neck Pillow

Say goodbye to neck pain with this intelligent neck support system. This pillow keeps your ears, shoulders, and spine perfectly aligned while you are sitting which leaves you pain-free. It is a compact pillow and will fit easily into your hand luggage. It is a great pillow to use at the office as well as while you are traveling and has been designed for a lifetime of use. This specific pillow was developed with input from physical therapists who know the type of support you need in a neck pillow.

Traveling is not all about travel, sleeping in hotels, guest houses and Airbnbs can cause neck pain. The pillows they use may be good quality but the wrong height or design for you. If you are prone to neck problems from a pillow, it is advisable to pack in your own pillow.

We are adding two of the best neck pillows for you to consider if you are looking for a new pillow, or maybe a second one to take on your travels.

The UTTU Adjustable Pillow

This is an adjustable contour pillow that promises a proper nights sleep for side, back and stomach sleepers. The UTTU adjustable dynamic memory foam pillow conforms to your body’s natural curve to relieve pressure. It is an adjustable pillow with a removable middle layer, you can adjust it until you find your sweet spot. The million-dollar question though, is do contour pillows help neck pain? This pillow does, without a doubt, help with neck pain from sleeping. It promotes spinal alignment and helps your muscles relax, relieving pain in your neck. If you are traveling with this pillow you can roll it up so that it doesn’t take up too much space. This is one of the best pillows available.

Elite Rest Ultra Sleeper

This pillow is ideally designed for stomach and back sleepers but side sleepers may find it comfortable as well. It is a nice slim pillow, making it a good choice for traveling, it won’t take up too much space in your bag. It will also provide you with the right support for your neck so that you can wake up recharged and without pain and enjoy your holiday. The Elite Rest Ultra Sleeper may be the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

It is not always possible to control how or where you sleep while traveling. The best sleeping position for neck pain while you are traveling is to sleep with a neck pillow that provides you with quality support.