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Who doesn’t love a pile of pancakes covered in syrup? No one right! Pancakes are everything, but what do they have to do with pillows and getting a good nights sleep. Turns out more than you might think. In fact, there is a pillow available called the pancake pillow!

What could pancakes and pillows possibly have in common? More than you might think actually. Bear with us as we take a look at this unique pillow and discover it actually shares a few characteristics with a delicious pile of real pancakes.

What exactly is the Pancake Pillow

The pancake pillow is layers of soft luxurious pillows all stacked on top of one of another to create a pile of perfect comfort.

Like pancakes, this pillow is made up of soft stackable layers of thins pillows. There are 6 layers of pillows in total. You are able to remove and add layers of the pillow until you find the perfect height for you. The layers are held together by a 100% cotton pillowcase that has a zip on 3 of the 4 sides, allowing you to open and close the cover easily. The cover can easily be removed and washed.

What height will work best?

Stomach sleepers or those who prefer a thin pillow can start with 3 layers, if this is still too high then 2 pillows will work perfectly. Stomach sleepers should always opt for a slim pillow to avoid neck pain and prevent too much pressure from being placed on their neck.

Sleepers looking for a medium height pillow can stack 4-5 of the thin pillow layers together to find the right height for them. This is generally an ideal height for back sleepers.

If you prefer a soft, fluffy high pillow leave all 6 pillows in the cover. Side sleepers might find this height of pillow comfortable. It is not recommended for stomach sleepers at all, though, they need to stick to the lower heights.

The best adjustable pillow for your whole family

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to pillows. Some like firm pillows while others prefer softer pillows. There are sleepers who want to sleep on a flat pillow and others who want to sleep on higher pillows.

The advantage of the pancake pillow is that it will suit everyone in your family. Everyone will find a height they prefer and the unrivaled quality of this pillow will make the whole family feel like they are sleeping in a 5-star hotel.

Can it help to ease neck pain

The fact that this pillow is adjustable means that you can add or remove layers until you find the right height for your body. If your body is correctly aligned and you are comfortable while you sleep, your neck pain will be eased, if not alleviated altogether. The soft layers will provide a luxurious, comfortable place to lay your head as fall asleep.

The added bonus is that if you start experiencing neck pain, you can add another layer or remove one to make it fit perfectly to your body. Very often sleeping on a pillow that is the incorrect height is the cause of neck pain. If you are able to adjust the height, you can alleviate the pain. Simple as that.

What do the reviews say?

This pillow has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon which means most people love these stackable layers of magic.

Catherine Mary left this review “I have been trying to find a pillow that would let me sleep without neck pain, and waking up miserable. This is it – finally! I started by splitting the 6 layers to 3 and got it right the first time. I did not have to wrestle with the pillows, or keep adjusting them to find a comfort zone.”

Tyler J Hill left a 5-star review stating the following: “I honestly can’t recommend this pillow enough. As a man with very wide shoulders and a bad neck, who is also a side sleeper, pillows have always been a challenge for me. I’ve tried a dozen different pillows trying to find the right thing, and I finally have my answer.”

Another top review from Julia who said “What to my AMAZEMENT – each of the 6 “layers” was a PERFECT individual pillow, the material of the fabric, while not being silk charmeuse, is as SOFT and pliable as silk, and the inner filling is likewise as soft as down”

There are lots more positive reviews for you to read on this pillow.

Syrup covered pancakes make you happy. This pancake pillow will make you just as happy because you will be able to sleep in unmatched comfort, wake up feeling excited about the day ahead.