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Being an adult is hard. In fact, a lot of us see it as a rollercoaster ride with its own cycle of ups and downs. Every day, we are asked to handle a list of responsibilities; there are even days when we juggle up tasks that we never thought we could handle. Hence, we all crave for rest and sleep. This makes pillows the newest, best-est friend in town.

Whether you are a tired employee, a busy parent, or an exhausted student, if you are at a point in your life where you’re confused about getting a standard vs queen pillow, then you’ve come to the right place.

Standard vs Queen Pillow: The Low Down

In case you don’t know yet, pillows come in a wide variety of types and sizes. It is best to be aware of these things so that, later on, you can easily decide whether or not what you have now is good enough for you. If not, you can quickly choose which type and size would best suit your needs.

Why did manufacturers create pillows in different sizes? That’s because size is a determining factor that affects one’s posture as he or she sleeps through the night. So, yes, while the size of a pillow may not look as important, it actually has an impact on our overall health.

Standard and queen pillows are the most popular sizes of pillows. The only obvious difference is found in their sizes. Standard pillows measure in at 20 by 26 inches, while queen pillows have dimensions of 26 by 30 inches.

So, which do you really need: standard vs queen pillow?

Standard pillows are perfect for those who have narrow shoulders, while queen pillows are perfect for those with a broader built. Aside from that, the size of the bed should also be considered in that it should complement the size of the pillow you are going to use.

When it comes to pillowcases though, you do not have to worry since a queen pillow can also fit inside a standard-size pillowcase.

Different Types of Pillows

Here are some of the types of pillows that you can find in most stores:

  • Down Pillows

These are pillows that are known to offer that luxury feeling. These could be the softest pillows you could ever have because they are made out of feathers with no quilt. They are obviously light, fluffy, and cozy.

Unfortunately, while comfort is there, but this type of pillow does not provide body support.

  • Cotton Pillows

Purely the very small and highly curled cotton balls are used in making these pillows. Again, they would give you that soft and fluffy feeling, but they definitely would not offer body support.

  • Buckwheat Pillows

If you love everything organic, then you would love this type of pillow as well. Made out of all-natural plant-based husk from your favorite buckwheat, these are far from the typical soft pillows that you normally see. They are rather firm to the touch, and thus perfect for body support.

  • Microbeads Pillows

Unexpanded polystyrene are a bunch of tiny beads that are commonly found in most microbeads pillows such as travel neck pillows. They do offer good head and neck support.

  • Memory Foam Pillows

Also known as the self-adjusting pillows, memory foam pillows bounce back in their original shape after use. It would allow your neck, head, and even shoulders to have long, quality sleep as they offer excellent body support.

  • Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

The newest innovation in the world of pillows, shredded memory foam pillows give a sensation that is similar to the traditional memory foam. The only difference is that they have a dust mite-resistant feature.

  • Body Pillows

These pillows are best for pregnant women as they give good support for the bump without being uncomfortable. This type of pillow is also best for the snuggling position.

  • Lumbar Pillows

Back pains are worst, but they can be alleviated with this pillow as it gives good relaxing comfort when rested next to your lumbar area. It is firm and is good for back support.

  • Sleep Apnea Pillows

If you can only sleep next to a special CPAP machine, then this type of pillow is perfect for you. It gives you the extra right feeling knowing that it would adjust with your height too.

  • Latex Pillows

This is a unique pillow made out of a rubber tree. If you are a hygiene-obsessed kind of a person, then you’ll be happy to know that it is anti-microbial too.

  • Polyester Pillow

This type of pillow gives a soft sensation with moderate body support.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Pillow

After knowing about the different types and sizes of pillows, you can now better determine the answer if your pillows are good enough. The answer would all boil down on the things you really need and want.

Of course, perceptions do differ from each individual, but comfort, health, support, alignment, and benefits should all be considered. Get the pillow where you think you can hit two birds in one stone, and those are comfort and support.

With your current pillow, do take a closer look if it really is good enough. Is your body perfectly comfortable with the length? How long have you been using it? Is it in good condition? Are there any signs of discoloration or stains? Are the materials inside still compact or saggy?

Obviously, saggy pillows cannot be considered as good ones too. The essence of providing good body support and convenience would be badly defeated. See that quality and longevity are factors if what you have now are good enough.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is one of the greatest activities in human life. It recharges you for another day of work, helps you become more proficient with activities, and keeps you in shape. It also boosts your positive mood, reduces stress, improves memory, and gives you more chances to live a longer life.

Do not deprive yourself of having a good night’s sleep. In order to achieve this, what you need to do is invest in the size and type of pillow that best suits your needs and preferences. After all, regardless if you are a busy or chill person, you sure deserve good sleep!