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Life gets busy, stuff needs to get done. No one has time to deal with a stiff and aching neck that limits their movement and prevents them from doing what they need to do. While experiencing neck pain is common and will affect most people at some point, it is not a pleasant experience. The good news, however, is that neck pain can be reduced by changing the pillow you sleep on to an Elite Rests Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. Pillows are the easiest and quickest way to reduce neck pain and wake up pain free. Finding a special pillow that can ease your neck pain can be like finding gold.

Things to Try to Alleviate Neck Pain.

Changing up your pillow for a special neck pain pillow can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to eliminate neck pain. There are, however, other things you can do to reduce any chronic neck pain you may be experiencing.

  • Focus on posture. Look at how you are standing and sitting, change it up if need be until you find a neutral position. This is when your shoulders are directly above your hips and your ears are directly above your shoulders.
  • Stretch it out. If you sit for extended periods, make time to stand up and stretch your neck. It is recommended that you set a timer for every 20-30 minutes to stretch your neck.
  • Avoid heavy bags. Instead of carrying bags on one side of your body, opt for a backpack or rolling suitcase.
  • Apply heat or ice. You can apply an ice pack or a heat compress onto the painful area. This works really well in the first few days of an injury.

What could be causing your neck pain?

Your neck pain could be caused by so many different things. It is possible that you aren’t able to really pinpoint the cause.

The most common causes of neck pain are below.

Your Sleep Position

The position you sleep in has a direct impact on whether or not you will wake up with neck pain. Sleeping on your stomach will, without a doubt, cause neck pain at some point. It is one of the positions to sleep in because your neck is pushed out of alignment. The other sleeping positions can also result in neck pain if you fall asleep in an awkward position.

Your Pillow

If your pillow is too hard or too soft, you are likely to wake up with neck pain. If it is not the right height, it can also result in neck pain. If your pillow is not supporting the neck, it will result in pain. Your pillow might not seem like it can have the power to cause such pain but if you are sleeping on the wrong pillow for your body, it can have painful results.

Sudden Movements

Tossing and turning can also be a cause of neck pain and stiff muscles. As can waking up suddenly from a fright or a bad dream.

If you are experiencing neck pain and it worsens or does not ease, it is a good idea to visit your health care professional.​

Three Special Pillows for Neck Pain

1) Mediflow Fiber Water Pillow:

Suffering from neck pain? You need one of these special pillows to help ease that pain so that you can sleep soundly.

Water has so many healing properties, it makes sense that it is used in the creation of a special, therapeutic pillow. One of the biggest advantages of this pillow is that it can be easily adjusted. You can simply add or remove water until you find the right height to suit your needs. The water also works to keep your head still while you sleep, ensuring your spine remains aligned all through the night. This pillow has been clinically proven to alleviate your neck pain and will really make a difference in the quality of sleep you are getting.

Suffering from neck pain? You need one of these special pillows to help ease that pain so that you can sleep soundly.

Stomach sleepers have a unique set of needs and as such need a pillow that has been specifically designed for stomach sleepers. If you do favour sleeping on your stomach, look for a thin pillow, the thinner the pillow is the better. A thin pillow will not push your neck back handout of alignment, which is what is often the cause of your neck pain. This pillow has been designed to be used by stomach sleepers and will provide belly sleepers with the support that they need.

Suffering from neck pain? You need one of these special pillows to help ease that pain so that you can sleep soundly.

Typical feather pillows have fillings of mixed down and feathers. Feathers are heavy, so they are supportive, but they have quills and tend to wear down faster.

Additionally, feather quills tend to poke through the pillow. This may be a good sign to some, but losing feathers only means the pillow also lose support. Likewise, feather pillows tend to get flattened over time.


Pillows play an important role in the quality and quantity of sleep you are getting. If you are comfortable, your body will relax and you will fall asleep. If your body is correctly supported by your pillow, you will not toss and turn trying to find the right position, you will instead, sleep soundly. Changing your pillow for an Elite Rests Shredded Memory Foam Pillow can be life-changing and improve how you are sleeping. Follow the links on this page to find your next pillow!