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Pregnancy is one of the stages in a woman’s life that brings more joy. Yet, it involves a series of ailments and discomforts. Among the latter, lower back and hip pain are a few examples. For this reason, a pregnancy pillow for back pain will be your number one ally to feel comfortable.

If you ever wonder how to help ease lower back pain while pregnant, the adequate maternity pillow is the answer. During pregnancy, month by month, the body changes. The baby and the mother’s belly are growing. To compensate for this extra weight, the inclination of the body changes. As a consequence, the future mother will suffer from lower back pain. A suitable pregnancy pillow that supports the belly, greatly relieves these pains and helps you rest better.

A pregnancy pillow for back pain will help the future mom, and why not, dad, sleep through the night without interruption. It can even be a good remedy for back pain after delivery. A bad night’s sleep affects the quality of life in general. You can get up with a low mood, feeling depressed and tired all day.

There is a wide range of options on maternity pillows that will help soothe lower back pain during pregnancy. Sizes, forms, and materials are diverse, but all have the same goal: make the mother-to-be life a lot easier. Body pillows, C-shaped, I-shaped, U-shaped, are the most common.

When choosing a pregnancy pillow for back pain, there is no set rule. The shaped body pillow that you select must give you the comfort you are craving for. However, some options are better than others to help to improve your sleep position. We have made a compilation of the best pregnancy pillows. These pillows not only provide relief, but for sure, will make your nights a lot better.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow

UTTU stands for “Cut out for you,” and that is precisely what this pregnancy pillow for back pain is. This adjustable memory foam pillow allows removing the middle layer to adjust the height, giving extra comfort. It is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Now, you can sleep on your side without having numbness in the hands and fingers.

The unique design of this maternity pillow fits the curve of the body. This is a crucial feature since it will give extra support to the neck and head. It reduces significantly mid back pain and helps you to have a good night’s sleep.

Removing the bamboo cover is very easy, and it is machine washable. An additional benefit that is much appreciated by future mothers is the ISPA certification. This means that no harmful materials have been used in its manufacturing. The special cover makes it breathable, avoiding those annoying night heats.

TruContour Lumbar Pillow

When looking for a maternity pillow that can help with back pain, this TruContour Lumbar Pillow is a nice solution. The special design helps relieve the pain that the extra weight causes. With continuous usage, ligaments and muscles decontract, improving the spine position. Available in two sizes, it is suitable at any time during pregnancy.

This memory foam pregnancy pillow is adjustable according to the level of support you need. The special form allows the body to curve naturally, hence making this pillow a lot more comfortable than other similar products.

Certified doctors have collaborated in the production and design of this pillow. Like other similar products, the cover is machine washable and hypoallergenic. With top ratings on customer reviews, it is highly recommended to those who need extra relief for their back pain.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Pregnancy Pillow

This full body pillow for back pain is specially designed to give fantastic comfort. It prevents the usual backaches associated with pregnancy. It is one of the top picks in Amazon when choosing a pregnancy pillow for back pain.

This pregnancy body pillow never goes flat. Bamboo and polyester are materials used in the cover. This composition makes it appropriate for air ventilation. The result is a breathable pillow that keeps cool during the night. Also, it provides extra support for side sleepers, preventing them from rolling over the stomach. Adapts to the natural body curve, but yet, maintains your back, hips, and knees in the right position throughout the night.

It is hypoallergenic and dust-mite free. It is also certified free of any dangerous components and heavy metals that can be harmful to both the mother and the unborn child.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

This is the queen of all maternity pillows and for sure, will help you soothe lower back pain during pregnancy. The U shaped body pillow design, allows all mothers-to-be to have a relaxing sleep throughout the night. This pregnancy pillow for back pain follows the natural contour of expecting moms, giving them support both back and front.

Women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester use it effectively to reduce back pain. It is a multipurpose pillow. Whenever you want to read, watch TV, sleep or relax, this full-body pillow will do the job.

The cover is machine washable, 100% cotton, dust-mite resistant, and hypoallergenic. The new models are even smoother than the ones before, preventing unwelcome scratches on sensitive skin. Its unique filling made of bionic polyethylene gives comfort while retaining fluffiness. It is the perfect snuggle pillow.

In conclusion, it is never too early during your pregnancy to start looking for the best maternity pillow. During this stage of a woman’s life, back pain, sciatica, gastric reflux, and other ailments are very common.

In the end, every mother sought to enjoy this period of her life. The best way to do this is by preparing in advance for all possible discomforts that may come.