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Over 30% of all people will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Of those people, up to 70% will experience neck pain so bad that it interferes with their daily life. If you have woken up with a stiff neck you will know that it is not the best way to start your day. In fact, it can negatively impact your quality of life. The good news is adding a pillow, like the Elite Rest Contour Pillow can make a dramatic difference in how you sleep.  

We are going to look at some of the causes of a stiff neck, neck strain, and what pillows you can buy to improve how you sleep.

Everything You Need to Know About A Stiff Neck

If you are experiencing pain in your neck coupled with difficulty in moving it, you more than likely have a stiff neck. A stiff neck impairs your ability to look sideways and you may find yourself having to turn your entire body when you have a stiff neck.

Muscle strain is one of the most common causes of a stiff neck. The muscle that is located at the back and side of the neck is called the levator scapulae muscle and this muscle is the most susceptible to injury, often resulting in a stiff neck.

Everyday activities can be the cause of this strain. These can include:

  • Sleeping in an awkward position.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Repetitive activities
  • Poor posture
  • Excessive stress or anxiety

There are a few things you can do to ease a stiff neck.

  • Rest: Rest is the best way to heal a stiff neck. Giving your neck time to heal is the best way to reduce the stiffness in your neck. Avoid doing the activities that caused the stiffness for 2-3 days.
  • Cold/hot therapy. Apply an ice pack to your neck in the first 24 hours, it will help to reduce inflammation. The heat will encourage blood flow which in turn will help with healing.

Everything You Need to Know About Neck Strain

Neck strain happens when the muscles and tendons in the neck stretch too far and tear. Strains generally heal on their own but the pain can vary from mild pain to intense pain.

Some of the symptoms of a neck strain could be;

  • Localized pain in your neck.
  • A throbbing or achy pain in your neck region.
  • An intense knife-like sharp pain.
  • Worsening pain when you move your neck.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • A stiff neck.
  • Poor posture.

Generally a strain will heal itself but there are a few remedies you can try to ease the pain.

  • Rest and relaxation.
  • Hot/cold therapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Acupuncture

The Ultimate Pillow for Neck Strain and Stiffness

In Style Down Alternative Pillow

Neck pain is common and affects many people. Sleeping on any one of these pillows will change how you sleep.

Sleeping on this pillow offers you unrivaled levels of comfort and luxury. A good quality down alternative is used to fill this pillow making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with allergies. Down provides you with a comfortable sleeping experience and offers your neck a soft but supportive resting place. Your neck will be supported and aligned while you sleep, allowing you to wake up pain-free.

Neck pain is common and affects many people. Sleeping on any one of these pillows will change how you sleep.

This pillow will never go flat which means you will always be supported while you sleep. With this pillow, waking up with a stiff neck will be a thing of the past. As soon as you lay your head on this pillow, your body will relax and you will fall asleep almost immediately. The shredded memory foam means that you can mold and shape the pillow to fit your unique body shape.

Neck pain is common and affects many people. Sleeping on any one of these pillows will change how you sleep.

If you aren’t sure what height pillow you need to sleep on, opt for an adjustable pillow. These pillows allow you to change the height to suit the way you sleep. You are able to remove the foam or add in more foam until you find the right height. This ergonomic design of this pillow means your neck will always be correctly aligned while you sleep so that you wake up pain-free. Side sleepers will find that this pillow also supports their shoulder while they sleep.

Neck pain is common and affects many people. Sleeping on any one of these pillows will change how you sleep.

​Don’t knock this pillow until you try it. This pillow has been clinically proven to reduce neck pain. It is a firm pillow that can be adjusted easily by adding more water, allowing you complete control over how you sleep. Adding this pillow to your sleep regime means your neck, head, and shoulder are always supported even if you are sleeping on your side.

 Neck pain is common and affects many people. Sleeping on any one of these pillows will change how you sleep.

When it comes to pillow support, stomach sleepers have a unique set of needs. They need to sleep on a thin pillow. Pillows designed for stomach sleepers are generally slim pillows and they need to be so that they do not push the neck out of alignment. This pillow is ultra-thin, making it the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers. The design ensures that your neck is always in the right position.

You can click on any of the links on this page to find your next pillow to help ease your neck pain. Sleeping on the wrong pillow is only one of the reasons that you wake up with a stiff neck but it is easily remedied by simply changing your pillow for a good quality pillow, the Elite Rest Contour Memory Foam pillow is a good option. A good pillow can also help to reduce the pain associated with a stiff or sprained neck.