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​We all know that waking up with neck pain is one of the worst ways to start your day. It makes small, simple head movements excruciatingly painful, leaving you feeling down. That is why it is important to focus on sleeping in the correct position and finding the correct type of pillows that will properly support your neck, like the Elite Rests Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. Pillows like this one offer you maximum support to your neck as well as extreme comfort, ensuring you get a good night of sleep and wake up pain-free.

The Most Common Causes of Neck Pain.

​The most common reason for neck pain while you sleep is that you are more than likely sleeping in an awkward position without the proper neck support. While there is no set sleeping position that completely eliminates neck pain there are certain positions that help reduce neck pain. The position you sleep in will determine your level of comfort.

There are various positions you can sleep in with each one offering its own set of pros and cons.

  1. The Best Sleeping Position

Research has now shown that sleeping on your side may be the most favourable of all the positions. Sleeping on your side offers maximum comfort and reduces the chances of waking up with a stiff neck. Side sleeping also reduces the chances of snoring which makes sleeping more peaceful for everyone. It is also the recommended position to sleep in if you are suffering from both neck and shoulder pain. Sleeping on your side, with the correct pillow support, helps keep your spine to correctly align and ensures that your neck is properly supported while you are sleeping.

  1. The Most Common Sleeping Position

This is one of the most common sleeping positions and most people will find themselves on their back at some point during the night. While sleeping on your back has many benefits it also comes with some downsides that could be contributing to your neck pain. Sleeping on your back can increase the chances of snoring and can cause lower back pain if not you do not have the proper pillow to support you. Sleeping on your back can, however, also help reduce neck pain and decrease the chances of acid reflux. While it is the most common position, it is important that you find the right pillow to support you.

  1. The Sleeping Position to Avoid

Sleeping on your stomach can be a big contributor to neck pain and is without a doubt the worst position to sleep in. When you sleep on your stomach there is a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulder which can result in you waking up with a stiff and painful neck. Sleeping on your stomach is not an ideal sleeping position and should be avoided as far as possible. While belly sleeping has more disadvantages, one of the advantages is that it can prevent snoring. It is recommended that when you sleep on your stomach you use a thin pillow below your hips to help keep your spine correctly aligned. A thin pillow also does not push your neck too far back and out of alignment.

What makes a good pillow?

Everyone sleeps in different positions and the position you sleep in will play a role in whether or not you wake up with a stiff neck.

If you can change your sleeping position to one that is more favourable, that is ideal but it is also important to find a pillow that has been specifically made for how you sleep.

When investigating new pillows consider the following factors;

  • What is it made from? Pillows are made from a variety of different materials, the goal is to find a material that will support your neck while you sleep, allowing you to sleep soundly. Memory foam is the most commonly used material and is a great choice when you are looking for a pillow that will support you. Many of the memory foam pillows available are designed to support the contours of your neck and shoulder, offering them optimal support.
  • How firm is it? Pillows come in three different levels of firmness – soft, medium and firm. Each one offers its own benefits and it is up to you to decide which one is perfect for you. Softer pillows offer less support for the neck and are ideal for stomach sleepers while firmer pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their side or back and look for maximum support while they sleep.
  • How supportive is it? Side sleepers should consider adding a cervical support pillow that will help with aligning their spine and ensure a comfortable night of sleep. Back sleepers should opt for a back wedge while stomach sleepers should look for a thin pillow or a lumbar pillow.​

Four Perfect Pillows That Will Reduce Neck Pain

1) Mediflow Fiber Water Pillow:

Ideal for neck pain these therapy pillows are a must have for those who suffer from neck pain.

This therapeutic pillow is ideal for those looking for a supportive pillow that will reduce their neck pain. It is ideal for all sleeping positions as you are able to customize your pillows firmness and height by simply adding or removing water. The ability to customise a pillow will ensure a good night of sleep. These pillows provide a combination of support and comfort and are a great choice when it comes to a therapy pillow.

Ideal for neck pain these therapy pillows are a must have for those who suffer from neck pain.

This is a standard pillow but there is nothing standard or ordinary about this pillow, it does offer you just the right amount of support, ensuring a good night of sleep. This all purpose pillow provides optimal support for your neck while you are sleeping. One of the biggest advantages of this pillow is that it is small enough to take with you when you travel. Made from quality cotton, this pillow’s unique shape allows for it to be used as a travel pillow, neck roll, lumbar cushion or a leg spacer. This is a really great choice because of its versatility.

Ideal for neck pain these therapy pillows are a must have for those who suffer from neck pain.

Wedge pillows are perfect when it comes to providing your body with the right amount of support. These are the perfect pillow to support your neck, the fit perfectly under your back, offering alignment and support while you are sitting or lying down. This specific wedge pillow gently elevates your head reducing snoring, neck and lower back pain. This pillow is particularly useful after surgery or if you are struggling with chronic neck pain. You can adjust the wedge easily to support you in an upright position. 

Ideal for neck pain these therapy pillows are a must have for those who suffer from neck pain.

The Elite Rest Slim Sleeper is perfect for stomach sleepers. It is a super thin pillow and provides you with optimal support and comfort, ensuring your neck is not pushed too far back. It is a chemical free pillow that is both durable and naturally hypoallergenic. Stomach sleepers have unique needs and as such need to invest in a pillow that is super thin. While this pillow has been designed with stomach sleepers in mind, it is possible for back and side sleepers to find comfort in it.


Do not take your pillow for granted. It can make a huge difference in the quality and quantity of sleep you are getting. If you are suffering from an injury or chronic neck pain, then a good pillow, like the  Elite Rests Shredded Memory Foam Pillow can form part of your therapy and work to eliminate your neck pain.