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Could it be your pillow that is causing you to wake up with a stiff and sore neck every morning? Your pillow may look comfortable, it may feel comfortable and it may even have cost you a lot but does it provide you with the right kind of support? Did you buy it because it looked good (or was on special) or did you buy it for it’s benefits. Each pillow is designed with a specific type of sleeper, for example the Elite Rest Slim Sleeper is best suited for those who sleep on their stomach. So it is important to spend some time researching a pillow before you buy it otherwise you might find yourself waking up in pain every morning.

We are going to help you figure out how to chose the right neck pillow and how you can reduce any neck pain you might be experiencing.

What Causes Neck Pain While Sleeping?

Bad habits during the day add up and contribute to your neck pain at night. Sitting incorrectly at your desk all day, bending your neck to look down at your phone or slouching while walking all contribute to neck pain. This is a pretty common problem and has been dubbed “text neck”.

When you go to bed, sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow only makes this problem worse. Often your pillow is too high so your head bends forward, or you do not have enough support. If you sleep with your chin to your chest it results in your neck being overstretched and it will cause pain. Side sleepers also need to be careful not to bend their head too drastically and stomach sleeping is not advised.

Sleeping on the right pillow can help your body to get into the right alignment, regardless of the position you are sleeping in. The ideal pillow will align your spine and neck, giving it the support it needs and giving you the comfort you deserve.

How to Choose the Best Pillow?

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can result in your neck being bent too far forward or your spine being twisted the wrong way, both of these can cause severe neck pain. A pillow can help but only if you take the following into consideration.

  1. Look for a pillow that adapts to your position. A cervical contour pillow has been specifically designed to help align your body and as such these pillows adapt to the position of your head when you are lying on your side and when you are lying on your back. Foam contour pillows also conform to the curve of your spine, ensuring you have the right amount of support for your cervical spine.
  2. Avoid feather pillows. Feather pillows may seem comfortable as they are often soft and luxurious but they do not provide your neck with stability. The challenge with these pillows is that the feathers move around and so stop providing you with the support you need.
  3. Consider body and side pillows. These pillows are particularly useful if you are prone to sleeping on your stomach. This is not an ideal position to sleep in, especially for neck pain. However, sleeping with a body pillow means you can still get the pressure on your stomach without actually lying on your stomach. Many people find this an easy way to change from sleeping on their stomach to a better position. 
  4. Check out your mattress. The firmness of your mattress will determine the thickness of your pillow. If the mattress is firm, you need a thicker pillow because your shoulders do not sink into the mattress as much. If your mattress has a memory foam mattress topper or a pillow-top mattress then opt for a thinner pillow.

Neck Pillows to Consider for Neck Pain

We have put together different types of pillows for you to consider. When choosing a pillow for chronic neck pain, considering your sleep position is very important.

A Body Pillow: DMI U Shaped Body Pillow

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

As mentioned above a body pillow can be a great way for stomach sleepers to still feel like they are sleeping on their stomachs while they sleep on their sides. The advantage of this is that you are actually sleeping on your side instead of your stomach. Your spine is better aligned and your neck better supported, so you will wake up pain free. 

A Cervical Neck Pillow: Usuno Cervical Pillow

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

Lay your head on this pillow and you will literally feel the pain ease away. You can rest easy knowing that this pillow has correctly aligned your neck and spine, ensuring that your body is able to relax and you can get the sleep you so desperately need and deserve. This pillow will also help with headaches and shoulder pain.

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

Filled with hand tufted kapok this offers you a natural alternative. With this pillow you get comfort, support and luxury. The pillow is soft and silky but also provides support to your neck. As you lay your head onto this pillow it will feel supported and protected, so that you can sleep soundly.

An Adjustable Pillow: Royal Therapy Adjustable Pillow

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

If you aren’t sure how you sleep at night or if you move around a lot then an adjustable pillow is the way to go. Adjustable pillows allow you to personalise your pillow by adding in or removing filling until you have created a pillow that is the right height for you. With this pillow you will notice a reduction in neck pain as it maintains the natural curve of your spine.

A Slim Sleeper: Elite Rest Slim Sleeper

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

When it comes to pillows, stomach sleepers have a unique set of needs. Their pillows can not be too high, in fact the flatter they are the better. This slim sleeper allows stomach sleepers to sleep comfortable while their neck receives the best kind of support. Back sleepers who prefer a thinner pillow will also find this pillow comfortable.  

A Water Pillow: Mediflow Water Pillow

Waking up with neck pain does not need to be a reality. Invest in the right pillow and ease all your pain away.

One of the biggest benefits of sleeping on this pillow is that it moves with your head. This means that as you change position so too does the pillow, ensuring you have the right support at all times. You can also adjust this pillow by adding or removing water to suit your needs.

Waking up with neck pain is more common than you might think and often people overlook their pillow. The wrong pillow could be the cause of your neck pain and is pretty easily rectified by simply investing in a new quality neck pillow like the Elite Rest Memory Foam pillow. Before you do just buy the first pillow you see, make sure you consider how you sleep and the type of support you are looking for.