In a short amount of time, Memory Foam technology has revolutionized the bedding industry the way the invention of the cell phone turned the communications industry on its head. But unlike your cell phone, memory foam actually helps you get better sleep if you choose the right pillow.  Evolving Technology in the pillow industry has made memory foam pillows and memory foam mattresses better than ever and at an affordable price! We searched multiple different consumer product websites for ratings from people just like you and we compiled a list of the top 3 memory foam pillows for bed, as well as the best choices for memory foam pillows for a few other special circumstances including travel, work, reading, and pregnancy.

A memory foam pillow can alleviate back pain and make sure you get restful sleep. We combed the web and read reviews from thousands of consumers and have a list of the best pillows on the market – and they won’t break the bank!

The Top 3 Memory Foam Pillows For Bed – Memory Foam Pillows to Go with your Memory Foam Mattress and Beyond!

Our number one overall pick for the best memory foam pillow is probably the ViscoSoft Cooling Arctic Gel Contour Pillow. Although it has a slightly steeper price tag than the others on this list, it might be worth it. You can think of the ViscoSoft like a nice german car. The ViscoSoft’s sanitary and washable cover overlies a specialty formulated arctic gel, making this cooling memory foam pillow keep your temperature down 30% more effectively than anything else on the market. It’s hypoallergenic and durable, and with this pillow you’ll be asleep as fast as a BMW goes from 0-60mph.

If your priority is pure comfort and value, however, your best bet is probably the EliteRest Contour Pillow. This excellent gel memory foam pillow is made with a premium memory foam that is responsive – meaning it molds to your body over time, but also shifts and adjusts in response to subtle movement. This pillow puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep. 92% of sleepers reported improvement in morning neck stiffness, and sleep quality. If you are looking for a slim contour memory foam pillow (the best kind of pillow for back sleepers and stomach sleepers) Elite Rest also offers the EliteRest Slim Sleeper, with the same innovative gel memory foam, but a lower profile.

Finally, if you’re just looking for the most affordable option, the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow is like a good low-end Toyota. Might not be the most comfortable ride, and definitely isn’t the fanciest, but it gets you from A to B.

And now that we’ve covered the best Memory foam pillows for bed in 2019, we’ll cover a few more bases…

The Best Memory Foam Pillow for Work:

If you suffer from back pain due to being stuck in a chair – or a driver’s seat – all day, a memory foam pillow can be a huge help. Dr. Michael Nguyen, MD, a pain expert at the VIP Medical Group, explains that memory foam can “align the spine more effectively, relieving pressure and helping with symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain.” The Desk Jockey Lower Back Pain Lumbar Support Cushion is an affordable and durable memory foam pillow that can be attached to your desk chair or the driver’s seat in your car.

The Top Memory Foam Pillow for Travel

Tempur –Pedic, the grandfather of all memory foam technology companies, may have fallen behind the competition with newer companies such as EliteRest perfecting cooling memory foam pillow technology, but every once in awhile they still get it right. The Tempur all-purpose pillow is a perfect little log of memory foam heaven! It’s small enough to fit in your suitcase but large enough to provide the perfect amount of neck support on flights, road trips, etc.

But what about the ladies? The Best Memory Foam Pillow for Pregnancy

As most mothers can attest, sleep suffers both before AND after kids. During pregnancy, spinal discomfort can affect sleep quality. The worst-kept secret for back pain and pelvic pain relief are contoured knee pillows, that slip in between the knee joints to help decompress added weight on the joints and provide much-needed vertebral alignment. The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief is the top-rated premium memory foam pillow on the market, with 4.8/5 stars and more than six-thousand reviews on

Last but not least, the Best Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Reading:

Who says pillows are only for sleep? The Linenspa Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect solution for avid readers who can’t find a comfy couch or chair. This affordable and portable option is the single best support pillow for sitting up in bed. Customers note that this pillow  “provides plenty of support while remaining pliable” and is “super comfy.”

If you’ve read this article, you benefitted from hours of our work scouring the web for the best options.  Your search for the perfect memory foam pillow is over… and now it’s time to sleep.