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While the bed is the first thing we think about when talking about sleep, pillows play a major role in it as well. Some of us do not make a big deal as to the kind of pillows we are using, but there are others who are very particular when it comes to theirs.

Have you ever wondered about those people who suffer from some sleeping conditions or disorders? More often than not, these unlucky souls need specialty pillows, such as a wedge pillow. Here, we would help you understand what they are and how to use a wedge pillow.

What Is a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is far from the regular-shaped pillows that we all grew up with in our bedrooms. This pillow has a standard size, or sometimes bigger, and it has tapered incline features.

When thinking about one, imagine a triangle turned upside down to give good inclining support for your head all the way down to the neck area. Moderate firm sensations are provided by the foam material it is made of.

Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow

Learning the different ways of using a wedge pillow gave us a bigger picture on its mission to help with sleeping disorders. Do not be confused with alleviation and eradication though. It does not claim to eradicate these sleeping disorders, but at least, it does help alleviate them.

  • Helps with sleep apnea

Conditions like Apnea or the interruption in breathing is dangerous to health, and would sometimes cause death. It is caused by the shifting of the neck’s weight and the abdomen, resulting in the air majorly blocked to pass through your airways or lungs.

In these cases, doctors recommend using a wedge pillow. When your head or neck is slightly inclined straightly, then the better the flow of air would be.

  • Helps with heartburn

It goes the same way for heartburns. These are caused by the shift of weight from your stomach. The acid goes straightly up to the esophagus, then eventually, a suffocating sensation would follow. This, again, is dangerous. To alleviate some, doctors recommend using a wedge pillow too.

  • Good for varicose veins

A wedge pillow is good for varicose veins too. These veins are commonly seen at the back part of a person’s leg and are usually purple in color.

The major reason for this is standing or sitting for long periods. As a result, the veins get twisted and enlarged. Then, blood circulates poorly, resulting in the worst bulging effect. Sadly, this not only leaves marks but also cause discomfort.

Luckily, you can use wedge pillows for varicose veins. In fact, it is even recommended by doctors. This is because, after inclining your legs, the blood flow would become better.

How to Use a Wedge Pillow?

This list would provide you with ideas on how to use wedge pillows:

  • Straight Up Position

This can be done by simply putting the widest end directly in a downward position, with the flat side entirely on the wall or headboard, and the narrowest part at the top. This would allow you to sleep in a straight inclining position where you can be most comfortable.

  • Upright Position

This is simply done by putting the wide bottom against the wall or your bed’s headboard, the narrowest end surface directly under your upper back body, and the flat side against the bed.

  • In Between Position

This can be achieved by setting the wedge pillow in between two knees or legs. Be sure to place it under the bedsheet and not the blanket to avoid more disturbing movements at night. This helps alleviate varicose veins.

  • Side Position

To do this, lay the narrow part safely tucked under your waist and the wedge resting against your back. In this way, you can sleep on your side without worrying that you would lose a good position.

  • Lap Position

Who says wedge pillows are just for sleeping? More than that, you can also put your laptop on top of it. It does not only help reduce the vibration impact, but it also helps your arms and wrist to have somewhere to relax.

Important: It Is Not Recommended for Infants

Although four positions were mentioned, those are for adults only. Infants need to sleep on flat surfaces. The use of a wedge pillow for babies is not recommended as the inclined position for infants may be the reason for suffocation and death.

Should You Buy a Wedge Pillow?

Wedge pillows, similar to any pillow you have, also get worn after quite some time. However, they are definitely worth the investment. After all, they do offer comfort that you won’t get from other types of pillows in the market.

Then again, be careful when choosing one. From your comfort level to the sensation it gives you and your regular sleeping position—all of these should be taken into consideration when buying a wedge pillow. You should also think about the style and the price it comes in.

In the end, do not regret the investment you made and will make regarding your sleeping arrangements. After all, if there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that we all deserve a good night’s sleep.

How to Maintain Wedge Pillows

Learning how to use a wedge pillow is not enough. Similar to any of your pillows, they also require regular maintenance.  Here’s how you can make sure that your wedge pillow lasts for years:

  • Expose it to the sun every three months but for no longer than five minutes. The sunlight effectively kills unwanted allergens that cause allergic rhinitis.
  • Avoid using plastic bags when storing pillows. The moist would definitely destroy their form and texture.
  • Mildly wash the stains from drooling with mild dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Strong detergents would cause discoloration.
  • Purchase a good-quality pillowcase for your wedge pillow.
  • Wash the pillowcases
  • Avoid having liquids spill over the pillow. This can develop molds along with the room temperature.

Final Thoughts

It has been said that there are many of us who die early because of sleep deprivation. There are also some who die because of extreme fatigue. This just goes to show that getting enough sleep every night should be every person’s top priority.

Do not abuse your body. Knowing the safety precautions and knowing how it could be effectively used will surely give you the results you are expecting. If you have serious sleeping disorders, consult your doctor.