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How to Make Pillows Fluffy Again: The Two Best Ways

How to make pillows fluffy again? We all know how frustrating it can really be to see our drooped pillows when we just recently bought them. No matter how bad this is, it is actually natural; in fact, they might have even started to droop while you are on your way home. Do not fret because there are easy solutions for this and that is precisely what we will discuss.

We will give the two best ways on how to fluff up your pillows. At the same time, we will give you some tips on how to keep them fluffy for a longer time. Are you someone who likes to keep your pillows like the ones you see in an interior design book? Then keep reading to find out how they do that. You might be surprised that it is so easy to do.

How to Make Pillows Fluffy Again: The Two Ways

Here are the two best ways on how to fluff your pillows back at their perfect shape again.

Fluff Them by Hand

  1. Take your pillow and hold it on both sides.
  2. Push it in and out by pushing your hands together.
  3. Do the second step a bit fast as this will adjust the pillow fill.
  4. Once most of the pillow fill is at the center, you can then shape it according to your liking. You can also put it in pillowslips.
  5. If the previous steps did not work, hit both sides with your fists. This works well if there is no moisture buildup.
  6. After hitting it, you can then hold it from the top.
  7. You can then squeeze it gently while making sure that it is going up and down. Do not do this with a side-to-side motion because it will flatten the pillow.
  8. Just squeeze it quickly and let go. Repeat this at least five times.
  9. After squeezing, shake the pillow strongly and put it in its desired place.
  10. Beat it slightly at its top so it will be a bit flat at the center.
  11. There you have it, a fluffed pillow!

Fluff by Drying Pillows

  1. Take the pillow that you want to be fluffed.
  2. Get a tennis ball and put it inside a sock. Make sure that you tie it at the end.
    Throw both the pillows and the sock that contains the tennis ball in a dryer.
  3. Run it for at least five minutes.
  4. For those that have cotton as a pillow fill, run it for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Take out the pillow and make sure that it is completely dry.
  6. Fluff it more with the use of your fists.
  7. There you go; your pillows are fluffed again.

Other Things You Need to Know

We have already given the step by step instructions on how to make pillows fluffy again. Now, what is left for you to do is to maintain their current condition.

Of course, it can be time-consuming to go through all those steps when you can prevent the flattening of your pillows with just a few tips and tricks. Have a look at some of the things that you can do at least twice a week to keep them looking that way.

1. Leave Them Out in the Sun

After washing them or at least spraying them with disinfectant, it is best to leave them out in the sun. This will help get the moisture out. Moisture is actually the culprit behind the flatness of your pillow, so getting rid of it can increase volume.

A good starting point can be three to four hours. Do not overexpose your pillow to the sun because it might also end up ruining the fill. Also, it is better to hang it on a clothesline than leave it lying around so that you will be sure that moisture in all parts of the pillow is removed.

2. Know What You Are Fluffing

For those people who have allergies, it is not a good idea to fluff up your pillows that contain a feather fill before going to sleep. Doing so might trigger your allergies. Hence, make sure that you fluff it at least five hours before your designated time of going to bed.

3. Rotate Your Pillows

Make sure that every side of the pillow is utilized every time you use it. In this way, the fill can have time to move to other places instead of settling to a specific spot. At the same time, rotating it is also a simple way of fluffing it up without using strong motions.

4. Use the Right Insert

This is pretty basic. Of course, if you are using the wrong size, the fill will most likely sag to just one spot because there are a lot of extra spaces that it can go to. The rule of thumb is to use at least one to two inches larger than that of the actual insert. Therefore, if you have a pillowcase that is 15 inches, you should use an insert that is 17 inches.

5. Use a Pillow Protector

Dirt can be a big part of the flattening of your pillow. So it is great to use a protector to ward off some of the dirt. In fact, a pillow protector that is made explicitly for that purpose because it can help slow down the process of the flattening of your pillow.

Again, it has a lot to do with moisture. When there is less oil, sweat, and dirt, your pillow can keep its shape.

6. Focus on the Quality of Your Pillow

This has something to do with your choice. Make sure that you get a pillow that is of high-quality, not only with the fill but its lining and cover as well. As we have discussed, the fill plays an essential part in the fluffing, so having a good material for the fill can help your pillow stay fluffed.

Final Thoughts

We have already given you all the tips and tricks and even the best ways on how to fluff up your pillow again and again. What is left is for you to do the steps right so that it can be fluffed properly and to make sure that you will not ruin your pillow. Definitely, with this guide, your pillows will look and feel perfect in no time.