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Neck pain is inevitable. With cell phones necessary accessories in today’s world and people spending the majority of their time looking down at the screens, neck pain is bound to happen at some point. Added to that is the strain of carrying heavy bags and sitting hunched over computers. If you have not experienced neck pain yet, consider yourself lucky. If you are struggling with neck pain, there are a few things you can do to help to ease the pain. One of those things is to add an Elite Rest memory foam contour pillow while you sleep, these pillows are designed for support and comfort. Posture Pillow US, also has a range of pillows that supports your neck while you sleep.

When you are looking for a new pillow, pay a little attention to the support that the pillow offers by considering your sleeping position, personal preference, and firmness of the pillow. If your pillow is too high and firm you will not be able to properly relax while you sleep while a flat pillow will place strain on your neck. The cover of your pillow also plays a role in the quail of the sleep you get, the Sleep Number Curved pillowcase, for example, is a great case to consider. If you have tried a new pillow and you’re still experiencing neck pain it could be your memory foam mattress causing neck pain.

Different Sleeping Positions Different Pillows.

When looking for a pillow to help ease your neck pain, consider the way you sleep. If you woke up with neck and back pain, it is always a good idea to consider how you slept. The best sleeping position for neck and shoulder pain is either sleeping on your back or side.

Sleeping on your back: If your personal preference is to sleep on your back, look for a position that is lower but still provides you with enough support for your neck. If you feel like you need even more support, you can roll up a pillow or a very flat pillow and place it under your neck. Tucking a pillow under your shoulders positions your head further up the pillow so that your head does not get pushed too far forward. To remove any strain on your back by placing a pillow under your knees.

Sleeping on your side: This is the best way to sleep if you have neck pain. Side sleepers should opt for a higher pillow that aligns your head and neck. Add another pillow while you sleep for your arm to rest on and place another one between your knees for added support for your hips and back. The best pillow for side sleepers is a good quality body pillow, you can curl your entire body around the pillow. A commonly asked question about this position is “Can sleeping on your side cause shoulder pain?” Without the right support for your shoulders, side sleeping can result in shoulder pain.

Sleeping on your stomach: While it is not recommended that you sleep on your stomach because of the pressure it places on your back, it is how many prefer to sleep. Stomach sleepers need to sleep on a thin pillow that will not further push their spine out of alignment. The thinner the pillow the better and it should be placed under your forehead so that your nose remains elevated, your neck and head are in a neutral position. Sleeping without a pillow if you have neck pain, is also a good option for belly sleepers.

Types of Neck Pillows

These are a few types of neck pillows that you can consider when looking for a neck support pillow;

  • Cervical Pillows.At first glance, a cervical pillow doesn’t look like they will be comfortable but their distinctive shape is what makes them supportive and comfortable. Most cervical pillows have a concave shape, it is this shape that holds the secret to their support. These are great pillows for chronic neck pain. The Ecoden pillow is a good quality cervical pillow.
  • Feather Pillows. Feather pillows are super soft pillows that can be manipulated easily allowing you to fluff the pillow until you get the support you need. If you roll around a lot while you sleep, feather pillows are great. Feather pillows provide the perfect cushion for your head but may not always provide enough support and are not recommended pillows for side sleepers. The Sleep Number no shift body pillow is a great down alternative body pillow for side sleepers if you are looking for an alternative to feathers.
  • Memory Foam Pillows. These are popular choices when it comes to pillows. Memory foam can be used in cervical pillows for added support. If you are not sure what type of support you need, then opt for a memory foam pillow.

Three Types of Pillows for Neck Pain

For good posture, while you sleep, consider one of these pillows.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam: 

Neck pain is inevitable but if you add a neck pillow to your bed, it can help to alleviate and reduce the pain you experience while you sleep.

We love this pillow for neck pain. Not only will it provide you with a luxurious place to lay your head, but it will also make sure you get the therapeutic relief you need while you sleep. It comes with an ergonomic design that promises to support and align your neck while you sleep. By providing you with the right amount of support, this pillow allows you to fall asleep faster and once you are asleep you will stay asleep. The EPABO pillow comes with a breathable pillowcase that can be removed and is machine washable.

Neck pain is inevitable but if you add a neck pillow to your bed, it can help to alleviate and reduce the pain you experience while you sleep.

This is a great neck pillow for both back and neck sleepers. It offers you relief from neck and shoulder pain, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long. You will not toss and turn when you sleep on this pillow because your head will be properly supported. The effect of this is that you will soundly all night long, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. The two different contours of this pillow make it a great side sleeper pillow. Made from memory foam, this pillow is durable, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant.

Neck pain is inevitable but if you add a neck pillow to your bed, it can help to alleviate and reduce the pain you experience while you sleep.

When you look at this pillow, it does not look like a fluffy, comfortable pillow but it may just be the best natural pain relief solution pillow you will find. Made from high-quality memory foam, this pillow cradles the head gently, aligning the neck and shoulders which alleviates neck and shoulder pain. It can also prevent any numbness and tingling you may be experiencing in your arms or legs. The cutout of this pillow offers your arm a place to rest that does not result in your shoulder aligning correctly.

Neck pain can negatively affect your daily life and prevent you from doing the activities you enjoy doing. It can be hard to make drastic lifestyle changes, like reducing the time you spend on your computer or on your phone. One way to reduce neck pain is to add a neck support pillow to your bed, a pillow-like the contour memory foam pillow from Elite Rest.