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Suffering from neck pain in the morning is not as uncommon as you might think. It affects most people. The best way to solve this is by choosing a good pillow for neck pain.

Are you looking for the cause of neck pain after sleeping? Your pillow and sleeping position may be the reason why you have chronic pain.

Research has shown that those who sleep on their stomach are the ones that suffer the most. The best sleeping position for upper back and neck pain is either on your back or your side.

Although sleep position may be an explanation of why does the back of your neck always hurt, it is not the only one. A very good pillow for neck support may also be a solution for those cervical aches.

With this in mind, carefully choose a good pillow for neck pain. It is crucial to take into account different things. That includes the materials used in the manufacture. The most common are memory foam pillows, bamboo covers, or even feathers. But also, size and form can make a difference. Rounded pillows have better neck support than others, and if they are memory foam, even better.

Yet, it’s indispensable to replace your pillows every two years at the most. While sleeping, your favorite neck pillow is absorbing fluids of your body. Perspiration, hair, dead skin, or body oils are some examples. As a result, even the best pillow can smell bad or be a great home for mites.

After all, choosing the best pillow that offers a proper way to sleep to avoid neck pain is an important decision. You have to think about the best option. The perfect pillow provides remedies for neck pain while sleeping, and also it won’t hurt your pocket.

To simplify the process of choosing a good pillow for neck pain, we have three of the best neck support pillows. They have the right materials and form to avoid causing neck pain after sleeping.

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper is a good pillow for neck pain. It gives the right amount of support since it adjusts to the shape of the neck. It’s the best pillow for side sleepers. It is not too tall, so it doesn’t force the neck in awkward positions.

This pillow has the perfect combination of thickness, firmness, and softness. Made of memory foam, it is so comfortable that you would wake up refreshed and free of any neck pain. You can become addicted to it, oversleeping once in a while.

The materials used for its manufacture are the best in the market. Mildew and dust mites resistant, as well as antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and antifungal.

While this pillow may not be for everyone, it seems it has done an outstanding job satisfying the majority of its buyers. Even if memory foam is not your thing, this pillow offers comfort and support all in one.

Elite Rest Slim Sleeper

Stomach sleeping is not the best position for avoiding neck pain. Yet, we have the Elite Rest Slim Sleeper designed for those who love to sleep on their stomach or their back.

This natural latex pillow is perfect for those who don’t like memory foam. Made 100% of cotton, its cover is machine washable. A series of pin-holes on the surface allows ventilation. They help regulate heat and air circulation. The material is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, mildew, and mite resistant.

Thin pillows are usually very hard. Elite Rest Slim Sleeper is firm, but not hard, providing a perfect balance for a good night’s rest. The medium firmness maintains a proper position for the head, without hurting the neck or shoulders.

Even for the pickiest customers, this pillow has been an excellent choice to ease neck pain. Keeps the head with the proper inclination, and the back aligned. This gives the correct amount of support and comfort.

Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Those looking for a good pillow for neck pain that is not made of memory foam may consider the Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. This pillow has a mix of memory foam and microfiber. It allows you to remove the fill, to change the size, so it suits the owner’s head position and shape.

Even for the most skeptical, this pillow for sure has the ideal combination of materials to make it comfortable. Say goodbye to stiff neck and headaches because of your pillow. With its unique feature for removing or putting in the memory foam, it will adjust to keep your neck in the correct alignment all night.

Additionally, the cover and the inner liner are washable. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The materials are all certified. For vegan lovers, animals weren’t harmed while making the Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow.

This pillow comes with an informative video that is very helpful when adjusting the correct filling. It is easy to remove, and you can save it for using it in the future if needed. Also, for those who suffer from night sweats, it remains cool during the night, so you don’t wake up to a soaked pillow.

In conclusion, it is a soft and conforming pillow that keeps your head aligned, regardless of your sleeping position.


Finally, no pillow is the holy grail. This depends on your size, weight, and sleeping position. When choosing a good pillow for neck pain, you should research a little bit to find what best suits you.

Once you have decided, give yourself some time to adjust to your new cervical pillow for neck pain. Also, it is good to have in mind that the pillow is not the only essential thing to ease your pain. The right quality mattress, weighted blankets, and even your room disposition play a vital role in getting a wonderful night’s rest.