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Pregnancy is an incredible journey. As your baby grows inside of you, your body changes to accommodate the baby and prepare for labour. These changes, while amazing, can also result in your becoming increasingly uncomfortable. As your growing bump expands, aches and pains start to appear and simple things like sleeping become challenging. There are a few things you can do to provide your body with the support it needs while you sleep which means you will sleep better. Not only will a full body pregnancy pillow change how you sleep but a sleep pillow that supports your neck, like the Elite Rest Memory Foam Pillow, will also improve the quality of sleep you are getting.

We take a closer look at how a fully body pregnancy pillow can improve your comfort levels and sleep by providing total body support.

Benefits of a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Pillows are not only about comfort and getting a good night’s sleep. Pillows, like pregnancy pillows, provide your body with the right amount of support and in doing so have many benefits for your body.

A full body pregnancy pillow offers you the following benefits;

Alleviates aches and pains. Your expanding belly means that your body weight does increase and this increase puts pressure on your back, hips and legs, resulting in aches and pains in your body. Rest and sleep are essential while you are pregnant as it helps to ease some of these aches and pains and sleeping with a pregnancy pillow will help to do that.

Your blood circulation will improve. Side sleeping during pregnancy is recommended because your blood circulation is improved. To make this position more comfortable, you can use a pregnancy pillow to support your belly.

You will sleep better. When your body is supported correctly it is able to relax and in doing so allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Adding a full body pregnancy pillow to your sleep regime will help to ensure that your body is correctly supported so you can get that much needed sleep.

It is useful even after you are pregnant. Once you have had your baby your pregnancy pillow can help you get into the right position for breastfeeding.

Finding the Right Pregnancy Pillow

Just like with your normal bed pillow, finding the right pregnancy pillow is a personal choice and there are a few things you need to consider before investing in a full body pregnancy pillow.

Before you add a pregnancy pillow to your cart, consider the following;

The Size: You will find pregnancy pillows come in different sizes from smaller wedge pillows to larger u-shaped full body pillows. The pillow you decide on will depend what your needs are and how much space you have.

The Shape: When looking for a pregnancy pillow, look for a pillow that has been specifically designed for pregnant women. Some pregnancy pillows will tuck between your legs and under your neck while others will have a dip for your bump. The shape of pillow you choose will depend on where you are feeling the most discomfort.

The Material: Pillows are made from a range of different materials. It is best to look for a pillow with a cotton cover as these are more breathable and won’t make you hot and uncomfortable while you sleep. If you suffer from allergies, make sure you find a pillow that is hypoallergenic and not going to aggravate your allergies.

Our Top 3 Full Body Pregnancy Pillows

To make your search for a pregnancy pillow a little easier we have found 3 pillows that you can rest your head on comfortably while you are pregnant.

Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Pillow

Say goodbye to aching joints with one of these quality full body pregnancy pillows.

The best part about this pregnancy pillow is that you won’t need to buy any other pillows to sleep on while you are pregnant because it supports your entire body, from your head to your legs. When you sleep on this pillow it provides support for your hips, back, neck and stomach. It has been designed and developed by a registered nurse and mom, what better person to design a pillow than someone who has experienced the aches and pains of pregnancy! Cuddle this pillow and feel all your aches float away.

Say goodbye to aching joints with one of these quality full body pregnancy pillows.

This pillow has been ergonomically designed to follow the shape of your body so that your body is supported on both sides. With this pillow you can spread your body out or you can curl around the pillow to sleep on your side. Sleeping on this pillow will ease back pain and can help with sciatica, reflux and any other pregnancy-related challenges. This pillow will replace all other pillows and can be used on your bed or while you watch TV.

Say goodbye to aching joints with one of these quality full body pregnancy pillows.

Sleep comfortably on this luxurious, hypoallergenic body pillow. It comes with a 240 thread count cover for added comfort and has been filled with hypoallergenic SoftLoft fiber, providing you with a generous pillow that you can position along the side of your body for support and comfort. Side sleepers will be able to use this pillow well beyond pregnancy.

The key to a good night’s sleep is support and not all full body pillows provide support to your neck. If the pillow you opt for does not curl around your neck then you must consider adding a quality neck pillow to your sleeping regime. The Elite Rest Memory Foam pillow is a great option that can be used in conjunction with your body pillow. It will provide your neck with the right amount of support.

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it does come with its set of challenges. Your body is supporting a new life and this can place pressure on your joints resulting in aching joints. A great way to ease some of this pain is by buying a quality pregnancy pillow that will support your back and growing belly. But don’t forget to make sure your neck is also supported, adding the Elite Rest Memory Foam pillow to your bed is a good way to ensure your neck is supported.