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Pregnancy brings with it a set of challenges. One of them is being comfortable while sleeping. The best pillows for pregnant women are out there, but finding an exact match can be tough. There are many types.

It all depends on your situation and preference. This article will cover these, will discuss what to look for in the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, and provide a number of insightful reviews.

Quick Picks: Top Maternity Pillows




C Shaped Maternity Pillow by Blowout BeddingA+5/5
Tuscom V Shaped Maternity Body PillowA+4/5
Leachco Pregoopedic Contour PillowB-4.5/5
Web Linens Inc U-Shaped Maternity PillowB+​4/5
Leachco Snoogle Chic Snuggle PillowB+​4/5

How a Pregnancy Pillow Helps

First, we’ll go through the benefits of this kind of pregnancy pillow for back pain. When you are pregnant, it is difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. You may also worry about harming your baby by lying in the wrong position.

One of the primary benefits of pregnancy pillows is support for your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and your belly. It also makes it more comfortable to sleep on your left side during the second and third trimesters.

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You may also see back pain relief. Physiological changes during pregnancy often trigger back pain. The right pillow helps alleviate it while you find the most comfortable position to sleep in.

A sound sleep is possible with pregnancy pillows. They allow a range of sleeping positions for you to try and get comfortable with, despite having to stay on your left side. Improvement of blood circulation is one of the most important benefits.

Good circulation helps keep the back and hips relaxed, reducing strain on your body and the baby. Even after childbirth, these pillows contribute chiropractic support for new mothers and babies during feeding.

The Various Types of Pregnancy Pillows

If you’re searching for the best pillows for pregnant women, it probably comes down to a specific type. There are many styles, shapes, and sizes. Here is a rundown on the basic types and what’s good about each one.

Wedge pregnancy pillows can slide easily under your belly, behind your back, or underneath your regular pillow. They keep tummy weight from straining the back and hips. More comfortable side sleeping is possible as well while such a pillow may help relieve reflux and heartburn.


Wedge pillows tend to be compact and come in round and triangular varieties. Regardless, you’ll still need a regular pillow for your head. Wedges are typically inexpensive and even good for traveling.

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Full-length pillows support your entire body. One perk is you avoid having to prop multiple pillows along your side. There’s just one pillow. You don’t have to worry about adjusting many. Whether you choose a straight or flexible full-length pregnancy pillow, it’s designed so you can hug or cuddle it to support your entire body.

Total body pillows are the ultimate in pregnancy support. Sold in C-shaped and U-shaped types, these wrap around the outside of your body and you can curl up inside it. The resulting support relieves back pain. How you use it depends on the pillow configuration.

A C-shaped product saddles between your legs while the top of the C is the headrest, and the interior curve supports the spine. Allowing a straddling position, a U-shaped pillow supports both sides and offers total body support.

Features to Look For

Aside from the type of pillow, there are several features to consider when picking that perfect pregnancy pillow.

First, you want to look for a removable cover. Such covers are easy to clean, which can be especially useful after nights of sweating. The easiest option is a cover that closes with a zipper. Some covers even slip on. Other features include:


Comfort and support are provided by Styrofoam ball filling, which is supportive but tends to be noisy. Polyester fiber is quiet and provides different levels of firmness depending on how much is used.

It’s a very popular option. Other fillings include micro-beads, memory foam, and natural or organic filling. Common natural filling options include wool, spelt, and kapok.


Physiological changes during pregnancy may make your allergies worse. These include sensitivities to fibers and other materials. A hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow is great for women with allergies or asthma.


When picking a material, test the pillow to see how noisy it is when you move. Some make a crinkling and rustling sound that are loud enough to keep you awake.


Pregnancy pillows are big. You need to think about whether it’s too big for your bed. Indeed, you may prefer something smaller, so it’s important to keep this factor in mind.


Comfort is the most important factor. Everyone has a different preference as too soft or firm pillows. Firmer pregnancy pillows offer more support but may take some time to get used to overtime.


The choice may come down to where your aches and pains are. Depending on whether you have back, ankle, neck, shoulder pain, etc., you’ll need certain kinds of support. The pillow must support sore areas all night so the pain is lessened, and don’t cause additional strain.

Reviews of a Few of the Best Maternity PIllows




C Shaped Maternity Pillow by Blowout BeddingA+5/5
Tuscom V Shaped Maternity Body PillowA+​4/5
Leachco Pregoopedic Contour PillowB-4.5/5
Web Linens Inc U-Shaped Maternity PillowB+​4/5
Leachco Snoogle Chic Snuggle PillowB+​4/5

BlowOut Bedding C-Shaped Maternity Pillow

You can easily adjust the pillow to elevate your head properly and keep your hips aligned. Tuck it between your knees for even more comfort and back and belly support than you thought possible.

Supporting your natural curved shape, the pillow will also give you much-needed pressure relief.

A removable case can be washed and zipped up fresh. If the firmness is right, then you’ll find a comfortable sleeping position and get a full night of peaceful rest. Wake up refreshed and ready to support your baby’s development.

Tuscom V-Shaped Maternity Body Pillow

V Shaped Maternity Pillow

V Shaped Maternity Pillow

If you sleep on your side, this super-comfortable pillow supports your baby bump and the need for beauty sleep. Use it when you are pregnant and afterwards.

It’s not only supportive for your growing belly as it can be positioned on any angle, but for when you breastfeed, and the baby is bottle feeding later on. Your baby may love this pillow as much as you do.

Versatile and comfortable, supports your back preventing sciatica and lower back pain.  An ergonomic design lines up your spine in the best possible way.

Now you can sleep in your most comforting position without back pain which drastically reduces your need to toss and turn

Leachco Preggopedic Contoured Maternity Pillow

Get your beauty rest in many different positions on this 55.3 x 36.6 x 9.6-inch pillow. Several unique features let you get cozy in many ways. There’s dual belly/back support for one.

Another standout is the 4-way adjustable bumper. Slide it up or down, rotate it, or position it any way you like to get support for wherever it hurts. Fluff it up like any pillow. It’s so comfortable. A polyester pillow filling and polyurethane pad fill are simply the best of friends during your pregnancy.

Using this pillow could help you to wake up with less pain and to get to sleep without heartburn or congestion. Spot wipe with a damp cloth to effortless cleanup. A more extensive clean up takes just fabric cleaner and water.

Also, a lot of safety testing was done when designing this pillow, which will add to your sense of calm and peace of mind.

Blowout Bedding U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

Sleep well and be relieved of multiple uncomfortable ailments. If sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel, or congestion are getting you irritated and sleep deprived, here is the solution.

Back and belly support add comfort. The contoured legs are a bonus – they let you sleep comfortably on your back or side. This pillow also offers an incredible level of support. Keep your head elevated, legs and knees supported, and hips aligned, so you feel more refreshed all day.

Don’t forget that feeling when you’re resting. The inner contours follow your body’s natural shape. With this pillow’s big size, you’ll finally get the pressure relief, rest, and peace of mind that are so needed.

It’s a comfortable size at 60 x 35 x 7 inches, giving you ample room to snuggle up.

Leachco Chic Two Faced Snoogle Pillow

If you crave full body support, here’s one of the best pillows for pregnant women. It comforts and conforms to your body giving needed support for your back and stomach. A soft flannel and jersey knit cover add only the best of comfort for your soft skin. Cuddle up all day and night in the natural sleeping position of your choice.

The covering comes off so you can wash it any time. This pillow stays fluffy for some time. You’ll be able to get through those later pregnancy days and months snuggled up and feeling cozy.


With the tips in this article, hopefully, you can find the best pregnancy pillow for you. The reviews here demonstrate the features to look for. They also show how such pillows can benefit you and contribute to much-needed comfort and sleep in addition to your normal pillows you use while you sleep. Whether the choice comes down to pain relief or preference, there are many types of pregnancy pillows to choose from.