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What are the Best Firm Pillows for the Money?

If you are looking for the best firm pillow to suit your needs, there are a few things you will need to consider first. Once you have appropriately assessed your situation, you will be on your way to one of the best nights of sleep in your life.




Dream Deluxe Ultimate Bed PillowsA+


Aller-Ease Firm Travel PillowB+


Hollander Nanotex Extra FirmB-


Sleep Solutions Firm Luxury DownB+


Why should I buy a firm pillow?

You may be in the market for the great firm pillow due to a suggestion from a doctor, or maybe you just want something with a little more support. You will be spending one-third of your life in bed using a pillow, so it needs to be a good one. If you are a side sleeper, the firm pillow is ideal for you to get the best out of your rest.

How much do I want to spend?

Rob J.Our Expert

The good news is that a firm pillow won’t break the bank, but you still need to consider how much you have available to spend. You need to figure out how many pillows you are going to be purchasing and how much per pillow you can comfortably spend. Sometimes the most expensive product isn’t always the best.

Since people generally replace all of the pillows in their bedroom at the same time, you could be looking at spending a lot at one time. Before you begin your search for a good firm pillow, set an amount you are willing to spend and stick to it.

Who should buy a firm pillow?

Assessing how you sleep isn’t easy. Many people go to bed one way and end up another when they wake up in the morning. Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper?

Side sleepers need support on their head and neck more than anything else. This is why firm pillows are ideal for them. You will be able to rest comfortably without worrying that your neck may become out of line with the rest of your body.

Stomach sleepers are not recommended to use a firm pillow. The support is amazing, but it will throw the rest of your body out of whack. While it isn’t totally against the rules, it isn’t advised to be used.

Back sleepers can use a medium or a firm pillow depending on their preferences. If you are a tosser and move around a lot, the firm pillow can help you to stop that. Perhaps finding a position where you feel safe and snuggled is your best bet.

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Brand name versus unknown name: which to choose?

Sometimes when you are looking to save money, you will bounce back and forth between buying a pillow from a manufacturer you know and one that is a little less money. Only you can make the choice about whether or not to buy it.

It is helpful to compare each pillow and how they are made. From the covering to the stuffing, all of the items in the pillow should be listed. If you compare the two, are they exactly the same? You don’t want to impulsively buy something at half the cost only to get home and find out it will not work for you.

What size should I buy?


If you are new to pillow buying, you may be shocked at the various choices you have when seeking a new pillow. There are various sizes to choose from and different fillings. All of these choices may make your head spin a little.

Rob J. Our Expert

The general rule of thumb is that a standard pillow should fit a queen bed and anything smaller. If you want to buy a queen pillow for a queen bed, that is also perfectly acceptable. King pillows and Euro king pillows are also available for bigger beds and they work the best with anything bigger than a king.

Keep in mind, the bigger the pillow the more it will cost. You can buy three standard pillows to fit the king size bed if it becomes cheaper than buying two new king firm pillows. It is all about you and what will make things easier on you for sleeping and on your pocketbook.

Remembering that you will be spending a lot of time with your purchase will help keep you from getting frazzled. Everyone spends one-third of their lives in bed and enjoying it is the best route to go. Searching for the firm pillows will be rewarding, especially with deeper sleep.

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Dream Deluxe Ultimate Bed PillowsA+


Aller-Ease Firm Travel PillowB+


Hollander Nanotex Extra FirmB-


Sleep Solutions Firm Luxury DownB+


Hollander Nanotex Extra-Firm Side Sleeper Pillow

Side sleepers can rejoice with this firm pillow. It is one of the better options available for people who have neck problems on occasion. It moves with the sleeper but doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.

This is hypoallergenic, which means almost anyone could use it without issue. You will need to purchase a pillow protector to avoid anything getting on the pillow while it is in use. Even without the protector, this firm pillow is able to be used.

There may be a bit of a smell when you first take the plastic off and get it home. Airing it out overnight should take care of the issue. You can sleep on it immediately as long as the smell won’t adversely affect you.

This particular firm pillow falls into the affordable range for everyone, especially for those who are purchasing more than one. It would be considered mid-grade, which is better than some of the other options on the market.

Sleep Solutions Firm Luxury Down Alternative Pillow

When you think of down pillows, you likely think of clouds. While this is made with a down alternative, it is quite firm. Don’t be fooled, this is not your average firm pillow.

You will be prompted to choose standard, queen, or king size. The standard size is a bit bigger than normal, which doesn’t affect anything. You may even be able to get away with two queen size firm pillows from this manufacturer on a king bed.

While it is a little on the fluffy side, there is definitely still support there for those who are seeking it out. You will be able to move the pillow how you want and it will return back to it’s original shape without any issue. You don’t need a pillow protector for this firm pillow, which allows you to spend a little more on the pillow of your choice.

Aller-Ease Travel Pillow

If you are a person who travels a lot and are looking for a firm pillow, this may be an option to consider. It is smaller than the standard size, but can be used as an everyday pillow if needed. There is nothing worse than getting to a hotel and not having your own pillow, especially if you need something specific like a firm pillow.

These pillows are ideal for children and adults to use alike. Many people use them on their beds even though they were made for traveling with someone. The smaller size helps to focus on the head and neck getting into an ideal position without much room for failure.

This firm pillow is hypoallergenic, which means virtually anyone can use it. There are built in pet dander and household dander barriers, which also helps to keep allergies at bay. If you are looking for something that is both practical and affordable, this may be one of the better choices you have.

Dream Deluxe – Ultimate Bed Pillows

These firm pillows are on the lower end of density, making them less hard. Many people want firmness but don’t want to sleep on a rock, and that is exactly what this option avoids. A little bit of comfort with a lot of support seems to be an ideal balance from this manufacturer.

They run small when it comes to sizing, so you will need to consider that before ordering a bigger size for a bigger bed. They will also need protectors to be added to them in order to help avoid normal everyday wear and tear.

If you are looking at mid-price pillows, this is one of your better options. They are made with polyester and hypoallergenic. You get two pillows with this option whereas many manufacturers only offer one. If you can spare the expense, this may be the firm pillow option for you.