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How you sleep will have an impact on whether or not you wake up with neck pain. Side and back sleepers are less likely to wake up with neck pain. That said, if these sleepers do not focus on their alignment and support while they sleep, they are likely to wake up with neck pain. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended but if it is the position you favour, consider the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper, it has been designed to provide you with the correct alignment and support. 

What is a cervical pillow and why do you need one?

The word cervical in the healthcare profession has two meanings however when used in relation to pillows and alignment while you sleep, it relates to the small portion of your spinal column that makes up your neck.

What makes a cervical pillow different from other pillows is that it is specifically designed to help reduce neck and shoulder pain by helping to align your spine and support your neck. Cervical pillows offer maximum support to your neck and shoulders. Not only do these pillows help with reducing neck pain but can also be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever use, providing you with a comfortable night of sleep.

Cervical pillows are solely designed to help alleviate neck and shoulder pain by helping to keep your spine aligned. All the features of a cervical pillow serve a purpose and this is why it is considered to be a better pillow than a “normal” sleeping pillow.  

These are some of the attributes that make cervical pillows the best pillow to invest in:

  • Shape: While there are a variety of different shaped cervical pillows out there the main goal of their shape is to ensure that it will rise up to the neck and compress where the head is placed.
  • Quality: Most cervical pillows are made from a durable memory foam that makes the pillow a bit harder than most to ensure optimal neck support. It may take you some time to get used to the firmness of the pillow but once you do it will be worthwhile.
  • Covers: Cervical pillows, similar to other pillows, offer a variety of breathable covers that let air circulate to keep the pillow cool while you sleep. Most of the covers are also dust-mite resistant.

3 Cervical Pillows To Consider:

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow:

Looking for a quality cervical pillow, consider the Coisum cervical pillow amongst others to improve how you sleep.

Coming with a free pillow case this luxury sleeping pillow is perfect for back, side as well as stomach sleepers. The memory foam will confirm and mold to the shape of your body, regardless of the position you are sleeping in. Breathable memory foam has been used in this pillow and this allows for better air circulation to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. The hypoallergenic rayon/polyester proprietary blend pillow case that comes with this pillow is silky soft, adding to the luxury and comfort of this pillow.

Looking for a quality cervical pillow, consider the Coisum cervical pillow amongst others to improve how you sleep.

Providing ultimate support to the neck and helping to keep the spine aligned this is one of the best cervical pillows out there. Don’t let the look of this pillow put you off, the support it offers will change your life and you will wonder how you ever slept without it. This pillow has been designed with one thing in mind, support for your head, neck and back. It is a medium-firm pillow so if you are used to a softer pillow it may take some time to adjust, but it will be worth it. The skin-friendly pillowcase is removable and machine washable for your convenience. It also offers a breathable surface that lets air circulate to keep the pillow cool while you sleep, ensuring you do not overheat while you sleep.

Looking for a quality cervical pillow, consider the Coisum cervical pillow amongst others to improve how you sleep.

One of the many high quality pillows offered by Elite Rest this pillow is the perfect pillow to help with neck pain. The contoured design means it will offer you the right amount of support while you sleep and the memory foam that is used is good quality, ensuring it molds and shapes to your body, providing you with the support you need. This pillow also helps with other sleeping problems, like snoring and sleep apnoea while also keeping your spine aligned. This is also a medium firmness pillow, offering your head and neck the support that it needs while you are sleeping. This pillow is best suited for back and side sleepers.

How Do Your Sleeping Positions Contribute to Neck Pain?

While using the perfect pillow can help reduce neck pain it is also important to look at the position you sleep in and the best way you can use a pillow to complement how you are sleeping.

Side Sleepers: Sleeping on your side offers a wide range of benefits and is the position doctors and health professionals are likely to recommended if you are struggling with neck pain while you sleep. The ideal way to use pillows when sleeping on your side is to use a firm pillow under your head and another pillow between your legs at your knees, this ensures that your spine is properly aligned and your neck and shoulder are properly supported. It is recommended that you do not sleep with your arm under your pillow instead let them rest at your sides with your top arm lying against your body.

Back sleepers: Sleeping on your back also offers a range of benefits however it also offers some down sides which is why it is not as ideal as sleeping on your side. Everyone sleeps differently and as such everyone prefers different positions. If sleeping on your back is your preferred sleeping position then you should have a pillow under your neck that helps keep your spine aligned. It is also recommended that you sleep with a pillow beneath your knee to help alleviate any strain placed on your back.

Stomach sleepers: Sleeping on your stomach is often considered the worst position to sleep in as your spine is not properly aligned and more stress is put on your neck and shoulders. If you do prefer sleeping on your stomach, then it is recommended that you use a thin pillow and a second pillow under your stomach or pelvis to help alleviate pressure on your spine.

A cervical pillow offers a range of benefits for all types of sleepers and offers the right type of support to both your neck and shoulder. These pillows have been ergonomically designed to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly and if you want to improve the quality of sleep you are getting then we recommend investing in a quality cervical pillow, like the Elite Rest Contour Pillow or the Coisum Cervical Pillow.