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If you have struggled with neck pain before then you know one of the biggest contributors can be the way you sleep as well as the pillow you are using. Changing your pillow is not as simple as buying the first pillow you find. You have to do some research into each pillow you are considering. What better way to narrow down your choices than to consider our list of chiropractor recommended pillows. A proper pillow, like the Elite Rest Contour Memory Foam Pillow can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep that you are getting, because it has been specifically designed for comfort and support.

Common Contributors to Neck Pain.

How you sleep is obviously one of the main contributors to your neck pain. One of the most common contributors to neck pain is the position you sleep in. We all sleep differently which means we all have different needs when it comes to the pillow we need. The common thread, however, is that your pillow must support you while you are sleeping.  

How do the different positions you sleep in affect your neck pain.

  • Side Sleepers:

Side sleepers are the most common type of sleepers. This position offers a couple of advantages such as:

  • reducing joint and lower back pain,
  • reducing snoring and
  • reducing chronic pain associated with long term conditions.

If you use the correct pillows then sleeping on your side can also help with spinal alignment. Sleeping on your side is very beneficial and one of the only drawbacks to sleeping on your side is that it may cause shoulder pains.

  • Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers may have more benefits than side sleepers but these benefits may differ from person to person. Sleeping on the correct pillow ensures that your spine is aligned and that your neck and shoulders are properly supported. Sleeping on your back helps with the following:

  • reducing heartburn,
  • getting rid of acid reflux and
  • prevents shoulder stress.

While offering many benefits sleeping on your back also offers a couple of drawbacks such as: lower back pain and sleep apnea. To ensure proper spinal alignment you need to take into consideration using a pillow that is recommended by a chiropractor.

  • Stomach Sleepers:

Sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst possible positions to sleep in. There are many more disadvantages than benefits to sleeping on your side and it should be avoided as far as possible, even if you find it comfortable. There are a few benefits of sleeping on your stomach, like a reduction in snoring and a slight improvement with sleep apnea. If you want to sleep on your stomach then it is recommended that you use a memory foam pillow to help support your cervical spine. Some disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach without the proper pillow support includes lower back pain and neck pain.

With these advantages and disadvantages of each sleeping position in mind, it is now important to consider your pillow so that you can match your pillow to your sleeping style.

What to Consider when Buying a New Pillow for Neck Pain

When shopping for different types of pillows it is important to look at a variety of different characteristics to ensure that the pillow supports your neck and head while still being comfortable.

Some of the characteristics of a new pillow to consider:

Pillow size: Pillow sizes come in 3 different sizes, namely king, queen and single. The size of pillow you sleep on is your personal preference but it is important that the pillow you choose is the right size and supports your head and neck no matter how much you move at night.

Pillow filling: Pillow filling makes a difference in how your pillow holds up over time, how it supports your head and neck, and the type of comfort it adds to your sleeping regime. Types of pillow fill you will find include foam, memory foam, down, feather, and polyester. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to filling and you may need to try out some different types.

Speciality pillows: Specialty pillows are made to relieve particular pressure points caused by medical conditions or to support certain positions while you’re sleeping. If you have neck or back problems, or are pregnant, there are specially designed pillows that provide custom support so you can sleep well despite uncomfortable conditions.

3 of the Best Neck Pillows as Recommended by Chiropractors

● Ecogreen Chiropractic Cervical Neck Pillow

When you are looking for a pillow for neck pain, consider one of these chiropractor recommended pillows.

Looks are deceiving when it comes to this neck pillow. When you lay your head onto this pillow you will feel the difference it makes immediately. Not only is it a comfortable pillow but it is also easy to use lightweight, durable and portable. This pillow from Ecogreen Storage has been specifically designed to help with the alignment of your spine. It reduces the weight of the head and resets the spine in a neutral natural setting which helps posture and lower back muscles. This is the perfect pillow for back sleepers.

When you are looking for a pillow for neck pain, consider one of these chiropractor recommended pillows.

This is the ideal pillow if you are looking for a non-toxic and hypoallergenic option. Not only is it a healthier option but it will also help in restoring the proper cervical curvature of the spine. When you use this pillow it will aid in the releasing of neck and shoulder tension and help to soothe away headaches and migraines. It is recommended as a good pillow for back sleepers.

When you are looking for a pillow for neck pain, consider one of these chiropractor recommended pillows.

This is one of the best memory foam pillows you will find which is why it is recommended by chiropractors to assist with neck pain. Both side and back sleepers will find this pillow provides them with proper alignment and support and alleviates neck pain. When your neck is properly supported, your body is able to relax and this leads to a restful night of sleep.

Buying a new pillow involves a lot more than just searching for the cheapest one. If one of your goals is to reduce neck pain while sleeping then you must do some research into the types of pillows available. This includes looking for pillows that come with chiropractor recommendations, like the Elite Rests Contour Memory Foam Pillow.