Do you experience neck and back pain while sleeping? Do you often wake up with sore shoulders and neck? If so, changing your sleeping position may help. The best sleeping positions for neck and shoulder pain are the back and the sides.

However, changing your sleeping position may not be enough — you may also have to consider changing your pillow. If you suffer from neck and back pain, it’s highly recommended that you get a cervical pillow or chiropractic pillow with an ergonomic design.

A rounded neck support pillow will be ideal because it will be able to conform to the natural curvature of your body. In terms of materials, pillows for neck pain should be made of feathers or memory foam because they are soft and provide the right level of support.

Are you still curious to learn more about the best neck support pillow available? In this article, we discuss the qualities of a good cervical pillow and give you an overview of the best chiropractic pillows for neck and shoulder pain in 2019.

Qualities of a Good Cervical Pillow

The following is a quick overview of some of the qualities of a good cervical pillow. When you’re browsing for pillows, you should keep these factors in mind. It will help you better navigate the shopping landscape and find the right pillow for neck pain.

Material of Neck Pillow

You can get pillows made of a vast range of different materials. However, when it comes to orthopedic pillows to relieve neck and shoulder pain, the best materials include memory foam, water, and feather.

Memory foam is the best material possible because it conforms to the natural curve of your neck and shoulders, thus providing complete neck support. Water pillows also offer therapeutic qualities because water doesn’t compress when you lay your head down. Feather pillows are also suitable because they’re soft — but they can also run quite hot and induce allergies, so you should be careful about them.

Shape — Do Contour Pillows Help Neck Pain?

Shape is one of the most important considerations for neck support pillows. Lying sideways on a flat pillow is difficult because of the curve of your neck and shoulders. That’s where a cervical pillow comes in. A cervical pillow is contoured in accordance with the natural curvature of the neck and shoulders. This allows you to lie comfortably on the pillow with plenty of support for your neck and shoulders. As such, contour pillows do help with neck and shoulder pain.

Ergonomic Design

Finally, your neck pillow should be ergonomically designed. You should consider the shape of the pillow and determine if it will properly support your neck and shoulders in your preferred sleeping position — be it on your back, side, or stomach.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Now that you know how to look out for the best neck support pillows, the following is a brief overview of some of the best pillows for neck pain in 2019.

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper — Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper is a memory foam cervical pillow. This is the perfect pillow for neck pain and shoulder pain for several reasons.

First, this is an ergonomically designed cervical pillow, which means that it’s contoured to align naturally with the curvature of your neck and shoulders. This neck pillow measures 4 inches at its highest contour and it measures 2.75 inches at its lowest contour. As such, you can rest your head wherever you feel most comfortable. You can also rest your neck on the rounded curvature so you get proper neck and shoulder support.

Second, this orthopedic pillow is made of memory foam material. As previously mentioned, memory foam is the best material for neck and shoulder pain because it conforms to your body. As such, regardless of how you sleep, it will mold itself to the natural shape of your neck and shoulders in order to lower pain and stiffness.

Finally, this cervical pillow is 12 inches wide and 20 inches long, which means you have plenty of space to navigate. You can rest your head anywhere and even roll around the pillow without falling over. All of these factors contribute to making the best pillow for neck pain.

TEMPUR-All Purpose Pillow — Best Neck Pillow for Travelers

Traveling can worsen your neck and shoulder pain because it’s hard to find good neck pillows when you’re on the move. When you’re in a flight or bus, you have to rest your head on really uncomfortable surfaces. And you can’t always rely on hotel pillows.

That’s where TEMPUR-All Purpose Pillow comes in. This is the best neck pillow for travelers because it’s peanut-shaped and easy to carry around. This neck pillow is made of a NASA-formulated material that offers optimal pressure relief. The cotton cover is soft and highly breathable as well. Furthermore, the rounded surface allows you to rest your neck at a slightly elevated angle for optimal support.

Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow — Best Cervical Pillow

Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow has been designed specially as a neck support pillow. This cervical pillow features a concave center that can host your head while the elevated roll around the sides can support your neck and shoulders. This helps with spinal alignment, restoring the curvature of your neck and spine. It has been made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, making it soft and breathable.

Have you Found the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

As you can see, there are several factors that determine the quality of a good neck pillow. In order to compile this list, we thoroughly examined and vetted dozens of the best cervical pillows on the market. Hopefully, this article has brought you one step closer to a perfectly aligned and relaxed posture.