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Neck pain is one of the top 5 disorders in the United States with up to 20% of the population experiencing some form of pain in their neck. Of those who experience neck pain, many report that it does negatively impact their ability to function during the day. There are many different causes for neck pain with the most common being poor posture and the fact that so many people sit for extended periods hunched over their computers. Another, simpler cause, could be that you are sleeping on the wrong pillow. Pillows like the Elite Rest Pillow, have been specifically designed to prevent neck pain while sleeping. It is a good idea to invest in one of these pillows, even if you are not currently struggling with neck pain.

Another pillow that can help to ease your neck pain is a cervical roll pillow. We take a closer look at these pillows and how they can help you manage your neck pain and get a good night’s sleep.

What is a cervical roll pillow?

A cervical roll pillow is a small pillow, shaped like a roll, that you place in your pillowcase at night. The role of this pillow is to keep your cervical spine supported while you are sleeping. It does this by keeping your neck in a stable position when you sleep on your back or on your side.

When you use a cervical roll pillow under your neck it helps the neck to return to its normal lordotic curve. The curved shape of the roll allows the neck to stretch and relax and releases the soft tissue of the neck which will improve your range of motion and ease any pain you are experiencing. You should try to lie on the cervical roll pillow for at least 10 minutes and slowly increase the time as you feel more comfortable.

While a proper cervical roll pillow will work the best, if you do not have access to one, you can roll up a towel to place it under your neck. The towel will work the same way as the cervical roll pillow and will also help free any stuck facet joints and improve your mobility.

Cervical Rolls and Sleep

How you sleep has a big impact on whether or not you will wake up with neck pain. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position to sleep in because it pushes your neck completely out of alignment and will more than likely result in you waking up with neck pain.

Sleeping on your back or side are much better positions. Both of these positions help to maintain your spines natural curve. Sleeping on your side is regarded by many as the best way to sleep because it keeps your head neutral and your chin straight.

Adding a cervical roll pillow to your sleep routine is simple and easy and the results can be incredible. All you need to do is add the pillow to the pillow case of your current pillow so that it runs the length of your pillow.

When you are on your back you should feel the cervical roll pressing up against the back of your neck. Even if you roll your head from side to side, you should still feel the pillow support your neck and the area between your head and shoulder must be filled.

The first time you use the cervical roll pillow it may be a little uncomfortable but not painful. If it is painful then you should rather stop using the pillow and see your healthcare provider. The discomfort will ease and you will feel more support than discomfort.

The Best Cervical Roll Pillows

Cushy Form Cervical Pillow:

 Ease your neck pain, align your spine and get a good night's sleep with one of these cervical roll pillows.

This pillow is often recommended by doctors to help reduce the pain associated with surgeries or injury. The reason for this is that this pillow helps to keep your spine correctly while you are lying down and it can also be placed under your knees, ankles or feet for lumbar support. Made from quality memory foam this pillow is the perfect firmness, offering you primarily the support you need but also the comfort you want. Your neck is cradled perfectly when you sleep on this pillow, allowing your spine to straighten so you can sleep correctly.

Ease your neck pain, align your spine and get a good night's sleep with one of these cervical roll pillows.

Using this pillow for a mere 15 minutes a day will provide you with relief from your neck pain. Place this pillow under your neck and you feel the gentle stretch and the tension unwind as your cervical alignment is enhanced and your pain soothed away. This gel-infused memory foam pillow combines support and comfort perfectly as it molds to you the curve of your neck, releasing tension and allowing your body to relax. You can also use this pillow under your knees or behind your back if you are looking for support for your back. It is also easy to travel with and comes with a handy little travel bag.

Ease your neck pain, align your spine and get a good night's sleep with one of these cervical roll pillows.

Simply slide this neck roll pillow in your pillowcase and say goodbye to neck pain and hello comfortable sleep. It has been made from low density memory foam which means it is able to gently conform to the contours of your neck, providing you with the support and alignment your neck needs. The shape and size of this pillow will ensure the correct curve and alignment of your spine while you are sleeping and this will ensure a healthy sleeping posture.


Maintaining a good posture does not just apply to when you are sitting or standing, but also to when you are sleeping. If your body is not correctly aligned and supported while you sleep, you are going to wake up with neck and back pain. An easy way to ensure that your sleeping posture is correct is to add a cervical roll pillow to your normal bed pillow, ideal the Elite Rest Memory Foam pillow. The cervical roll pillow will provide you with the extra support that you need and ensures your neck is correctly aligned.