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How often do you think about your bed pillow? Probably not often, right? When you wake up with an aching and stiff neck, you probably shrug it off to a bad night’s sleep and carry on with your day. Few people immediately link their neck pain to the quality of their pillow, so they don’t even consider changing their pillow. Your pillow plays a huge role in the quality and the quantity of sleep you are getting. The wrong pillow will cause you to toss and turn and you will wake up each morning with neck pain. The right pillow, like the Elite Rest Memory contour pillow, will support you while you sleep, which means you will relax and sleep soundly, waking up pain-free.

Swapping your pillow for a good quality cervical support pillow that supports your neck will make the world of difference in how well you sleep each night.

What Is A Cervical Pillow?

The word “cervical” has been derived from the Latin term “cervic” which means “neck”. A cervical pillow, therefore, is a pillow that will support your neck. Finding the right support for your neck is vital for a good night’s sleep. Your neck connects your head and body and it is important that this “connection” is supported properly while you sleep.

Cervical pillows are orthotic devices and offer you relief from intense pain you might experience from sleeping. When you sleep on a cervical pillow, your back will be in proper alignment. Not only will a cervical pillow keep your spine aligned, it can also help to relieve spasms, remove tensions, and maintain the natural curve of our spine.

A cervical pillow can help relieve pain associated with the following;

  • Neck strains
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck muscle sprains
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Snoring
  • Morning hand swelling

Choosing A Cervical Pillow?

When you are looking to purchase a cervical pillow, it is important to spend some time looking for a good quality pillow that will provide you the support you need. When you are looking for a new pillow for neck pain, consider the following factors.

Material: Different materials are used to stuff pillows and it is important to know which stuffing will work best for you. Memory foam and shredded memory foam are commonly used in cervical pillows because of the support and durability they offer you while you are sleeping.  Water may not be a filling you have considered before but water pillows can offer you firm support and is something to consider when looking for a new pillow.

Shape: Cervical pillows often don’t look like a normal pillow, they are commonly curved in shape, allowing them to contour with your body’s shape. Lying flat on a pillow can be uncomfortable due to the shape of your head. A contour shape pillow fills the space between your neck and your mattress and this results in support all through the night.

Three Types of Pillows for Neck Pain

These are some of the best cervical pillows that will help you get a solid night’s sleep.

Ecoden Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

The Ecoden Pillow is a good pillow for better posture and when you lay your head on this pillow you are guaranteed to get a peaceful night’s sleep. An ecoden sleep pillow might be the best pillow for posture while you sleep. Sleeping on this neck pillow will eliminate both neck and back pain allowing you to sleep soundly and wake up pain-free. The ergonomic design of the Ecoden Sleep pillow comes with a dream crater, this is a contour that will cradle your head while you sleep on your back, providing you with both support and comfort. The wedge of the pillow improves the curve of your neck while the contour design reduces neck strains.

Don’t let neck pain prevent you from leading your best life. Invest in a cervical pillow and sleep soundly every night.

The Epabo Pillow provides you with therapeutic relief while you sleep. The contour design of this pillow aligns your head, neck, shoulders, and back while you sleep, allowing you to relax and fall asleep faster. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, this pillow will offer you just the right amount of support. If back sleepers do not have the right pillow, their neck gets pushed forward, this pillow is a great forward neck posture pillow that will prevent that from happening. This memory foam pillow fits perfectly into the space between your neck and the mattress, taking your comfort to the next level. According to the posture pillow reviews, this is one of the best neck pillows you will find. Not only will this pillow support your neck correctly, but it will also provide you a luxurious, cool place to rest your head.

Don’t let neck pain prevent you from leading your best life. Invest in a cervical pillow and sleep soundly every night.

Elite Rest have designed a neck support pillow that works for both back and side sleepers. If you are waking up with neck and shoulder pain, sleeping on this memory foam pillow will help to alleviate and reduce that pain. This a particularly good pillow for side sleepers,

Thanks to the memory foam used in this pillow it will conform to the natural curve of your body and support your head, neck, and shoulders so that you can sleep soundly. The pillow has two different height contours, this will allow you to adjust the height of the pillow to suit your sleeping style and position. For added convenience, this standard size pillow is machine washable.

Finding the best pillow is as important as finding the best bed for neck problems. Any one of these cervical pillows will improve the quality of sleep you are getting by improving your posture while you sleep. You could add a quality posture pillow to your bed, Elite Rest have a memory foam pillow that is ideal or you could consider the Sleep Number U neck pillow. Both pillows will relieve neck pain while you are sleeping.