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Few things are as satisfying as getting into bed at the end of the day and letting your head fall into your pillow. That feeling when your body starts to relax is amazing, but are you falling into the right pillow for your neck? You may not even realise it is your pillow, but if you wake up with a stiff and painful neck, it is very likely that it is your pillow causing the pain. If this pain is persistent, you might want to consider swapping the pillow you have for one an Elite Rest Memory foam pillow that has been specifically designed to support your neck.

Alternatively if you feel like you need even more help, you can get a cervical neck roll pillow. We are going to take a closer look at these little cylinder shaped pillows.

The Different Types of Neck Pillows

There are so many different types of pillows out there and the best one for you depends on so many different things – your sleep position, the cause of your neck pain and what you consider to be comfortable.

That said, these are just a few of the common types of pillow that we recommend you consider if you are struggling with neck pain.

  • Cervical Neck Roll Pillows
  • D-core – these pillows have a d-shaped indentation in the center for your head.
  • Standard contour pillows – the best shape are the ones that have a lengthwise indentation for your head.
  • A horseshoe-shaped body pillow that wraps around you.

Each of these pillows is made from a range of different materials, including down, memory foam, cotton and synthetics. The material that you decide to go with depends completely on what you find comfortable.

The Different Sleep Positions and Neck Pain

How you sleep plays an important role in the quality and quantity of sleep that you are getting. Sleeping on your back and side are both recommended sleep positions while stomach sleeping is not ideal, especially when it comes to how your cervical spine is aligned.

Regardless of what position you are sleeping in, if you are not sleeping in the proper position  you will wake up in pain.

Back Sleepers: If back sleeping is your chosen position, it is important to make sure that your neck is supported and not propped up. The best pillows for back sleepers are pillows with a contour design but cervical roll shaped pillows will also help to provide you with the right amount of support.

Side Sleepers: As a side sleeper you want to make sure that you keep your spine straight and this can be done by using a neck support pillow that is higher under your neck than your head. The reason for this is so that it holds your head up without letting it sink down too much. Consider both latex and contour pillows if you are a side sleeper.

Stomach sleepers: This is the least favourable position to sleep in and if you sleep on your stomach it is best to completely skip the neck pillow. Instead opt for an extremely thin pillow. The thinner the better as this will prevent your head from coming too far forward.

Cervical Roll Pillows for Neck Pain

K Ka Ua Neck Roll Pillow:

Are you waking up in pain? Is your stiff neck affecting how you live your life? If it is, it might be time for a neck roll pillow.

This pillow might not look like much but it is anything but ordinary. This pillow has been designed with one job in mind – to support you while you sleep and it does that perfectly. Made from quality memory foam this pillow will not lose its shape, providing you with consistent support. You can use this pillow under your neck, between your knees or behind your back, depending on what kind of support you need. You will find you are both comfortable and supported with this pillow.

Are you waking up in pain? Is your stiff neck affecting how you live your life? If it is, it might be time for a neck roll pillow.

With this neck pillow you can simply slide it in your pillow case, making it really easy to use. It has been made from low density, quality memory foam that promotes good posture and natural sleeping habits. By adding this pillow into your sleep routine you will all but alleviate any pain you are experiencing because your neck and spine are aligned.

Are you waking up in pain? Is your stiff neck affecting how you live your life? If it is, it might be time for a neck roll pillow.

You will need to lie on this pillow for just 15 minutes daily to notice a difference in your neck pain. This comfortable neck roll pillow conforms comfortably to the neck, allowing a gentle stretch that will unwind any tension. You will also get cervical alignment with this pillow as the roll supports the head perfectly, soothing away your neck pain. This pillow comes recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

When you go to sleep at night you want to get comfortable and relax so that you can have a good night’s rest. What you don’t want is to toss and turn while you try to find a comfortable position or to wake up with a stiff neck each morning. An easy way to do that is to make sure that you are sleeping on the right pillow for your sleeping position, for example stomach sleepers need a flat pillow like the Elite Rest Slim Sleeper. Another possibility is to invest in a cervical neck roll pillow to help ease away your neck pain.