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Benefits of Sleeping With a Body Pillow

Do you find it difficult to sleep? Do you suffer from nighttime anxiety or wake feeling as though you’ve just run a marathon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone. Thousands of people have difficulty sleeping due to nighttime anxiety, which is when you begin feeling anxious or even suffer from panic attacks once night arrives. Many spend their nights tossing and turning, only to wake in the morning feeling utterly unrested and even sore.

One easy and effective way to fight these sleep issues is with the use of a body pillow. A body pillow is an elongated pillow that’s typically the length of an average person’s height – although they can be a bit shorter or longer, depending on the brand and model you select. Some pillows are straight, while others gently curve to better support your body.

The use of body pillows has been recommended by both doctors and therapists throughout the US. People who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, back pain and spine issues, any other type of sleep disorder, as well as expectant mothers will benefit most.

If you’re wondering how a pillow can be so effective at improving sleep and believe that “a pillow is just a pillow”, you may be surprised to learn that the type of pillow you use can greatly affect the amount of time you stay asleep. Here are six vital benefits that a body pillow offers.

1: Supports Proper Spinal Alignment

Sleeping on your side tends to be the most suggested position by medical professionals. Unfortunately, sleeping on your side can also place undue pressure on your hips and cause your spine to bend in an unnatural and uncomfortable way. This could be the reason that so many people wake feeling sore through their back and spine. Without proper back support, your spine can easily develop tension and strain.

A body pillow was created to be held with your arms, and allows the proper distance between the legs to support your hips. The ergonomic design naturally aligns your spine in a safe position so you wake refreshed – not sore.

2: Decrease Nighttime Tossing

Many people toss and turn white trying to get to sleep. It can be due to a few varied factors, but the primary culprit is the inability to find a comfortable position as a result of limited, or no, support from modern day overstuffed pillows and mattresses. If sleeping on your back, unnecessary “dead weight” is placed on your spine. Sleeping on your stomach puts your neck and shoulders in an unnatural position. Sleeping on your side while unsupported pulls the spine and hips from natural alignment.

A body pillow offers the key to a comfortable night’s rest by providing necessary support, as well as something to hold onto to which also helps prevent nighttime tossing. It acts as a type of anchor to your subconscious mind, telling you to not move.

3: Provides Emotional Benefits of a Hug

Hugs release endorphins and many other “happy hormones”. In fact, a long hug has been shown to drastically reduce immediate anxiety and depression levels in many individuals. As humans, we have a psychological need to be touched and a biological need to feel safe. A body pillow can act as a pseudo hugger, releasing these happy hormones and feelings of safety as you sleep.

4: Reduces Pressure While Sleeping

Sleeping with your hips, spine, and shoulders out of alignment can place unnecessary pressure on nerves, joints, muscles, and pressure points. By properly supporting these vital areas, a body pillow reduces pressure for a more healing sleep.

5: Maintains Safe Maternity Sleep Positioning

Pregnant women know all-too-well the struggles of getting a restful night’s sleep while providing the necessary comfort and safety net that their growing belly requires. A body pillow allows expectant mothers to sleep in the OBGYN-suggested side position, while gently cradling their extended belly for both safety and back support. This can help pregnant women feel more energized, less sore, and more well-rested upon waking.

6: Supports Better Breathing and Blood Circulation at Night

Sleeping in a cramped or crunched position can drastically decrease your body’s natural abilities to breath properly and maintain good blood circulation. When these functions are negatively affected, you may get some sleep but still wake feeling groggy, out of breath, or even like you haven’t slept at all. However, when your shoulders are properly aligned, it opens your chest cavity for better breathing at night. With proper spine support, your blood circulation operates at optimal levels.