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When you sleep your body works on rejuvenating and healing, so while you may be sleeping, your body is not. The goal of sleep is to leave you feeling refreshed so that you can face the new day with energy and focus. If you are uncomfortable while you sleep, you will wake up in pain and feel anything but refreshed. How you sleep will have a direct impact on the quality of sleep you are getting. Combine that with the wrong pillow and you will definitely wake up in pain. It might be hard to change your sleep position but adding a good quality pillow, like the Elite Rest Latex pillow, to your bed can make all the difference.

Different Sleeping Positions

There are three main sleeping positions, you might find yourself flipping between one or two while you sleep but generally everyone favors one position over all others.

  1. Sleeping on your back: This is one of the best positions to sleep in for many reasons. Sleeping on your back distributes your weight evenly throughout your body so that your spine does not curve unnaturally. Some people, however, may be prone to snoring when they sleep on their backs.
  2. Sleeping on your stomach: If you aren’t comfortable on your back, then sleeping on your side with your legs stretched up or curled up is the next best option. When you sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs, your spine, hips, and pelvis are aligned. Side sleepers will sleep best on a slightly thicker pillow that ensures your neck and head are positioned correctly.
  3. Sleeping on your stomach: This is not the ideal position to sleep in. When you sleep on your stomach your spine is not supported and pressure is placed on your joints. Stomach sleeping requires turning your head which results in twisting your neck and this can lead to a stiff neck.

Reduce Neck Pain While Sleeping

  1. Find the right pillow for your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow while side sleepers should opt for a thicker pillow.
  2. Stop checking your phone. When you sit in bed looking at your phone your neck muscles are being stretched and this places pressure on your spine. Avoid spending time on your phone before bed, it will help to reduce neck pain while you sleep and you will find you sleep better.
  3. Stretch your neck. Stretching is always a good idea. If you are suffering from chronic pain in your neck, stretch it out before you go to bed to loosen up your muscles.

Finding the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Position

Back Sleeper Pillow: Xtreme Comforts

 Neck pain is not something you have to just accept and live with. It can be alleviated with the right sleep position and a good pillow.

This pillow is filled with CertiPUR-US certified shredded memory foam and you will not toss and turn to fall asleep. When you lie down on this pillow, you will fall asleep quickly because your body is able to relax and once you are asleep you will stay asleep for longer. You do not have to worry about this pillow going lumpy or flat, it will continuously support you by conforming to your head and neck.

Best Side Sleeper Pillow: DreamNorth Gel Pillow

Neck pain is not something you have to just accept and live with. It can be alleviated with the right sleep position and a good pillow.

When you sleep on your side, add the Dream North Gel pillow to your sleep setup and you will get the support that you need. Whether you sleep on your left side or your right side, this pillow will ensure that your neck and shoulders are correctly supported at all times. Thanks to the poly gel-filled fiber, you will sleep in luxury when you lay your head on this pillow. The breathable cover will ensure you are kept cool throughout the night.

Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow: Elite Rest Latex Pillow

Neck pain is not something you have to just accept and live with. It can be alleviated with the right sleep position and a good pillow.

If you sleep on your stomach, finding the right pillow is essential to your overall well-being. Stomach sleepers need to sleep on a thin pillow, the thinner the pillow the better and in some cases, belly sleepers don’t actually need a pillow. The Elite Rest Latex pillow is a thin pillow that has been designed to provide stomach sleepers with the support they need.

Waking up with neck pain does not have to be a way of life, there are natural ways to reduce or alleviate the pain in your neck. Adding a good quality pillow, the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper is a great option, will make a massive difference in how you sleep. You can also look at the position you sleep in, it may have an impact on your neck pain.