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Why does the back of my neck always hurt?

We believe the answer to this question is simple – you are sleeping on the wrong pillow in the wrong position. Sleeping on the wrong pillow is a common cause of neck pain after sleeping. When you are not getting the right amount of support from your pillow, your spine will be out of alignment and you will wake up with a stiff, painful neck.

If the cause of neck pain is simple, the remedies for neck pain while sleeping are just as simple – invest in a neck support pillow. Another possible remedy for your neck pain is to assess how you are sleeping and maybe consider changing your sleep position. The proper way to sleep to avoid neck pain is to sleep on your back. When you are sleeping on the right pillow in the right position you won’t toss and turn through the night and will wake up ready to face the day.

So what pillow is the best neck pillow?

We have put together a list of our top 3 pillows for neck pain.

The best pillow for side sleepers – The Water Pillow

When choosing a pillow to help with your neck pain, you want to look for one that supports your neck while you are sleeping. This revolutionary, unique pillow has been scientifically proven to help you with our neck pain. It gently cradles your head, adjusting and supporting your head, neck, and spine so that your alignment is correct. While this pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions, it is our pick as a side sleeper pillow.

This pillow is made for superior material and the water pouch is well insulated and sealed and covered with a 200 thread count cotton cover.

Why we love this pillow: It is an adjustable pillow. We are fans of adjustable pillows because it means you can adjust them to find the right height to suit your unique needs. Being able to customize your pillow is a big advantage when you are trying to ease neck pain from sleeping.

The best neck pillow for travel – The All Purpose Pillow

Buying a sleeping pillow for your neck is important but if you travel frequently you might also want to invest in a good travel pillow for your neck. All Purpose has a great little travel pillow that will provide your neck with the right amount of support. It is a little peanut-shaped pillow that has multiple uses. You can use it as a neck roll after a long day of travel, a lumbar cushion or as a leg spacer while you are sleeping.

The cushion comes with a machine washable cotton cover that is both soft and breathable. It also has a convenient carry strap making it easy to take along on your travels, or to the office. The Tempur material used offers customized support and alignment and the best part is that it will return to its shape after each use.

If you do travel regularly or are looking for chair support at your desk, this is the pillow to buy.

Why we love this pillow: This pillow is made from a material that has been specifically formulated by NASA to relief pressure. Who wouldn’t want to own a pillow that has been made with input from NASA?

The best pillow for neck pain for stomach sleepers – The Elite Rest Ultra Thin

The best sleeping position for upper back and neck pain is to sleep on your back, or your side. Sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended sleeping position but if you don’t like to sleep on your side or back, find a pillow that is designed for stomach sleepers.

Slim pillows are the pillows to use if you sleep on your stomach. The thinner, the better and this Elite Rest Ultra Thin pillow is extremely thin, perfect for belly sleepers. It is one of the thinnest pillows on the market at only 2.5 inches. The ergonomic edges on this pillow have been designed for maximum comfort. When you lie down on this pillow you will feel the difference. Your spine will be correctly aligned and you may notice your breathing is improved which will help you to sleep better. The correct alignment will not only improve your breathing but may also reduce snoring. If you are not tossing and turning trying to find the right spot, you will get enough sleep and wake up refreshed and be able to live your best life.

This pillow is made from long-lasting, memory foam that is dust mites resist and anti-fungal. The cover is made from 100% cotton and can be machine washed.

Why we love this pillow: It is affordable but also we love that there is a pillow just for stomach sleepers. Not everyone sees the value in a thin pillow so they can be hard to find. We get excited when we find a pillow that is both super-thin and affordable.

Neck pain causes you to struggle through the day while you try to deal with the pain. Sleeping on a cervical pillow, like the above 3 pillows, will not only support your neck but will help you to get a good nights sleep and wake up pain-free.