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The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. It runs from your lower back down to your buttock area and then down to your leg. Sciatica is caused when the sciatic nerve has been irritated and the pain can be felt from your lower back right down to behind your knee. It can be incredibly painful.

Sitting behind a desk in an office chair all day can irritate sciatica and by the end of the day, you can find yourself in a lot of pain. Seat cushions can make all the difference to this pain when added to your office chair. There is also the option for a car seat cushion if you spend a lot of time sitting in your car. These pillows offer you support when you are sitting for long periods or when you suffer from sciatica pain.

Purple Cushion – is the purple seat cushion worth it?

We think this pretty little purple cushion is worth it. It might just look like a piece of plastic that can’t do much but add it to your chair and you will, without a doubt, feel a dramatic difference. This is a seat cushion for an office chair, like no other. When you sit on this cushion your spine will be aligned correctly and you will get some relief from sciatica.

The purple cushion is definitely a cushion that you should consider if you are suffering from nerve pain or herniated discs.

DMI Lumbar Cushion – best lumbar support for lower back pain

Improve your posture while sitting at your desk with this lower back support cushion made from lumbar support foam. It is easy to lose focus on sitting correctly when you are at your desk for extended periods. A bad posture can aggravate any existing back pain you may have and leave you in pain at the end of the day.

This office chair cushion has been designed to correct your posture by providing the right amount of lower back support. It is an orthopedic pillow that reduces slouching and in doing so correctly aligns your lower back. This is a great pillow for back pain.

This pillow is easy to install and the strap will ensure that it does not move around while you are sitting.

Ziraki Lumbar Cushion – best seat support for truck drivers

Truck drivers spend hours sitting behind the wheel, driving their trucks long distances. Sitting for this long can result in aches, pains, and neck or back stiffness. A good car seat pillow is a must-have for truck drivers or anyone who is spending long hours behind the wheel.

When you place this cushion on your car seat, you will feel instant relief and comfort from lower back pain. It will not only improve your posture but will actually perfect it. You will sit straighter for longer with this cushion supporting you the whole time. Those who sit for extended periods will be protected from sitting in the wrong positions when they use this pillow. This is not a soft pillow, it is hard and firm so that it can provide the correct support for your back while you are sitting.

The Ziraki cushion comes with a travel bag, making it easy to take along with you on trips or to the office.

Kieba Cocyx Chair Cushion – most cushioned office chair

This is a cool gel seat cushion that will help with pain associated with sciatica while you are sitting at your desk. If you are struggling with pain while you sit at your desk or in your car, you want to invest in this coccyx cushion. You will find that it provides you with maximum comfort while it relieves pain and tension you may be experiencing in your lower back. It is a firm density pillow so it provides you with additional support. The ergonomic design will promote good posture as well as the healthy distribution of weight while you are sitting.

The gel layer in this pillow circulates the air and will keep you cool during the day. You can use this as a car seat pad or as a wheelchair pillow. It comes with a non-slip bottom adding to the comfort and support offered by this pillow. You can clean this chair pillow easily by simply removing the cover and washing it in your machine.

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Chair Cushion – best office chair cushion

This is one of the best office chair cushions we could find. It not only supports your back but also relieves lower back pain from pregnancy, herniated discs, sciatica or scoliosis. It has been ergonomically designed to improve your posture, blood circulation and reduce pressure points. As the name suggests, you will experience extreme comfort with this cushion.

The therapeutic design of this cushion and the pure memory foam used conforms to your body providing the perfect amount of support for your back. It not only relieves pain for those sitting in office chairs all day but works well for those who spend a lot of time driving as well as those who are confined to a wheelchair.

The bamboo cover can be removed and is machine washable. It is also breathable so you can say goodbye to sweaty backs. The elastic strap keeps the cushion in place throughout the day.

You don’t have to suffer in pain while you sit at your desk, behind your steering wheel or while you are traveling. Chair cushions are powerful little pillows that offer you instant relief and can help you manage the pain associated with sciatica or other medical conditions. Don’t forget to relook at your bed pillow while you are looking for a new chair pillow. Getting the correct support while you sleep is as important as the correct support while you are sitting.