The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain - Buyer's Guide

Sleeping is supposed to be the time your body relaxes so that you can sleep and recharge. If you are not comfortable while you are sleeping, you will not be able to relax and as a result, you will be tossing and turning all through the night. One of the places you can experience pain while sleeping is in your shoulder. Elite Rest has a great memory foam pillow that offers the right amount of support for your shoulders while you sleep. It is not the only pillow that will provide you with support, a good body pillow will also help you sleep soundly.

What causes shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a pretty common complaint and this is because the shoulder is so agile and can move in all directions, this makes it more susceptible to injury. Overuse of the shoulder is often what leads to pain. If the pain gets worse during the night, it is most likely caused by one of the following.

Bursitis: The bursa is a fluid-filled pad that is found in the shoulder. It provides cushioning to the bones of the shoulder joint and when this is inflamed or injured, it results in more fluid in bursa and this can be incredibly painful, especially when lying down.

Biceps Tendinopathy: As you age your tendons get more flexible and as such are more prone to injuries like tendinopathy. Tendinopathy is often the result of your shoulder being overused for long periods of time. If you are suffering from bicep tendinopathy you will experience sharp pains in your arm when you try to reach behind you.

Rotator Cuff Injuries: These injuries commonly happen when there is a tear in the tendon. The rotator cuff allows for movement in the shoulder and provides stability. If the tendon is damaged it could become inflamed and result in pain in your shoulder.

How Do I Relieve Shoulder Pain

These are a few ways you can relieve any shoulder pain you are experiencing at night.

  1. Change the position you are sleeping in. If you are in pain while you sleep, try to find a different sleeping position, one that does not place pressure on your shoulder and pressure points. If you like sleeping on your side, make sure you sleep on the opposite side to the shoulder that is in pain.
  2. Create a sleep routine.This is a good idea, even if you do not have shoulder pain. When you create a bedtime routine you are able to relax at the end of the day and this helps to reduce any stress and tension you may be experiencing. If you are relaxed the quality of sleep you will receive will improve and you will also sleep for a longer period.
  3. Stretch your shoulder at night. Low impact exercise a couple of hours before bed will help to increase blood flow and can alleviate pain. Stretching every evening before bed helps to reduce the tension from the day. Not only will the stretches increase flexibility and range of motion but they will also help to reduce stress and pain in your shoulder so that you are able to sleep comfortably.

5 Of The Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleeping in your side can result in pain in your shoulder, adding the right pillow can help to reduce that pain.

Regardless of what sleep position you favor, this luxury pillow will offer you incredible, therapeutic support. This pillow does not only align your neck and spine but also helps to support your shoulder which alleviates pain you may be experiencing in your shoulder. You might need a few weeks to adjust to this pillow but once you find the right position you will sleep pain-free all night.

Coisum Contour Pillow.

Sleeping in your side can result in pain in your shoulder, adding the right pillow can help to reduce that pain.

With this pillow, you will receive natural pain relief for shoulder pain and stiffness. Your head is cradled gently when you sleep on this pillow and this prevents your head from rolling around. This pillow also has a cutout on the side that gives your top arm a place to rest comfortably soothing away aches and pain in your shoulders.

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper

Sleeping in your side can result in pain in your shoulder, adding the right pillow can help to reduce that pain.

Side and back sleepers suffering from shoulder pain will find this pillow provides them with amazing support. The therapeutic design of this pillow conforms to your body’s shape to provide the right alignment for your body. When you lay your head on this pillow, in a side sleeping position your body will instantly relax allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

Lumia Wellness Pillow

 Sleeping in your side can result in pain in your shoulder, adding the right pillow can help to reduce that pain.

This pillow doesn’t look like much but when you rest your head on this pillow it will restore proper cervical curvature, offering you pain relief from tension in your shoulders and back. It will also help with migraines and headaches to give you a good night’s sleep. If you are suffering from chronic shoulder or neck pain, this is the pillow you want to sleep on.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow

 Sleeping in your side can result in pain in your shoulder, adding the right pillow can help to reduce that pain.

The advantage of this pillow is that it comes with an adjustable loft. You can remove the middle layer of foam if you need to so that you can find the most comfortable position for you to sleep in. It is made from UTTU dynamic foam which conforms easily to your body’s natural curves so that you have the right amount of neck support and you can sleep comfortably.

There are many reasons for shoulder pain and often this pain gets worse during the night but you do not have to suffer indefinitely with this pain. Add a good quality memory foam pillow, like the Elite Rest sleeper, to your bed and it will help to alleviate some of your pain.