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Waking up with neck pain is not the best way to start your day. Sleep is supposed to be restorative and recharge your battery so you can face the day energized. If you are tossing and turning while you sleep, you are not going to wake up refreshed. Instead you are going to wake up exhausted and in pain and no one wants to start their day like that! When you find the right pillow, your sleep and your life will be transformed. Finding the right contour pillow, Elite Rest, has a great one to consider, means your body will be supported and neck pain alleviated.

Causes of shoulder pain while sleeping

If you have ever experienced shoulder pain you will know how painful it can be. Pain of any kind can also negatively impact the quality of sleep that you are getting.

These are just a few of the reasons you might be experiencing shoulder pain.

  1. Rotator cuff injury. This injury happens when the tendons of your rotator cuff become inflamed or torn. Falling, lifting a heavy object or sports that require the use of the shoulder joint (like rowing) can cause these injuries. Sleeping with a rotator cuff injury can be painful and uncomfortable.
  2. Shoulder bursitis. Bursitis happens when a bursa (a fluid-filled sac) becomes inflamed. The cause of this is when you overwork the shoulder through repetitive actions. Applying pressure worsens the pain which is why lying down on the shoulder is painful.
  3. Frozen shoulder.When the connective tissue in your shoulder joint thickens it impairs movement and is referred to as frozen shoulder. The causes of this condition are unclear but it is a painful condition that can be aggravated when you lie down.

Causes of neck pain while sleeping

Neck pain while sleeping is fairly common and affects a lot of people. Many things can cause neck pain while sleeping but these are the most common causes..

  1. Your sleeping position. How you sleep could be the cause of your neck pain. If you are a stomach sleeper you have probably experienced neck pain at some point. Stomach sleepers aren’t the only ones prone to neck pain though, if you do not sleep in a position that supports your body correctly you will end up with neck pain.
  2. Your mattress. It is possible that it is your memory foam mattress causing neck pain. If the mattress you are sleeping on is too hard, too soft or too old, it could be causing your neck pain.
  3. The pillow you sleep on.A pillow is so often taken for granted but the wrong pillow can cause terrible neck pain. If your pillow is too big it will push your neck forward, placing strain on it. If your pillow is too soft, your neck won’t be adequately  supported. If you are experiencing neck pain, the first thing to check is your pillow. When you are choosing a pillow look for a neck pillow, like the Sleep Number U neck pillow or the Posture Pillow US. Before buying a new pillow, read the posture pillow reviews to find the right one.
  4. Previous injuries.If you have experienced previous injuries from sports, a fall or an accident it will affect the quality of sleep you are getting and will often result in chronic neck pain.  

The best pillows for neck and shoulder pain.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow

Your neck and shoulder pain will be a thing of the past with one of these pillows. They are the best pillows in 2020

Coop Home Goods offer you a decadent, luxurious pillow that offers you the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience. Both the soft bamboo cover and the memory foam used to fill the pillow have been made from superior quality products. When you place your head on this pillow you will drift away easily into dreamland. There will be no tossing and turning and more importantly, no waking up in pain. It is an adjustable pillow which means it will provide support for all types of sleepers. Say goodbye to painful neck and shoulders when you sleep on this pillow.

Ecoden Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

Investing in an ecoden pillow is an investment in your own health and well-being. This is a pillow for better posture which will alleviate neck pain. If your body is correctly aligned it is able to relax and you can fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. With this pillow from Ecoden sleep will come easily and you will wake up with a fully recharged battery.The design of the Ecoden sleep pillow provides support for both your shoulder and neck thats to the unique contoured design of this pillow. This is also a great forward neck posture pillow as well as a good side sleeper pillow.

Your neck and shoulder pain will be a thing of the past with one of these pillows. They are the best pillows in 2020

Water is used in so many different ways, why not use it in a pillow. This neck pillow has a water base and supports your neck and shoulders while you sleep. It  has been clinically proven to relieve neck pain while you sleep, you can rest assured knowing you will wake up pain free, ready to face the day head on. When it comes to a good quality neck pillow, this is the one for you.

Your neck and shoulder pain will be a thing of the past with one of these pillows. They are the best pillows in 2020

Down pillows are all about luxury. They are pillows that provide a soft place for you to lay your head. Not everyone finds down pillows comfortable but this specific pillow has been designed with your comfort in mind. It is a down alternative pillow meaning it is filled with an alternative to down, making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with allergies. Your neck and shoulder will be supported with this neck pillow.

Your neck and shoulder pain will be a thing of the past with one of these pillows. They are the best pillows in 2020

Side and back sleepers will find this pillow offers them unrivaled support. The contours of the pillow will fit perfectly under the shoulders of side sleepers, alleviating shoulder pain while they sleep. This pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers. Back sleepers will have the perfect place to rest their head with support for their neck. The height of the pillow will not result in your head being pushed too far forward allowing you to relax and fall asleep quickly. Some have said this is the best pillow for posture.The luxurious cover of this pillow is machine washable.

If you have ever woken up and muttered the words “my back and neck hurts when I wake up” then you want to consider clicking the links of this page to find a new pillow. You can also check out the Elite Rest Slim Sleeper if you are specifically looking for a thin pillow.