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Travel is exciting and creates wonderful experiences and memories but it also means long hours sitting in cramped spaces, like airplanes and trains. Neck pillows are must have if you are going on long haul flights or taking cross country road trips. Travel neck pillows are designed a little differently to sleeping pillows for neck pain. The travel pillows are compact and have been specifically designed to make sleeping while sitting more comfortable by preventing your neck from bobbing and falling forward.

Don’t underestimate the power of these pillows. They may not look like they can do much when it comes to supporting your neck but when you wrap these pillows around your neck you will feel the support and will relax immediately. Traveling long distances will become a pleasant, happy experience when you have a travel neck pillow.

7 Travel Neck Pillows That Will Change How You Travel

We take a detailed look at the best neck support pillows available for your travels on Amazon. You are guaranteed to find the perfect travel pillow on this list.

1. MLVOC Travel Pillow – Great memory foam travel pillow.

Amazon Rating: 4,5
Price: $21.99

Why we love this pillow: It is made from 100% pure memory foam and provides you with the perfect support while you travel. It stops your head from falling forward which is what causes the most amount of neck pain while traveling. The adjustable rope lock allows you to change the angle and size of the pillow, making it perfect for people of all sizes. This pillow offers amazing neck support while you travel.

Best Neck Support Pillows on Amazon

2. Phixnozar Travel Pillow – Light weight travel pillow

Amazon Rating: 5
Price: $19.97

Why we love this pillow: You can travel anywhere in the world in complete comfort with this pillow. It offers you unrivaled support for your neck and head whether you are on a plane, train or car. The ergonomic design of this travel pillow means it curves around your head so that it holds your neck in place, for extreme comfort and support. It is also an adjustable pillow, so you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your size and shape. The best part of this pillow is that you can also use it to sleep on a flat surface by simply turning it upside down!

Best Neck Support Pillows on Amazon

3. Trtl Pillow – Scientific support when you travel

Amazon Rating: 4
Price: $29.99

Why we love this pillow: Don’t let the look of this pillow put you off, it has been scientifically proven to keep your head in the perfect position. You head won’t nod anymore with this pillow due to the ergonomic design. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect travel companion. The pillow is machine washable so it can be easily washed after each trip you take.

4. BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow – Neck support for children

Amazon Rating: 4
Price: $24.97

Why we love this pillow: Children also need their necks to be supported when they are traveling. Whether traveling by car or plane, this is a great travel pillow for kids. This pillow has overlapping arms which gives the child a sense of comfort and security while traveling. It is a soft and flexibile pillow that supports their head  while they are sleeping on an airplane

5. Dot&Dot Bendable Travel Pillow – Travel and sleep pillow

Amazon Rating: 4.4
Price: $24.99

Why we love this pillow: This pillow can twist into any shape, making it ideal if you want personalised support while you are sleeping. It is not only a travel pillow, you can use it as a sleeping pillow, regardless of your sleeping positions, it will offer you the right kind of support. The memory foam used in this pillow relieves painful pressure points and allows you to fully rest and relax during your travels. It is an easy to clean pillow and attaches easily to your luggage.

6. SAIREIDER Travel Neck Pillow – Adjustable pillow for neck pain

Amazon Rating: 4.4
Price: $13.95

Why we love this pillow: There isn’t anything not to love about this pillow. It is an affordable pillow that comes with an eye-mask, ear-plugs and a storage bag. What a bargain! The pillow is made from 100% pure memory foam and will retain its shape for 3-seconds after being squeezed. The pillow has been designed ergonomically to provide 360° support for your head and neck. It also has a buckle that can be adjusted for the perfect support.

7. ELITE REST Neck Pillow -Sleeping pillow for neck pain.

Amazon Rating: 4.2
Price: $41.96

Why we love this pillow: This pillow is not a travel pillow but it is a great neck support pillow. Support for your neck while you travel is important, but what happens when you arrive at your destination? If you are a sensitive sleeper who is prone to neck pain if you sleep on the wrong kind of pillow, pack in this super slim pillow. You don’t want to be sleeping uncomfortably while you are on holiday, so arrive prepared.

When you are putting together a list of must-have travel accessories, don’t forget to add a neck support travel pillow. These little accessories are the difference between a comfortable restful trip or a painful, restless trip. The pillows we have selected all offer you the best neck support that Amazon has to offer when it comes to travel neck support pillows.Don’t forget to consider taking along an Elite Rest sleeping pillow if you don’t want to risk sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow.

Have you just started traveling regularly? If you are new to travel you definitely want to invest in a good neck support pillow. Amazon has a large range of these travel pillows, a good place to start looking for a new one is to find the pillows with the highest ratings. If you are also shopping for a new sleeping pillow, you want to check out the resources Elite Rest has to help you find the perfect pillow for you.While you are there, you might also want to add a new Elite Rest mattress to your cart.