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Pillows are more than just pieces of foam you lay your head down onto every night. They determine the quality and quantity of sleep that you will get. If you are not sleeping on a pillow that is right for you, you will wake up with a stiff or painful neck. You will also toss and turn throughout the night if your pillow is too hard, too high or too lumpy. It is important to make sure that you choose a good quality pillow, like an Elite Rest Memory Foam Pillow so that you have the right amount of support for your spine and neck. No one wants to wake up with a painful neck and you don’t have to if you buy one of these pillows on Amazon.

Why should a pillow support your neck?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck and you aren’t really sure why? Are you tossing and turning while you try, unsuccessfully, to find the right position? Are you exhausted because you are just not getting enough sleep every night?

It is very likely that your pillow is not providing you with the right amount of support or is the wrong pillow for you. There could be for a number of reasons;

  • Your pillow may be old and need to be replaced. Pillows do not last forever, they do have a lifespan.
  • You might not have the right pillow for your sleeping positions.
  • The pillow you are using may be too hard or too soft for your needs.

If you are dealing with neck pain while sleeping it might be time to replace your pillow.

Amazon’s best pillows for neck pain

All of these pillows have been designed to help alleviate neck pain associated with sleeping and are available to buy on Amazon.

Elite Rest Contour Sleeper is the best choice for side sleepers. It is a contour pillow which is always a good choice when you are looking for a new pillow. The loft of this pillow is 4 inches which helps to make sure that your spine is correctly aligned. The middle of this pillow is 2.75 inches which allows your head to nestle comfortably in the contour while still being supported. The pillow is made from memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your body and also helps to align your spine.

We have the 3 best neck pillows on Amazon just for you

You don’t only need to protect your neck while sleeping in your bed but also when sleeping while traveling. The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is the best neck pillow available on Amazon for when you travel. This pillow comes with both chin support and head support while you are sleeping on your travels. You often don’t have comfortable seating while travelling and as a result your back stoops over and your spine is no longer in alignment which leads to neck and back pain. The support of this pillow applies pressure on your lower back, forcing it into alignment and allows you to sit comfortably while you are traveling. The memory foam filling allows the pillow to conform to the shape of your back and provide you with optimal support.

The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is the best neck pillow available on Amazon for when you travel.

Thin pillows, like the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper, are not for everyone. They are, however recommended for those people who like to sleep on their stomach. If you find it comfortable to sleep on a thin pillow, this is a great choice because it is only 2.5 inches high. When you sleep on your stomach you don’t want a high pillow as this will lift your head up too much. The height of this pillow and the fact that it is made using memory foam means that it will elevate your head to the right height to ensure your spine is still in alignment so you do not wake up with a sore neck. The design of this pillow ensures that it will remain stable throughout that the night which is important for a good night’s sleep.

We have put together a list of the best neck pillows on Amazon that you can consider when looking for a new pillow.

Getting into bed at night should be something that you look forward to and when you put your head onto the pillow you should feel nothing but comfort and relaxation. When you wake up you should be refreshed, pain-free and energised and simply changing your pillow to one that offers specially designed support, like this Elite Rest Pillow, can make that a reality. You can find all of these amazing pillows on Amazon, making purchasing them quick and easy so you can get a good night’s sleep sooner rather than later.


Are you looking to buy a new pillow to help ease your neck pain? We have put together a list of the best neck pillows on Amazon that you can consider when looking for a new pillow. Elite Rest has a collection of neck pillows on Amazon to help support your neck while you sleep. You can also read more on Elite Rest about how to sleep if you are struggling with neck pain or other conditions. Simply changing your pillow can have a positive impact on the sleep you are getting.