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There are so many, often unexpected, things that happen when you fall pregnant. Your body starts to change, your outlook of life changes and your sleep changes and not for the better. Many women struggle to get a good night’s sleep as their pregnancy advances. There are many reasons for this and a few different things you can do to help you sleep better while you are pregnant, one of those things is to sleep with a pregnancy pillow. These pillows have been specifically designed to provide both support and comfort for you while you sleep. Unlike this Elite Rest Pillow, most pregnancy pillows offer full-body support, allowing you to wrap your entire body around the pillow, ensuring the best support.

We have scoured the internet to find you only the best body pillows for you to use while pregnant.

Sleep and Pregnancy: Why is it so Hard?

It is a small comfort to know that you are not alone when it comes to sleep problems during your pregnancy, it certainly doesn’t help you sleep better.

Getting a proper night’s sleep becomes a very real challenge for pregnant women for the following reasons.

Side sleeping is hard. As your belly gets bigger and bigger, sleeping on your side really does become the only option and this might be hard for those women who have favoured sleeping on their stomach or back.

There is a lot to worry about. While pregnancy is an incredible time, it is also a time of much worry for many expectant moms. Anxiety about labour, money, time and more keeps many women up at night.

You need to wee (all the time). This is a problem in general especially as your baby grows bigger in your belly. It can definitely also affect the quantity of sleep you are getting.

Heartburn is very real. Many women struggle with pregnancy induced heartburn and this many get worse as your baby gets bigger.

You might start snoring. The reason for this is a combination of congestion caused by your pregnancy hormones and the extra weight your body is carrying.

Tips To Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Pregnant

Now we know what causes the lack of sleep while pregnant, what are some of the things you can do that will help you get a solid 8-hours every night (or at least most nights).

  • Eat earlier. If your growing belly is too full it will affect the type of sleep you are getting. Try to eat early in the evening so that you don’t go to bed with a super-full stomach.
  • Ditch the sugary foods and coffee. While both of these things are delicious they can impact on your sleep by making you jittery and more alert than sleepy.
  • Start a relaxing, calm bedtime routine. Light some candles, play some meditative music while you have a relaxing bath. Doing the same thing every night will help you to sleep better.
  • Make sure you are comfortable. Get a pregnancy pillow or new bed pillows, make sure the room is dark and cool (or warm). Create an environment that encourages sleep.
  • Try aromatherapy. Sleep on a lavender scented pillow or keep a sachet near your bed where you can smell it.
  • Chat to your doctor. If nothing is working and you are not getting enough sleep and are constantly exhausted, chat to your health care provider for help.

3 of the Best Pregnancy Pillows

Finding the right maternity pillow can change your life by ensuring you have the extra support you need. All of these pillows have one goal – to make your life easier and more comfortable. Add any one of these pillows to your sleep regime and the quality and quantity of sleep you are receiving will improve,

Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

We have scoured the internet in search of the best body pillow for pregnancy and we believe we have found them.

This is a c-shaped pregnancy pillow and if you are struggling with back pain during their pregnancy. This pillow wraps around your body, providing full body support for your head, hips, back and legs and it will provide support for your growing bump. When you sleep with this pillow you will not toss and turn as much and that means you won’t wake up as much. Because your body is supported properly it will relax, allowing you to comfortably sleep and stay asleep. This pillow does take up a bit of space, keep that in mind when you purchase it.

We have scoured the internet in search of the best body pillow for pregnancy and we believe we have found them.

With this full-length pregnancy pillow you will be able to curl up into it or stretch your body out. It provides your entire body with the right kind of support, from your head to your legs, every part will be supported and you will be able to sleep. The pillow tucks under your belly and wraps around your head and neck and sits comfortably between your knees, aligning and supporting your pregnant body. Side sleepers will love this pillow and may continue to sleep on it after the arrival of baby. If you don’t have much additional space on your bed, this is the pillow to go for.

We have scoured the internet in search of the best body pillow for pregnancy and we believe we have found them.

You can say goodbye to tossing and turning during the night when you lay your head on this u-shaped pregnancy pillow. This pillow supports sleeping on your side as well as on your back. When you sleep on your side, the pillow supports your belly, your back and your head and neck, ensuring every part of your body is comfortable and supported. If you sleep on your back, you will be able to snuggle perfectly into the middle of the pillow, your neck and back supported while you sleep. This is also a large full-body pillow that will take up a little extra space while you sleep.

We have scoured the internet in search of the best body pillow for pregnancy and we believe we have found them.

​Not all pregnant women enjoy sleeping on pregnancy pillows and some don’t find them comfortable at all. If you are looking for a supportive pillow but do not want a traditional pregnancy pillow, consider this pillow. It is a quality memory foam pillow that provides the right support for your neck and back while you sleep.

When you find out you are pregnant you want to focus on enjoying the journey and preparing for your new baby, not about how much sleep you are getting. The reality is, however, that you might end up doing both. Fortunately simply adding a pregnancy pillow or the Elite Rest Memory Foam to your sleep routine could make all the difference and allow you to get the sleep you so desperately need.