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Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do your neck and shoulder pain not let you sleep? If yes, then, most probably, what’s causing these is your pillow.

Among the various variety available, MyPillow is creating quite a storm in the market. With spell-binding advertisements, they have surely managed to capture the customer’s attention. But the real question is, are My Pillows any good?

What Is MyPillow?

MyPillow, a U.S. brand, was established in 2004 but only became eminent in 2011 after launching its infomercial. This brand claims to manufacture the best pillows in this competitive market. It claims to have pillows fit for everyone’s needs.

Needless to say, the question still stays. Are MyPillow products really worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Are My Pillows Any Good?

Specialists have confirmed how sleeping or resting on poorly manufactured and worn-out pillows have led to an increase in neck, back, and shoulder pains. Thus, MyPillow has carefully produced various pillows for every sleeping pattern.

What’s more is that they have claimed to give a perfect harmony between softness and firmness in every pillow that they sell.

What They Offer:

Instead of selling one distinct pillow and falsely claiming it to be fit-for-all, this brand has launched multiple types of pillows to cater to everyone’s specific needs. Furthermore, all of them contain a filling that is made up of shredded polyfoam.

1. MyPillow Premium

This is one of the company’s top-selling pillows. With a ring-spun cotton cover and branded interlocking filling, this pillow gives you maximum support. Depending on the level of filling, this premium pillow has further been divided using color-codes:

  • Yellow – This is the least-filled one, and it is specially designed for lightweight people sleeping on their stomachs.
  • White – With a regular level of filling, this one is fit for back sleepers.
  • Green – It has more filling than the yellow or white, and it is suitable for people sleeping on their side or back.
  • Blue – With the most filling inside, it is recommended for side sleepers, heavier people, and broad-shouldered individuals.

2. MyPillow Classic

This pillow is very similar to the premium one. However, it does not have the hemmed sidewalls and is not as thick as the premium pillows.

3. Giza Elegance MyPillow

Despite being a limited-run pillow, it features some of the best qualities you would want in a pillow. With a hemmed sidewalls and 100% Giza cotton cover, they are much different than the other pillows.

Depending on their softness ratio, these ones have also been further divided by color codes:

  • Yellow – the least firm one
  • Lavender – contains regular filling
  • Green – has more filling than yellow or lavender
  • Blue – the firmest one available in this category

4. GoAnywhere Travel Pillow

This is a travel-size pillow and includes a travel case with it. Hence, you can easily roll it and store it in the case, making it extremely portable. On a negative note, it only comes in the color white.

A Closer Look at MyPillow Products

First of all, lack of sleep can destroy one’s whole day by making him more lethargic and sluggish. Therefore, you need to consider replacing your pillow with a better quality one to ensure a good night sleep.

A good pillow will not only support your neck and head but also keep them in alignment to your spine. This is the promise that MyPillow products offer. Here are its most notable features:

  • Durability

Generally, regular pillows start deteriorating after two to three years of use. According to reviews from a huge number of MyPillow users, the premium type will last for at least two years. However, you can increase its lifetime by pumping it regularly using a dryer.

  • Shape

Usually, most pillows flatten out and go out of shape if they are not fluffed regularly. Therefore, these regular ones quickly lose their supportive shape.

MyPillow users, however, have shown to be happy with the shape of their pillow even after regular use. Even though these ones also require routine plumping, they are still better off than the others available in the market.

  • Firmness

Compared to normal pillows with only one standard firmness, MyPillow provides four different levels of fillings to ensure least to maximum firmness. These are color-coded for your benefit to differentiate between each firmness.

Along with these, they are specially designed to fit specific sleeping patterns as well as the body weight of individuals.

  • Temperature

Due to its interlocking filling and high-quality cotton cover, this pillow makes sure that you sleep on a cool surface. This level of air circulation is not always found in regular pillows, which may become hot or cold.

  • Weight

With weight not higher than two pounds, this pillow has been rated excellent in terms of this feature. Thus, you can easily mold and move this pillow during the night to find your comfortable spot.

Most of the normal pillows found in the market are hard to maneuver during sleep, making MyPillow a perfect choice for a lot of people.

  • Cleaning

Since this pillow is made up of only the highest quality materials, it is completely machine-washable. It was designed to be able to withstand all traditional dryers, and therefore, has been rated excellent in terms of hygiene.

On the other hand, regular pillows sometimes have to be professionally cleaned or hand-washed, which can be a real expense and extremely time-consuming.

  • Odor

On a negative note, this pillow does have a high potential for odors. This is especially true after a spin in conventional dryers.

  • Moldability

Despite multiple positive features, MyPillow is only fairly moldable. Excessive maneuvering will definitely require you to plump it routinely for it to return to its original shape. Therefore, this pillow will be easily flattened out by people used to snuggling during sleep.


So, are My Pillows any good? We can clearly see its many benefits. From relieving backache to increasing deep slumbers, this pillow has checked all the points for one of the best pillows out there.

In this huge booming market, every brand is coming up with newer inventions to attract customers. MyPillow has also succeeded in doing so by producing not just a few types of pillows, but also designating them for people with specific behavior and lifestyle.

With features like durability, light weight, easy cleaning and shape retention, it is no wonder that this company is getting popular really fast. All in all, choose the pillow type that meets your requirements and just live a healthier energetic life by replacing a mere pillow!