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Everyone sleeps differently which means everyone has different needs when it comes to the pillows we sleep on. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the type of pillow they need to sleep on. Regardless of your preferences, it is essential that the pillow you decide to sleep on offers you the right amount of neck support.

There is nothing worse than starting your day with an aching neck or a sore back because your pillow was uncomfortable. When it comes to pillows there is no one size fits and pillows are not created equally, but there are a few pillows who get it right when making good quality pillows that are supportive and comfortable. We take a look at what makes a pillow a good pillow as well as some of the best pillows available.

Why is your pillow so important?

Don’t underestimate spending time trying to find the perfect pillow. The quality of sleep you get is dependent on a few factors, one of them is your pillow and the support it provides. Spinal alignment when you sleep is important, whatever your sleep position is. If your pillow is too hard, too soft, too lumpy, or too thin, your alignment will be out and you will not sleep comfortably. 

Pillows that are too high will result in your neck straining and craning uncomfortably which will result in pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. If you are in pain, you will not sleep comfortably, so you will wake up tired and in pain.   

It is also possible that it is your existing pillow that is now causing you to sleep uncomfortably. Pillows, even the best of them, have a life span and at some point need to be replaced. If you used to sleep comfortably on your pillow but are now struggling to find the right position to sleep in, it might be time to replace your pillow. If your pillow is starting to smell or does not bounce back to its original shape then you need to replace it.

What to look for in a new pillow

1. What is inside your pillow?

Pillows can be filled with a wide range of different materials, each one with its own set of pros and cons. The filling you chose, depends entirely on your personal preferences. 

Some of your options when it comes to filings are;

  • Down. These pillows are filled with either duck or goose fibers to create soft, luxurious pillows.
  • Memory foam. Probably the most popular choice when it comes to pillow fillings, memory foam has many benefits. It is able to conform to your individual shape by responding to your weight and body heat, providing you with the support you need. 
  • Cotton. Ideal for people with allergies, cotton pillows are generally firm, flat pillows that are hypoallergenic. 
  • Latex. When a pillow is filled with latex it tends to be a more firm pillow that is able to hold its shape. These pillows are specifically designed to provide a little extra support for your head and neck.

2. How much does your pillow weigh?

Pillows vary in weight, with down and synthetic pillows being on the lighter side. The weight of the pillow you decide to sleep on is a personal choice. If you reshape your pillow a lot or move it when you sleep then you might want to opt for a lighter pillow. Firmer pillows are often heavier pillows that will not change their shape too much but will still support your head and neck. 

3. What is the size of your pillow?

Pillows generally come in a standard size which is perfect for most people. If you have broad shoulders or are petite, you might not find a standard pillow suitable. There are pillows available that are smaller or larger than the standard size pillow which will work for these circumstances. The height of the pillow is also important as this is what allows your head, neck, and shoulders to align correctly. You do not want a pillow that pushes your head too far forward or one that does not lift it up enough.

5 of The Best Bed Pillows for 2020

We have found what we believe to be the 5 best pillows bed pillows you will find! These pillows will all provide you with the support and comfort you need when you lay your head down to sleep.

Blue Wave Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

There may not be one perfect pillow but there are pillows that stand out above the others. These are 5 of the best bed pillows for 2020

Designed for various sleep styles this is one of the best cooling pillows that will offer you maximum comfort while you sleep. If you switch between sleeping on your side, back and stomach then this is the perfect pillow for you. Some people have also found that this pillow reduces snoring and improves neck pain while sleeping. Thanks to the infused gel particle technology this pillow will keep you cool throughout the night. It comes with a removable, washable pillowcase.

There may not be one perfect pillow but there are pillows that stand out above the others. These are 5 of the best bed pillows for 2020

This pillow is so comfortable you will sleep like never before. It is filled with CertiPUR-US certified foam that provides your neck with all the support that it needs due to the high quality of the foam. Whatever position you sleep in this pillow provides support which means when you lie down on this pillow your body is able to relax which means you fall asleep quicker and easier. Thi pillow has undergone stringent testing to make sure that it is safe for you to use. It does also come with a pillowcase that you can remove and wash easily, it is also resistant to dust mites.

There may not be one perfect pillow but there are pillows that stand out above the others. These are 5 of the best bed pillows for 2020

Down pillows are all about luxury. Even though these pillows are super soft and luxurious they do still provide you with the right amount of support while you are sleeping. This is a thick pillow, ideal for side and back sleepers, that feels like you are laying your head down on a soft, fluffy cloud. You will find the perfect combination of luxury and support with this pillow.

Nest Bedding Adjustable Pillow

There may not be one perfect pillow but there are pillows that stand out above the others. These are 5 of the best bed pillows for 2020

If you aren’t sure what height you prefer when it comes to your pillow, then an adjustable pillow is a great option. This pillow comes plumped up, ready for you to remove as much or as little filling as you need to. The advantage of this is that you can play around with the height of the pillow until you find the one that works for you and your sleeping style. If side sleeping is your favored position, this is a great pillow for you to sleep on.

There may not be one perfect pillow but there are pillows that stand out above the others. These are 5 of the best bed pillows for 2020

Stomach sleepers need to sleep on a slim pillow that does not push their head too far forward. The thinner the pillow the better for those who like to sleep on their stomachs. With a height of only 2.75 inches this pillow will perfectly align your spine, improving your breathing while you sleep and ultimately improving the quality of sleep you get. We love this pillow, it is one of our favorite body pillows. This pillow does come with a cover that is removable and machine washable.