Many of us work in jobs that require us to sit at a desk all day. We spend hours working on laptops glued to, often uncomfortable, chairs. This places pressure on the lower back and you will find yourself rubbing your back to easy aches and general stiffness.

We all know the importance of maintaining good posture while sitting. Improving posture is one way to avoid lower back pain from sitting. Changing your chair is also a possible solution but this is not always possible. Another easier solution is to purchase a back support pillow, also known as a lumbar pillow.

A lumbar pillow is a portable pillow that provides you with back support for your chair. Lumbar support pillows have an ergonomic design that provides support to your back and helps to improve the posture of your spine while you are sitting. Lumbar Support Pillows also effectively distribute weight as they adapt to the natural curve of your back. In short, these pillows can be placed in your chair to provide you with support for your back and neck while you work.

If you have an office job that means you sit for hours on end, you want to consider one of these Lumbar Pillows for your chair.

Ergo-Pedi Lumbar Pillow

Sit more comfortably and restore healthy spinal curvature with this lumbar cushion. This back pillow also reduces pressure on your hips which in turn will reduce sacrum and pelvic pain that happens when you sit for too long. This cushion comes with a strap and clip so you can fasten it to your chair.

TruContour Lumbar Pillow

This is a lumbar pillow that reduces the strain on your back muscles and ligaments while you are sleeping. By adding this pillow under your lower back will correct your posture by providing good spinal support. It is, in addition, an adjustable pillow, you can add or remove foam pads depending on the support you are looking for. The rounded top foam fits into the curve of your back, for a comfortable sleep. TruContour Pillows come with a Happiness Promise, if anything happens to their pillow in the first year you can send it back and get a new one free of charge. This is how confident they are that their pillow is amazing.

Conthou Neck Pillow

Some days it can feel like all you do is go from sitting at your desk to sitting in your car. This handy little pillow safely and comfortably attaches to your car’s headrest to provide you with neck support while you drive. It fits into your neck and shoulders perfectly without changing its shape. If you spend a lot of time in your car, consider this pillow. You will feel the difference and will arrive at your destinations pain-free

ComfiLife Gel Pillow

This is the best gel memory foam seat cushion. This pillow is an ergonomically designed seat cushion that will make back pain while sitting a thing of the past. The bottom of this pillow is made from non-slip rubber so it will not move around while you are sitting. Your tailbone will be supported when you sit on this pillow and as a result, the pressure will be relieved and you will sit comfortably throughout the day. This pillow supports recovery from herniated discs and sciatica. If you suffer from spinal issues or lower back pillows you want to give this back pillow a try.

Sitting all day is not the only cause of back pain. If you are waking up with back pain, sitting all day, even with the right support will still be uncomfortable. Do you know how to sleep to prevent lower back pain? There are certain positions you can try to reduce back pain while sleeping.

What are the best sleeping positions to relieve back pain?

  1. Sleep with a pillow between your knees.
  2. Place a pillow under your knees
  3. Try sleeping in the reclined position.
  4. Curl up in the fetal position
  5. Place a pillow under your abdomen while sleeping

You can also try stretches in bed for lower back pain to ease stiffness and pain. Stretches are always a good idea, even if you aren’t in pain when you wake up.

All of these positions do rely on the fact that you are sleeping on a good back pillow that is supportive and comfortable. These are 3 great back pillows that will help you achieve the best sleeping position for lower back pain.

Stomach sleepers often struggle with back pain while sleeping, the Elite Rest Slim Pillow will align the spine of stomach sleepers which will reduce back pain. It is important for stomach sleepers to find the right back support pillow.

If you have a herniated disc the sleeping position of choice is to sleep on your back with a pillow that allows for the natural curvature of our spine. A great pillow for this is the Xtreme Comfort Pillow. It conforms to the contours of your head and neck, promoting both back and neck alignment. You will wake up pain-free with this pillow.

The Classic Brands Gel Pillow is a great support pillow for back pain. The gel used in this pillow is responsive meaning it changes as you do through the night. It also helps to align your upper body leaving you to sleep peacefully all night.

People who spend a lot of time at there desks are more prone to experience back pain. It is for this reason that a back support pillow is essential for your desk chair. Finding the correct lumbar support for the car is also important, especially if your job requires a lot of driving. Back pain might be a common result of an office job but it can be easily solved.