The best latex mattress toppers usually have features that make them extremely comfortable and supportive. This often means that you can sleep through the night without feeling any discomfort in your joints and muscles.

Of course, natural latex has several advantageous features. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which should appeal to anyone who suffers from allergies.

Top Picks for Latex Toppers

Four Tips to Finding the Best Latex Mattress Topper for Your Bed

Adding one of the best latex mattress toppers to your bed can transform your sleeping experience. Plenty of people think that they just don't sleep well. They don't know why, but they assume that it's something they can get over on their own. Sometimes that's true. Other times, though, the problem is right below you: the mattress.

If your mattress doesn't match your sleeping preferences, then you probably won't get great sleep. You may toss and turn during the night or wake up feeling like someone punched you in the hip. Adding a latex mattress topper can solve that problem. To get the best results, though, you will need to know how to find the best product. Try these four tips to find the best option for your bed.

Tip #1: Get a Mattress Topper That's Properly Sized for Your Bed

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This may sound like an obvious tip, but plenty of people order latex mattress toppers without looking at the product details. Look over your order before you spend any money.

You probably won't be happy with a topper that is too big or too small for your bed. You can usually send them back when they don't fit, but that's a hassle. It's best to avoid the problem by double-checking your order.

Tip #2: Choose the Density That's Right for Your Sleeping Preference

There's a whole system designed to tell people how soft or firm latex is. Honestly, those numbers aren't going to mean much to you unless you look them up online. It's worth spending a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the range of options. Otherwise, you might not know what you're buying.

When choosing a latex mattress pad, get one that matches your sleeping preference. Do you like a soft or firm mattress? That will make a bid difference. Do you sleep on your side? Most people who sleep on their sides prefer soft mattress because they conform to the body. Do you have a back problem that requires a firm mattress? Then make sure you get one that will keep your back aligned throughout the night.

Tip #3: Make Sure the Mattress Topper is 100% Natural Latex to Prevent Allergies

Latex is hypoallergenic. It also resists fungus, mildew, and other problems that can inflame your allergies. If you get a topper that's 100% latex, you should see a significant improvement in your allergies during the night.

Keep in mind that some people are allergic to actual latex even if it's natural. If that's you, it's obviously best to stay away.

Some companies include covers with their toppers. They're usually made from a natural fiber like cotton, but not always. Review the alternatives to make sure you get a material that will help you avoid allergic reactions during the night. You'll wake up feeling better in the morning.

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Tip #4: Choose the Thickness You Prefer

Depending on where you shop, you may find a wide range of thicknesses. Most companies make toppers that are about two inches thick. Honestly, the average person is fine with that. Two inches of material is enough to improve the quality of your mattress.

Some people, however, need more. Those people should consider buying three-inch mattress pads. That's a whole other inch of soft, supportive latex to help you sleep through the night.

You probably won't find many, if any, mattress toppers that are thicker than three inches. Realistically, a thicker mattress probably wouldn't even help that much. Three inches is plenty, even for people who need a lot of extra support. If you need a thicker mattress, then you probably have a medical attention that deserves attention from a doctor.

Keep these tips in mind while browsing latex mattress toppers. They should help you focus on the types that will suit your needs best.

Reviews for 5 of the Best Latex Mattress Toppers

It's difficult to choose five of the best latex mattress toppers since there are so many good options. This list, however, should help you focus on the type of topper that interests you most.

Two-inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper by Ultimate Sleep

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This latex mattress topper has several features that could make it a great addition to your bedroom. Latex is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so putting this topper on your bed could potentially protect you from allergens lurking inside your mattress. This specific design is also perforated with air ventilation holes. That will help your body heat escape during the night instead of making you uncomfortably hot while you're trying to sleep.

The Ultimate Sleep mattress is made from 16 - 18 IFD latex and has a 4.75-pound density. If that sounds like a bunch of industry gibberish to you, then just know that the mattress pad is pretty soft. If you don't like a firm bed, then this is probably a good option for your home. If you want a firmer pad, you can explore other options from Ultimate Sleep. The company has a range of products for sale.

Reversible with 2 Firmness 100% Natural Latex Topper by ExceptionalSheets

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ExceptionalSheets takes an interesting approach to meeting the needs of more sleepers. This mattress topper is reversible. Each side has a different level of firmness. If you prefer a soft bed, then you can feel more comfortable using that side. If you decide you need a firmer place to sleep, then you simply flip it over and enjoy the other side.

This reversible topper is made from 100% latex. It does not have any other materials in it. There aren't any seems or adhesives involved. It's a carefully cut piece of latex that will offer a pleasant night's sleep. It also has self-ventilation holes that will keep you cool on warm nights.

Another benefit to this topper: it doesn't transfer motion easily. That means you can sleep next to an insomniac without getting disturbed.

Ultimate Dreams Queen Three-inch Latex Mattress Topper by Dreamfoam Bedding

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Dreamfoam Bedding sells a great latex mattress topper that offers a full three inches of support. Most mattress toppers only offer up to two inches of additional protection and support, so this design stands out as something special.

The company claims that its talalay latex offers sleepers up to 33% more relief from pressure than toppers made from other foams and fibers. This relief should help protect people from the pinches and pains that often wake them up in the middle of the night.

Dreamfoam Bedding also makes the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress topper stand out by including a bamboo cover. If you have looked at many toppers, you already know that most companies use cotton or cotton blend covers. Bamboo is an interesting replacement that should protect the mattress and keep you comfortable through hours of sleep.

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper by Sleep on Latex

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The Pure Green latex mattress topper from Sleep on Latex comes in plenty of sizes and support levels. No matter what size bed you have, you will almost certainly find an option that fits. The company also lets you choose how dense you want the topper to be. Perhaps the best part is that it replaces confusing language with straight-forward descriptions. While product descriptions will still say things like "the firmness rating is 20 ILD," it also provides the description "soft but also supportive." That's much more helpful for the average consumer.

Like most latex mattress topper, this design is also extremely durable. You can expect to get several years of use from it without noticed significant changes in how well you sleep. If you're interested in an eco-friendly topper that feels great and will last for years, this could be the right option for your home.

Serenia Sleep Dunlop Latex Two-inch Easy Flip Mattress Pad Topper

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The Dunlop Latex Two-inch mattress pad topper from Serenia Sleep comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. That should meet the needs of most people. Unfortunately, it only comes in a two-inch version. If you want the extra comfort of three inches, you may want to look elsewhere.

Regardless, this is an excellent product worthy of your consideration. The Dunlop latex foam is soft, yet supportive. It comes with a cover made from 100% polyester. Some people may prefer cotton or other natural fibers over polyester, but polyester is still an easy cloth to clean. That should make it attractive to certain sleepers who want more comfort without much fuss.

This pad has ventilation holes to help it stay fresh and dry throughout the night. Better air circulation means that sleepers will sweat less. That, in turn, makes the mattress even maintain.