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Your mattress is one of the most important purchases you make and there are plenty of options available. Here I will review TempurPedic vs Bob-O-Pedic so you can find the best mattress for your sleeping needs. Each company has their own pros and cons so make sure to take into account what you need for your bed.

Quick Overview of Top Tempurpedic Options


Key Features


Where to Buy

Tempercloud prima
  • Conforming, relieves pressure points compared to innerspring mattress
  • SmartClimate system helps keep you cool.
  • 10 year warranty
  • 10 inch height


Tempur-Flex Mattress
  • Hybrid style, with coils and Tempur padding to respond to you.
  • SmartClimate system to keep mattress and you cooler
  • 10 year warranty


Tempur-Cloud Supreme
  • Extra-plush, pillowy surface that lets you sink in.
  • High quality removable and washable fabric cover
  • 10 year warranty
  • SmartClimate cooling system


Tempur-Contour Elite
  • Medium-Firm, adaptive and conforming comfort
  • SmartClimate system to help you sleep cool
  • 10 year warranty
  • 12.5 inch height


Tempur-cloud Luxe Breeze mattress
  • Their softest bed with Tempur-Breeze cooling
  • Top cover includes a moisture wicking fabric
  • 10 year warranty
  • 13 inches thick


Memory foam has become one of the top materials for mattresses in the last 20 years and Tempurpedic has been the company that has led the way for memory foam and all the innovations that have followed. They first started working with NASA in the 60’s and then decided to make memory foam available to purchase commercially in the US.

Memory foam mattresses are the biggest thing that they sell and they now have three different collections to choose from. They have also expanded their memory foam into other products like pillows, mattress toppers, and even slippers. Tempurpedic also has a line of bed bases that range from traditional to adjustable so you can find the base that will work best with your mattress and your needs.


This is the original line of memory foam mattresses from Tempurpedic. These mattresses are the firmest that you can find with Tempurpedic. They are also highly adaptive to the pressures and contours of your body so that you have no uncomfortable pressure points as you sleep. As with all Tempurpedic mattresses, the memory foam also eliminates the transfer of motion so each person can sleep soundly without tossing and turning.


If you want a really soft sleep surface, then you will want to look into the Cloud collection from Tempurpedic. These beds still have the great support of the other memory foam mattresses, but also have a super soft topping. These beds also have the option to come with Tempur-Breeze that help transfer the movement of air so you don’t get too hot while you sleep.


These are the newest mattresses available at Tempurpedic. They combine all of the comfort and support of the other memory foam mattresses, but they are combined with a highly responsive support surface. Memory foam can take a few seconds to adjust to pressure and body contours, but this new mattress has the highest response time of any memory foam.


If you do purchase a Tempurpedic mattress, you will be spending a higher amount of money than on other brands or mattress materials. These mattresses are definitely a luxury brand and can range in price from $1,199 all the way up to $4,699.

Pros & Cons

Each mattress from Tempurpedic comes with a 90-day trial period. After you buy your mattress you get 90 days to sleep on the mattress in your home before you decide to keep the bed and if you aren’t completely satisfied after the 90 days you can send the bed back for a full refund. You also get a 10-year limited warranty with all of these mattresses so if something breaks or goes wrong under the terms of your warranty, Tempurpedic will replace your bed.

The biggest con is going to be the price of Tempurpedic’s mattresses, but they do sell other products. If you don’t have the money to spend on a whole mattress and bed system you can still get the comfort of memory foam from other things. You can try a mattress topper, different kinds of pillows, and even bedding. All of these are less expensive options than an entire mattress.

Review Of Bob-O-Pedic

First: A Few Other Mattresses You Might Like

Bob-O-Pedic is a line of mattresses that was created by Bob’s Discount Furniture, based out of Connecticut, and have locations all over the country. Their philosophy is to create good quality furniture that isn’t very expensive. Bob’s Discount Furniture has been doing business for over 20 years and they have built a loyal customer base.

When memory foam started to become a big trend in mattresses, Bob’s Discount Furniture decided to make their own line of memory foam beds. They wanted to make a bed that could offer the comfort of memory foam but wouldn’t cost as much as some of the higher end models. They now have a huge variety of different kinds of memory foam options to fit every style and budget.

Traditional Memory Foam

The original line of Bob-O-Pedic memory foam mattresses uses traditional memory foam. Just like other memory foam beds it uses the unique visco-elastic cells to create a surface that is highly supportive but also molds to the unique contours of your body. The standard Bob-O-Pedic features a 6-inch memory foam bed.

Gel Memory Foam

Bob-O-Pedic also offers a new gel infused memory foam with a lot of other sleep features. These mattresses have a firm memory foam base that is ventilated to help with airflow. On top of this there are 2 inches of high-density foam and then 2 inches of gel-infused foam.

Rob J. Our Expert

The gel foam helps keep you cool as you sleep. Finally, there is a layer of activated charcoal memory foam that helps keep your bed fresh and clean. Everything is covered in a breathable embossed cover that can be removed for washing.


You can also find a hybrid mattress at Bob-O-Pedic that has a combination of coils and memory foam. It has all the layers of the gel memory foam mattresses and an added extra layer of individually wrapped coils. The combination of these two helps create a highly supportive bed with all the comfort and properties that memory foam has to offer.


Bob-O-Pedic has a very large price range and many of their mattresses are much less expensive than higher-end brands like Tempurpedic. You can find a memory foam mattress in the $300 to $500 range along with higher end beds that can be closer to $2,000. There are also a lot of options for beds and mattresses so you can find any size that you want, even children’s sizes, as well as different kinds of material with the hybrid beds.

Pros And Cons

In addition to their affordable prices, Bob-O-Pedic mattresses are all CertiPur-US certified which means they are not made with any chemicals or harmful materials. The mattresses also come with a 15-year non-prorated warranty so if you have any problems with your mattress they will replace it free of charge.

A few of the mattresses on the lower end of the price scale might not be as durable as the higher end brands. You may be better off paying more money up front and getting a higher quality bed that you know will last.


After looking at Tempurpedic vs. Bob-O-Pedic, the biggest difference is going to be the price. If you have a tighter budget, then Bob-O-Pedic is going to be your best option. You can still get memory foam for a great price with them. Tempurpedic is a high-end brand that will give you a great quality and service, so if you have the budget then get your mattress from them.