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Both Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic are two of the highest rated brands in the mattress industry. Though these mattresses are vastly different; they both are ranked very high in customer satisfaction.

We will take a closer look at the materials used in each of the mattress brands. We will see how each brand rates in comfort, compare initial and lifetime cost, address common complaints, and check warranties across the two brands.

Materials Used

Sleep Number beds are made from air bladders that are enclosed in a padded top and side. The top and side create the form of the mattress and the air bladders create the support for the top of the mattress and keep the mattresses shape. Sleep Number beds are typically easy to move and transport and put back together. Sleep Number even has an online tutorial you can watch for additional help.

Tempur-pedic is a memory foam mattress and is entirely supported by foam except the Tempur-pedic Ergo, which has air bladder zones at the head, back, and feet. Tempur-Pedic is a dense foam that is great for body support, but can be heavy and difficult to move.

The foundation you chose for your mattress is important for both of these types of beds. Typical box spring type foundation will void both Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic warranties. Select a solid, sturdy base like this foundation by Classic Brands for either of these mattress types.

You can also purchase a base directly through Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic to ensure you are covered under the warranty. Both companies offer an adjustable base foundation, if that is something you are looking for, but be sure it is compatible with the mattress you select.


Many factors go into determining the comfort of a mattress. Firmness, motion transfer, customization, and relief of aches and pains will be our primary focus.

Because Sleep Number is adjustable, the firmness can be controlled giving you a completely individualized level of comfort. This is really great if you and your partner like varying degrees of firmness. Sleep Number beds are also fairly good at preventing the transfer of motion, so you won’t disturb your sleeping partner. For those with back or joint problems, the customized firmness can help a great deal for pain relief. Overall, Sleep Number is very well rated in all our categories.

The Tempur-Pedic brand only offers one adjustable firmness type bed, but does offer various models to address the need for different levels of support. Motion transfer is virtually undetectable with Tempur-pedic beds and rates very well among users for addressing pain. Where Tempur-pedic isn’t as customizable as Sleep Number, it is rated slightly better for aches and pains.

Cost of Sleep Number vs. Tempurpedic

Tempur-Pedic beds range from $1,199 to over $8,400. Sleep Number beds typically cost between $500 and $8,200. The average price for a queen size mattress is much lower for Sleep Number than it is for Tempur-Pedic. Sleep Number does have one model that is significantly more expensive, but for the sake of comparison, the $10,000 X12 model is excluded.

While Tempur-Pedic tends to be more expensive than most comparable Sleep Number beds, the standard Tempur-Pedic models require little to no additional upkeep expenses. On the other hand, the cheaper initial investment of the Sleep Number bed can be offset by the need to replace mechanical parts.

Because more mechanical parts are used in the Sleep Number bed, there can be some additional expenses, should you ever need to replace the air mechanism. Be sure to check the warranty to see how much coverage is offered on the inflating mechanism over the lifespan of the warranty. When incorporating lifetime costs, both brands rate nearly identical in cost.

Common Complaints

The middle of the bed on a Sleep Number bed can be uncomfortable, especially for those who use very different firmnesses on their sides of the bed. Because both sides of the beds have customizable firmness the center that houses the two sides can be stiff. This can be easily remedied with a thick mattress topper.

Sleep Number beds can be noisy when being inflated or deflated. Some users reported sleep disturbances when their partner adjusted their side during the night, but this is also true with the Tempur-Pedic Ergo.

Tempur-Pedic memory foam can hold in a lot of body heat. Because foam is dense, it can prevent airflow, causing heat to stay trapped against your body. Tempur-pedic has addressed this by adding gel into their foam. Another easy fix is a gel mattress topper or a moisture wicking fabric mattress cover.

A common complaint with memory foam mattresses is smell and off-gassing. Because of the materials used during construction, there can be a chemical smell when you first receive your new bed. It is recommended that you let any bed containing memory foam air out for about 48 hours prior to sleeping. This simple remedy typically takes care of any smell issues you may have when purchasing a foam type mattress.

Warranty and Trials

Sleep Number offers a 25 year limited warranty and an in home trial of 100 nights. With Tempur-Pedic you get a 90 night free trial and a 10 year limited warranty. Some beds require your bedframe to have four or more legs, this is something to keep in mind when choosing a new bed frame or checking your existing bed frame.

Both companies rate extremely high in customer service, so if something does go wrong, getting it fixed shouldn’t be a problem.

Choosing the wrong foundation for either of these two brands can void your warranty so be sure to check Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic warranties.

Final Thoughts

Sleep Number may be the better option if you can’t seem to stay cool with memory foam. Even though Tempur-Pedic has addressed overheating issues with gel infused foam it will still sleep slightly hotter than a Sleep Number bed.

Tempur-Pedic is the better choice for addressing aches and pains. Though both mattresses do a good job at pressure relief, memory foam rates slightly higher for pain relief.

It may be best to go ahead and purchase your foundation or base through Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic to get the most out of the warranty.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these brands. Both excel at providing a quality mattresses backed by a good warranty and both rank very high in comfort and customer satisfaction. Sleep well knowing that you can make an informed decision and select the perfect mattress for the perfect night’s rest.