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Several centuries ago, royal families slept on Pyrenees down bedding.

It was considered a luxurious item. Pyrenees is basically a goose down.

The term Pyrenees refers to the place where these birds come from which is the Pyrenees Mountains. It is located in between France and Spain. Domesticated geese are popular in the region.

During the nesting process, these geese molt and quality feathers are harvested as a result. When enough goose down has been collected, it will go through a process that will eventually turn into the popularly used comforter.

Now that you know what is Pyrenees down, it might be time to give it a try.

Benefits of using a Pyrenees down comforter

The good thing about these comforters is that they are known to provide extraordinary insulation. There is great airflow when you sleep on it. You will feel totally relaxed. It is as if you are floating on air.

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When you have trouble sleeping, this comforter could be the answer to your problem. It provides the right amount of heat and proper airflow when sleeping. For those who reside in places that have lower temperature, this is the most ideal type of comforter.

Another thing that this comforter boasts of is its attractiveness. The leak-proof shell that coats the goose down is made from 100% cotton. There are also different stripes and patterns to choose from. They are easy to clean.

There are different sizes available. It comes in twin, full, king and queen sizes just like the regular sizes of your mattress at home.

Here are the factors you might want to consider in case you decide to buy a Pyrenees Down comforter.

Your budget. The budget is actually the most important factor you need to look at whenever you go shopping. Your budget will be the one to decide the type of duvet you can afford, but if the price is not your concern, then you can go for the goose down comforter. Great down comforters usually cost $150 to $400, including Pyrenees Down. Note that the higher amount you spend for a comforter, the longer it will last and the comfier it will be.

Fill power

Each down duvet has its own fill power. It is the lightness and fluffiness of the down related to its insulating value. Basically, the higher the fill power, the greater insulating ability the goose down feather has. The best goose down comforters like Pyrenees Down have at least 500 fill power and to easily tell them apart, keep in mind that more fill power is better.

Comforter construction (baffle box)

Goose down comforters with a baffle box design minimize the movement of the down filling, so it would not clump up or shift into only one section. While this design is required to keep the down evenly distributed within the comforter, most of the standard comforters do not have pure baffle-box construction. The Pyrenees Goose Down comforters have 100 percent baffle box construction, which makes them stand out among the others.

Thread Count

This feature refers to how tightly woven the fabric is. Basically, comforters with the higher thread count are sturdier as they have tighter weaves. A higher thread count means finer threads were used, therefore making the comforter feel smoother.

Pyrenees Down comforters have 400 thread count and up.


Even though the Pyrenees Down is known for its long lasting quality, always remember to find a down comforter with a warranty offered by a reputable company. Take your time making sure that you are really buying from its original manufacturer. This is to avoid fake or pirated down comforters.

The Pyrenees Down is an investment and typically isn't your cheapest option for a comforter.

You can cuddle up all you want with this luxurious comforter and it will help you sleep well even in the coldest nights. This is ideal for sleep enthusiasts who want a royal treatment every time they go to bed.

It is however not recommended for people who suffer from asthma as it can be harmful to their condition. The quality of this duvet makes it perfect for those who live in cold climates, as well as those who have passion for the perfect bedding.