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Sleep is the most important thing you can do to improve your health. If you are not sleeping well this can lead to both physical and mental health issues. It is integral to find a fantastic mattress and spend some money on having the best sleep possible.

Today we will be looking at both the Helix Mattress and the Purple Mattress, two technologically advanced mattresses that boast they provide the best sleeps. We will analyze each one and see what it has to offer.

Helix Mattresses:

In order to do the comparison, let’s take an in depth look at both of the mattresses to see what features they offer and if they are worth buying. The first one up for review is the Helix Sleep Custom Mattress, King Size. This is one of Helix’s most popular brands right now, so does it live up to its reputation? First off, these mattresses are custom made to be personal for you. There are very few companies that take the time to do this.

They build one model to fit one (or two) preferences of the person buying it. Once the order is received, it is entirely built in the USA, and shipped right to your home free. Once you receive this Helix mattress you get 100 nights to have a trial and see if it lives up to your standards. If it doesn’t you can ship it back free and get all of your money back. This is how much the Helix company believes in their mattresses. The mattress itself is made out of 10 inches of premium materials crafted for the most comfortable sleep.

These materials include the Helix Dynamic Foam, micro coils, and the high-grade foam certified by the CertiPUR-US. Not only is the mattress comfortable, but it also has a lot of support for those of you with back and joint issues. As it is a king size, you will need a king-sized bed frame to hold it.

At Helix, they also have fantastic customer service, that follows up on all the details of the order of your mattress, making sure everything is up to par with what you want. The firmness is usually a medium-firm, which is great for anyone with an aching back or that’s heavier set and wants some more support. The entire mattress measures 80 by 76 by 10 inches and weighs 90 pounds.

Helix Mattress Pros:

  • Extremely personalized
  • Made for you
  • Very comfortable
  • Can return if not good
  • The customer service is great
  • Great price for all you get

Purple Mattress Brand:

So, who is Purple and what do they have to offer in a mattress? Well first off, they have extremely comfortable products that are guaranteed to boost the comfort of your entire bedroom. Using scientific research, they have developed products that push the boundaries of the support of a mattress that your body will be so thankful for. If you are having any difficulty going to sleep, the Purple Company guarantees they have found a way to develop a mattress that is going to revolutionize the way you’re sleeping.

First off, the Purple Mattress is made out of Hyper-Elastic Plymer, which is a really stretchy and durable material. Because of how strong it is, it will never develop a body impression. One of the worst things a mattress can be is too hot or too cold, but the Purple mattress is temperature neutral. It also is made to be hypoallergenic and very responsive depending on the way you sleep.

There is free air flow throughout the mattress, guaranteed to allow the air to flow throughout it preventing moisture from being trapped. This makes it much more cleaner and will extend its life. The Purple Mattress uses patented pressure releasing technology to provide quality support for both your spine and back. This takes away pressure on your hips and shoulders, allowing your posture to be top notch when you get out of bed.  This is great for just about any type of sleeper as well which is great for versatility.

The way the Purple product works is that when you get on top of the mattress, the walls of it fold and pass the weight to the outside walls. These walls release as soon as any weight is removed. This makes sure there is only a small amount of pressure at the sensitive spots of the body, and the most support at places where your alignment is key. Since there is a balance here, you won’t feel someone tossing or turning next to you. It is next level stuff! This product boasts that after using a Purple mattress you will wake up feeling refreshed, have less pressure on the back, feel younger and in control of your body, and feel like a great worker when you get up.

Purple Mattress Pros:

  • Advanced technology
  • Can’t feel partner moving around
  • Temperature controlled
  • Nothing else like it
  • Free air flow keeps it longer
  • Really comfortable


Parting Thoughts:

So, what one beats the other in this situation? Does the Helix mattress come out on top or is the Purple Mattress better? The truth is, it is kind of hard to say. The reason for this is because it all depends what you are looking for in a mattress and the company you have to deal with. Both of them are extremely comfortable and designed specially to give you the support you need on your back. The Purple mattress has more up to date technology to allow this, but the Helix works just as good. They both have strong customer service agents to help you in case anything goes wrong, but even furthermore than that, they care about the products they manufacture.

At the end of the day, both the Helix and the Purple mattress are two fantastic mattresses on the market today that are going to help you get a good night sleep. It is now up to you to see what one will work best for you.