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If you want added comfort and support for your bed, but you can’t afford to go out and buy a brand new mattress, another option is to get a mattress topper. This is a one to three or four-inch thick piece of foam material (often memory foam), that you just lay over the top of your existing mattress. It will help to give you added comfort and provide support where your old mattress may be lacking.

One of the most common types of mattress toppers is that which is made of memory foam. This provides comfort and support, and it doesn’t get hot, so you don’t end up sweating in your sleep. Many people swear by using these mattress toppers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are perfect. There are benefits as well as disadvantages to using mattress toppers. Today, we are going to discuss both the pros and the cons.

Protecting Your Mattress:

A mattress topper can save you a lot of money by protecting your mattress. You can add at least a couple of years of life to any mattress by placing a mattress topper on it. As a rule, it is recommended that you change your mattress every eight years or so. But, you can extend its life by using a mattress topper. Some of the things that a topper will help to protect your mattress from include:

  • Perspiration – The average person sweats out about two pints of fluid every night. This goes directly into your mattress, and it stays there. If you have a mattress topper, you can remove it and clean it regularly, and the perspiration never reaches your mattress.
  • Dead Skin – We lose skin cells all the time, and at night they get trapped in the mattress fibers. Again, using a topper will prevent this from happening. You will continue to shed dead skin cells, but the topper can be washed. It is also good for keeping your mattress free of bacteria.
  • Settlement – Over time, your mattress is bound to settle, and you will notice indentations. A mattress topper will help to alleviate this problem. All that is really going to end up sagging or getting indentations is the topper, which is a lot cheaper to replace than the mattress itself.

Benefits of Mattress Toppers:

Obviously, mattress toppers do offer a lot of benefits for users. To begin with, they help to reduce pressure on your body. In fact, memory foam is used in a lot of things besides mattress toppers for this very reason, including chairs, shoe insoles, and full mattresses. Let’s take a look at some of the best features and benefits mattress toppers have to offer.

  • Comfort – If your mattress is too firm, a foam mattress topper can make it a lot softer and more comfortable. You won’t find yourself tossing and turning to get comfortable nearly as much if you use a topper.
  • Many Styles – There are a variety of styles of toppers you can choose from. Many people who have back issues tend to like the egg crate variety, which also tend to often be the least expensive type you can get.
  • Value – If your mattress isn’t comfortable, but you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new one, you can save a lot of money with a mattress topper. Just adding two to three inches of thickness can make all the difference in the world, and costs a lot less.
  • Coolness – One of the best features of memory foam mattress toppers is that they allow you to sleep nice and cool. Some foams are made in a way that air flows freely, so heat isn’t trapped, and you don’t wake up sweaty.
  • Durability – Many people think that because mattress covers are cheap that they aren’t durable. If you spend a bit more to get a good quality topper, you can expect it to hold up for at least four or five years.
  • Bedding – Because of the popularity of mattress toppers, sheets are now made to fit over both the mattress and the topper. You can find sheets, pads, protectors, etc. for mattresses that are large enough to accommodate any mattress topper.
  • Availability – You don’t have to shop at a specialty mattress store to find great deals on mattress toppers. They are available in just about every department store, and you can usually find quality toppers for less than $200.

The Disadvantages of Mattress Toppers:

Now we have to discuss the drawbacks to using mattress toppers. For the most part, they are a great thing to have, and they provide you with lots of added comfort and support, not to mention protecting your mattress. But, there are a few negatives that need to be pointed out before you run out and buy a mattress topper.

  • Foam Breaks Down – Over time, memory foam, like any foam, is going to break down and you won’t have the comfort or support that you originally had. You do have to replace mattress toppers every couple of years.
  • Gases – Memory foam is made with a lot of chemicals, and when you first get a mattress topper, it isn’t going to smell pretty. It is a good idea to let it air out for a few days before putting it on your bed.
  • Price – Depending on the brand and the materials, some mattress toppers can be quite pricey. You will need to do your homework and shop around to get the best deal. Department stores often offer the lowest prices on toppers.
  • Not Eco-Friendly – Memory foam is not eco-friendly. When it comes time to replace your mattress topper, it is going to sit in a landfill for many years as it will not break down.

Parting Thoughts:

Rather than spending a lot of money on a brand new mattress, you might want to give a mattress topper a try first. This is going to extend the life of your current mattress, and help you sleep better at night. A mattress topper adds comfort and support to any bed, and there are a lot more benefits than disadvantages.