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Memory foam mattresses made by Tempur-Pedic are typically the most reputed in terms of support, quality, and lifespan. There’s no secret, however, as to the high prices compared to similar products. Select Comfort’s Sleep Number brand offers firm and adjustable mattresses that promote pain relief and better sleep depending on your comfort level.

Snapshot of Top Tempur-Pedic Mattresses


Key Features


Where to Buy

Tempercloud prima
  • Conforming, relieves pressure points compared to innerspring mattress
  • SmartClimate system helps keep you cool.
  • 10 year warranty
  • 10 inch height


Tempur-Flex Mattress
  • Hybrid style, with coils and Tempur padding to respond to you.
  • SmartClimate system to keep mattress and you cooler
  • 10 year warranty


Tempur-Cloud Supreme
  • Extra-plush, pillowy surface that lets you sink in.
  • High quality removable and washable fabric cover
  • 10 year warranty
  • SmartClimate cooling system


Tempur-Contour Elite
  • Medium-Firm, adaptive and conforming comfort
  • SmartClimate system to help you sleep cool
  • 10 year warranty
  • 12.5 inch height


Tempur-cloud Luxe Breeze mattress
  • Their softest bed with Tempur-Breeze cooling
  • Top cover includes a moisture wicking fabric
  • 10 year warranty
  • 13 inches thick


Why Tempur-Pedic?

If you can spend the finances that traditionally go along with this leading brand, there are many benefits. For one, its reputation for longevity is a strong one. Invest in a Tempur-Pedic and chances are you’ll have a firm, supportive mattress for a while. Ownership is nine years on average, based on an SLTD study. Some people have them for much longer.

Compared to other brands, these mattresses offer delayed sagging and wear. All models do this eventually, no matter who makes them. Tempur-Pedics rarely do so prematurely and the percentage of people who report this is less than those with an innerspring mattress.

The Experience

SLTD also reported that 20% of those sleeping on Tempur-Pedics have less or no pain. Many people say there is help with their back, hip, shoulder, and even joint pain. Overall, they perform better than average compared to other mattresses, including memory foam models.

Many times there are odors the first time someone sleeps on a mattress. The rate for this brand is slightly higher than most others. Off gassing is usually not that substantial, and most of the time it goes away within three days. A more common issue is heat retention. Sleeping hot means the material absorbs and retains body heat.

Tempur-Pedic has a higher rate than most, with the Cloud collection having the highest percentage reporting that.

While most people are satisfied, Tempur-Pedic vs. Select Comfort is not always a clear cut argument. They do, however, come in varying densities. Density is an important characteristic. It determines how firm a mattress is. Too dense a mattress, it may be too hard and uncomfortable; a lower density one may cause you to sink in. Everyone has a different preference.

The initial experience with a memory foam mattress does not always tell the full story. Some models are firm when cold, but soften up when they get warm. You often don’t know the level of support until you sleep on it for a while. Molding to the body is a known attribute. This is often preferred, but your strength level and tendency to move around can impact your ability to get up from or shift positions.

Innovative Material

TEMPUR material, which adapts to the owners shape, temperature, and weight, separates Tempur-Pedic from the rest. The options do too. While the Contour Collection is better for back sleepers, the Cloud Collection is preferred by those who sleep on their side. For stomach sleepers, the Flex Collection performs slightly better than the others. Choice mattresses fall somewhere in the middle for each.

The bottom line is, if you can afford it, Tempur-Pedic offers several options to pick based on your comfort needs.

Where Does Select Comfort Fit In?

Quick Look at A Few Similar Mattresses, Since Select Comfort Mattresses Can be Tough to Find Online...

Select Comfort’s brand has been highly rated for couples. The reason Sleep Number mattresses are so respected is each side can be adjusted separately. Each person can set their desired firmness or softness level.

The Select Comfort Experience

As such, these mattresses have a slightly higher rate of satisfaction than mattresses overall. Sleep Number also offers memory foam models with adjustable firmness. There’s also a kid’s series, the company claims is designed to grow as they do.

The drawback to adjustability is the mechanical nature of these models. Air chambers can develop leaks while pumps and controllers can break down. The good thing is these can be fixed without replacing the entire mattress.

In some cases, the middle part between the air cells can be uncomfortable. Valleys formed in the middle can be resolved by a piece of foam from the company. The highest rate of complaints, per an SLTD report, were by people who set the different sides very differently. By comparison, similar settings yielded fewer complaints.

With adjustable firmness two people can pick the setting that best reduces pain and maximizes comfort. A significant number of users say Select Comfort mattresses improve sleep quality. Fewer pressure points reduces tossing and turning. A more sound sleep limits the amount of time in bed and feeling tired during the day.

The Downside

Some people find it a challenge to find the right setting. Preferences can vary from night to night and with sleeping position. A conventional mattress just lets you lie down and not have to think about it. An air bed, however, can be both a novelty and the answer to your sleep problems.

Heat retention is reported by a small percentage, more so with the memory foam models. Only very few people say that motion isolation is a problem, but Sleep Number materials are very good at preventing motion transfer from one side to another.

In addition, there’s a higher demand for assembly than most mattresses. That’s typical of air beds. If you’re careful with assembling the product, which can take up to 90 minutes if going it alone, then the system should function properly. The delivery crew can do it for you for an extra fee.

Select Comfort mattresses are light in weight and modular. They may require adjustment from time to time, in relation to the base. By contrast, heavier ones are more stable but harder to move. These qualities add to the maintenance requirements. The good thing is you get a 100 day trial period. That’s even better than its competitor, so another consideration in the Tempur-Pedic vs. Select Comfort discussion.


Select Comfort generally runs lower in price than Tempur-Pedic. The higher end models are pricey, however. Their high end models can be twice as expensive than average. A Classic series Queen bed goes for a more reasonable $1,100.


Tempur-Pedic is great if you want a high-end mattress that conforms to your body and lasts long. Select Comfort, on the other hand, adds adjustability to the equation so two people can find their ideal settings. It’s less expensive too. The choice depends on what’s most comfortable for you.